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Who Opposes GCSD Budget?


There are 21 pages of fluff in the pretty PowerPoint presentation, page 22 starts the numbers.
New school buses (no impact on the 2013-2014 budget...what about after that ?), teacher pensions costs....blah blah blah...

VOTE NO, twice, and then they will have to revert to last years budget number...see page 27


SCATS ~~ For the last several weeks, someone has been religiously reposting the above to Craigslist.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Auberger, Loszynski Sued Under RICO

Former Deputy Police Chief William Mackin alleges that:
  •  Auberger made Mackin’s tenure as deputy chief “impossible and miserable.”
  • The town greatly reduced Mackin's salary
  •  The internal charges (shredding documents, misconduct, etc.) made by Loszynski were “untrue and falsely made.”
  • His suspension was made without being told a cause
  • Loszynski wrongly targeted Mackin while ignoring evidence of wrongdoing by Auberger related to the hiring of Gary Pignato
  • Auberger and Loszynski engaged in racketeering acts, including extortion & mail fraud
READ the LAWSUIT (It's fascinating!!)

SCATS ~~ Maybe this is why Auberger hasn't been in his Ivory Tower much in recent weeks. The kingdom has begun to crumble ... How fitting that this lawsuit comes in time for "Spruce Up Greece Day"!!

Is Bab's Priming To Leave?

Miz Dee-Dubbya ~ "Babs"

Anonymous said...
Pssst. Hey Scats. You may have noticed a new website posted by the school district today. Might I point out a few things. 1) Who paid for it, and how much did it cost? I think someone should foil that information - quickly. 2) Why are there only pics of Babs on there? Is this a company, or school district? Is this an ego booster for the super? Sure looks like it. Odd how she appears so "connected" when in fact she can never be found. Why are we paying thousands for an unnecessary website? Could those funds have gone toward...you know...education? Seriously. Someone needs to foil this info. I have a feeling the cat feces are about to hit the fan.
4/27/2013 12:36 AM
SCATS ~~ Yes, I saw the new website. There are wayTOO many buttons, menus, etc! It's visual clutter looks like someone got very high and tried to out-do Facebook! Whatever happened to the KISS principle, Jeff?
I'm told Bab's recently hired a professional photographer to follow her around like a puppy. The new website looks as if orders were followed! I wonder how much THAT cost us peons, too.
Maybe she's preparing to depart for better pastures ... her evaluation is coming up !

Friday, April 26, 2013

Shannon O'Keefe Pero Resigning

Won't seek reelection
Resignation effective May 20th

“Many of the campaign activities and other events that are part of the normal election process I would participate in are either restricted or not permitted. Even giving opinions on certain policy topics is prohibited. Because of these limitations, I do not feel I can effectively run the type of campaign that I believe is necessary and that residents deserve.” ~~ Shannon O'Keefe Pero, 1st ward, Greece Town Board

SCATS ~~ Different year, same Republican game as usual!

Nick Joseph Appeals Conviction/Sentence

13WHAM reports: " A former Greece police officer-turned-prison inmate is appealing his conviction and sentence.

Nick Joseph's case was in front of a judge Friday morning.

Joseph remains in prison and did not appear in court.

Back in 2008, Joseph was under the influence of cocaine when he struck a parked car on 390.

The collision sent a pregnant woman into premature labor.
Judge Francis Affronti is expected to issue a decision on this appeal in the coming weeks."

SCATS ~~ Just in time for election season ... ;)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

What Reilich Doesn't Know ...

Political season will be upon us soon. I plan to track the things I find that show our various electeds (or wannabes/candidates) are out-to-lunch, instead of in-the-know.

Here's entry #1 ~~ Regarding anonymous (and possibly illegal) robocalls targeting Dems:

"Monroe County Republican Party Chairman Bill Reilich, R-Greece, also an assemblyman and candidate for Greece town supervisor, said he couldn’t comment because he was unaware of the calls."


Why cancel Candidate's Night?
Reschedule it for 2-3 weeks from now!
Allow interested write-in candidates to attend AND participate!!
That was done in the past!!
Write-ins should be given an opportunity to be heard!!
Recycled Candidates Provide Voters With NO Choice!

SCATS ~~ Obviously, Greece PTA has become politically entangled by denying write-ins an opportunity to allow the community to get to know them before the election!

This is NOT your role, PTA!

