Sunday, April 14, 2013

Another Animal Hoarder Seeks Variance

Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting
Tuesday, 6:30PM

Kelly M. Blessing
Location: 495 Drumcliff Way
Mon. Co. Tax No.: 045.01-9-40
Zoning District: R1-E (Single-Family Residential)
Request: An area variance for eight (8) dogs in a dwelling unit, instead of
the maximum three (3) dogs permitted.

SCATS ~~ I'd like to refer Ms. Blessing to the sound decision this board made regarding Al Menteer's request to harbor "only" six dogs ... along with his 8 cats!

Planning Board Meeting
Wednesday, 6:30PM


Anonymous said...

Imagine th stench coming from within. Yuck!

Anonymous said...

Worst neighbor in history , should get variance for using loud music and subwoofers in the middle of the night , 8 dogs lol

Anonymous said...

Please no more dogs in this house.The house has alot of problems and the dogs sometimes seem to be the least of them all.

SCATS said...

It seems like the least capable are the ones who try to do the most. I hope they just say "no" too.

Anonymous said...

I still say 3 chickens create more useful poo many dogs do they want??


Ok...3 chickens are definitely more useful than 8 dogs hands down.

what's wrong with these people?