Terry Melore, retired teacher


Gale O'Toole, BOE "lifer-wannabe"

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Apathy Levels Run High In Greece

  • Only 4100 vote in Greece Central School District Budget in 2012

  • Board of Education meetings routinely fail to attract audience other than employees

  • Board of Education meetings routinely fail to attract union reps to speak

  • Board of Education meetings routinely fail to attract residents/taxpayers to speak

  • Only three show interest in running for Greece Board of Education in 2013*

  • One of three seeking candidacy returns petition with too few signatures*

  • Greece Democrats fail to announce any candidate roster for Greece Town elections in November, despite Republican slate announced in February

  • Auberger's car rarely seen at Town Hall in recent months

  • Babs, Auggie & Chief Todd avoid cameras as much as possible

* Unconfirmed


GCSD/GTA Caught With Pants Down?

Your Children Have Been USED
By The Teacher's Union and the
Greece Central School District  

It appears the BOE never voted
on this item in a public meeting! *

Excerpted from the D&C:

"The Greece Central School District is among those in the state that quietly struck deals with local unions agreeing not to use state-mandated teacher and principal evaluations in firing decisions.

Indeed, state officials were not aware of a deal inked in October between the Greece Central School District and its union until asked about the pact by a reporter on Tuesday.
The Oct. 30 “memorandum of understanding” was obtained by the Democrat and Chronicle under a Freedom of Information request.

Under its terms, the district would not count any “ineffective” rating received by any tenured teacher in the 2012-13 school year as one of the two consecutive ineffective ratings that could trigger termination.

Education Department spokesman Tom Dunn on Tuesday afternoon said the document was “under review.”

Greece school officials staunchly defended the agreement ...

... the agreement could be an issue because Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Legislature tied teacher-evaluation agreements to an increase in school aid for the current academic year. If the state pulled a district’s approval because an unauthorized side agreement existed, the district — and others with similar agreements — could lose this year’s increase.

“I don’t know the facts,” Cuomo, who championed the evaluations, said Tuesday on The Capitol Pressroom, a public radio show in Albany. “But if — if — (Buffalo) made a side deal that was contrary to what they certified to the state, that’s right on the line of being fraud in the ethical, and possibly legal, sense.”"

READ THE MEMORANDUM of AGREEMENT  (the back door deal!)

SCATS ~~ Of course any side deal struck between Greece Central and GTA could be just as troublesome for GCSD as Cuomo indicated about the deal made in Buffalo. I didn't approve of parents refusing testing until now! It's of  NO USE AT ALL to stress these kids!

THIS is the kind of "business" your Board of Education engages in with all of those SECRET, CLOSED DOOR MEETINGS!

* A check through posted agendas & meeting minutes from last Oct-Dec shows NO MENTION of any action on this item!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Students Openly Ignore 'Code of Conduct'

Now that the weather is trending towards somewhat warmer temperatures, students walking to school or leaving the premises are taking their time. Without the cover of heavy coats, violations of the Greece Central School District's Dress Code are easy to spot. So are other infractions of the District's 33 page long 'Code of Conduct,' especially at the secondary schools.

Among recent observed infractions (even among students departing Odyssey School where District Offices are located) are the failure to:

"Insure that all underwear is completely covered at all times," the wearing of hats, coats & hoodies IN the buildings; wearing clothing adorned with chains or spikes; and  "possession of a skateboard on school property."

Why have such a ridiculously long, specific policy if no one bothers to enforce it?


Monday, April 22, 2013

BOE Meeting Tuesday, 6:30PM

Executive Session, 6PM ~~  to discuss collective bargaining, the employment history of particular person(s) & pending litigation.


Technology Plan Presentation (Watch your wallet alert!)

New Website Roll Out

Data Dashboard Plan Update

Program Evaluation Cycle

Does Anyone Recognize This Crook?


13WHAM reports: "This past weekend the Greece Police Department opened ten new investigations all with a similar set of circumstances. A vehicle is left unlocked in a driveway overnight and broken into by one or more suspects while the vehicle’s owner is asleep.
"This is the first pattern like this that we've had in some time,” explained Greece Police Captain Brian Uhrmacher. “For the most part people were getting up Sunday morning and realizing their cars had been gone through and calling us at that time.”

Sherry Porter’s vehicle was entered early Saturday morning and a number of security cameras on her home happened to catch the suspects on tape.

"I saw three kids coming down the street and two of them came up the driveway one actually came up to my car he opened up the car (and) got inside,” Porter explained. “I could see from the other camera that he was shuffling around inside looking at things and then he quietly got out of the car, shut the door, and went on his way.”

Porter said she has yet to identify if any one thing was stolen because she did not have anything of value in the vehicle. She did notice the glove box was open and possessions were moved around and messed with.

"To see that somebody's going into my car and to think that they could come into my home, I grew up in this neighborhood and I never was scared and you know I don't want somebody to scare me out of my neighborhood,” said Porter. “It is a good neighborhood.”

 SCATS ~~ Where is Roderick Scott? We need him.

Town Board Meeting, Tuesday @6:00PM


Come hear about upcoming business planned with Operation Brain Freeze, A Barrel of Fun Productions & The Omnipresent Puppet Theater ...

SCATS ~~ There's something very fitting about these names ...

Tools To Help Decide College Choices

Lists 2012 Colleges Return on Investment for 850+ Schools

Tool to Compare Financial Aid & College Costs

SCATS ~~ Parents: beware that several of the local teacher factories performed very poorly in the "return on investment" category.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Girl Who Cried Rape*

The D&C reports: "A Greece woman faces 13 felony charges for allegedly providing false testimony and documents during a Monroe County Family Court proceeding.

Rebecca Jaffarian was arraigned Tuesday before Monroe County Court Judge James Piampiano on five counts of first-degree perjury, six counts of second-degree perjury and two counts of first-degree offering a false instrument for filing.

Assistant District Attorney Mark Monaghan said the charges stem from testimony and petitions filed in family court on April 11, 2012. He would not discuss the nature of the testimony or petitions.

According to the grand jury indictment, Jaffarian allegedly made false statements “with the intent to mislead a public servant in the performance of his official functions.”

Monaghan said Jaffarian was released on her own recognizance and is scheduled to appear in court again on April 30."

SCATS ~~ Gee whiz! I wonder if she still sits on that Community Task Force Chief Todd appointed to her to ... hmmm ... ? Could he possibly be the "public servant" she "misled"?

* See Related BLOG Post


Friday, April 19, 2013


I hope you are watching very carefully tonight & learning the lessons well.

IF YOU CHOOSE TO MESS WITH AMERICANS, we WILL hunt you down like the rabid animals that you are ...

... even if it takes locking down a major city for a day, bringing in 9000 law enforcement personnel AND canceling a BoSox game!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Special Education Administrator Departing

Deanna Spagnola will be recommended to the Brighton Board of Education on April 23rd for the assistant principal position at French Road Elementary School in Brighton.

Spagnola has spent 19 years with the Greece School District, most recently serving as the K-5 Coordinator of Special Education.

 She will start work in the Brighton School District on July 1. (SOURCE)

.Greece CSD educator recommended for assistant principal job in Brighton

Planning Board OK's Wegmans Project

YNN reports: Wednesday night, the Greece planning board approved  a proposal for new 15,000 sq. ft building and changes to be made to the parking lot and entrance for Wegmans Mt. Read Store. The parking lot entrance will be repositioned from its current location north of the Mt. Read store.
The building will be leased out to an unidentified third party tenant.

"That was obviously all subject to receiving all municipal and agency approvals. As we finalize all the approvals, we can start talking about who that tenant will be." ~~ Art Pires, Wegmans project manager.

SCATS ~~ I thought about titling this piece "Wegmans Whines For Wine."

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Do As I Say ... Not As I do ...

YNN reports: "A Longridge Elementary School teacher returned to school Wednesday after running in the Boston Marathon earlier this week. Students and faculty came together for a big surprise.

Amy Lembo has been a physical education teacher here for the past eight years. She was at mile 25 when the first bomb went off.

She wasn't near the explosions, but heard the crowd dispersing, and was told that she had to stop running.
Teachers and students lined the school courtyard with a hand-made finish line waiting for her.
Lembo was joined by her two sons, who were not in Boston.
Longridge Elementary Teacher Crosses the Finish Line
Lembo said she's always telling her students that in marathons, and in life, there are times when you want to give up, but that's when you have to keep moving forward.

"My heart is just, that was so heavy for so many days, is just now – the joy is back. I love my Longridge family. Unbelievable," Lembo said.
Lembo said that this was her first Boston Marathon.
Longridge Elementary Teacher Crosses the Finish Line
As she was running, she said the thought of bringing home a medal to show her students kept her going. Now, she said a handmade medal she was given today by the students means much more."

SCATS ~~ Am I missing something here? I thought school was in session in Greece Monday & Tuesday of this week. Did we get stiffed by paying for a substitute teacher so that Ms. Lembo could run in the Boston marathon? Did we also waste time better spent on academics to give her a handmade "medal?" If a student did this during test week, it would be considered an unexcused absence!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Listen Up, BOE!

Anonymous said...

We would like to think that things are always done within the rules and regulations, but from this administration it seems that many things are done behind closed doors. There should be absolutely no bargaining or deal making when dealing with the public's money. I am going to FOIL everything and when I do not get what I know, I will begin the procedure to sue the district and its administrators for fraud! There is no way, other than the retracting of someone's name, that there should be anything that is not done or known to the public. The purpose of the BOE is to be the oversight of such rules and regulations and that when something occurs that is not right, the BOE should take appropriate measures to rectify such oversight. I have never seen anything so blatantly political and/or private to warrant such criticism. These people, BOE and Administration, feel that this responsibly that they have been granted comes with the perks of personalization. Surprise, it does not! You are the eyes and ears of the community and therefore should answer ONLY to the community!    4/16/2013 5:43 PM

SCATS ~~ I concur with the comments posted above. I sincerely hope they do as they say they will. It's about time someone held these folks accountable.

Help GPD Find Who Assaulted Danny

WHEC-TV reports: "Greece Police and a Rochester family are asking for your help to catch two people who they say threw softballs at a car and seriously hurt a young boy.

It happened on Latona Road near the 390 overpass. Police say two people threw softballs at a car then ran away.

Eleven-year-old Danny Santos now has a broken bone in his face and a swollen black eye. Santos is still in a lot of pain and may have to have surgery.

Police say it happened last Saturday. The family was going southbound on Latona Road in Greece and right before they went under the 390 overpass, two people threw softballs at their truck. One hit the side of the truck and the other hit the back passenger window. The ball smashed through the window and hit Danny.

Danny Santos said, “It happened so fast. I really don't remember that much. I remember it breaking through the glass, and I remember the hospital.”

Mary Santos said, “ As soon as he started screaming, 'My eye, my eye I can't see' I looked back, and I saw the blood. Luckily, I was able to stop without getting out of control and the driver behind me called 911 cause I was so nervous I had the phone in my hand and didn't even realize it.”

Police say the two people ran away down a nearby bike path. They are urging anyone with any information, no matter how small to call 911. They say this is a serious assault and the suspects would be facing felony charges.

Police do have leads, but they said they don't have much of a description on who the two people might be. So while they are tracking those leads down, they still are looking for more information."
SCATS ~~ I saw them interview this poor kid on the news & his injury is quite severe! Let's find these punks who hurt an innocent kid and damaged the family's car.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Mall Owners Sue Over Drainage

The Town of Greece & mall owners claim that changes made while 104 was under construction causes flooding for mall parking lot, buildings.

The lawsuit alleges negligence, blames NYS DOT for a continuing nuisance, continuing trespass and inverse condemnation. (SOURCE)

SCATS ~~ I guess COMIDA $$ for doing little isn't enough for these greedy folks. WHY did it take them so long to file suit if this issue is so big?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Gun Thefts In Greece Reported Weekly

Handgun stolen: A Glock 27 and two magazines were stolen from a Rumson Road home sometime between March 16 and 28.

SCATS ~~ After watching the various Poilce Reports columns for a number of weeks, I realized that gun thefts in Greece are now reported EVERY week! Wake up people! You or your neighbors have firearms in your homes! And the "bad guys" want them!

Another Animal Hoarder Seeks Variance

Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting
Tuesday, 6:30PM

Kelly M. Blessing
Location: 495 Drumcliff Way
Mon. Co. Tax No.: 045.01-9-40
Zoning District: R1-E (Single-Family Residential)
Request: An area variance for eight (8) dogs in a dwelling unit, instead of
the maximum three (3) dogs permitted.

SCATS ~~ I'd like to refer Ms. Blessing to the sound decision this board made regarding Al Menteer's request to harbor "only" six dogs ... along with his 8 cats!

Planning Board Meeting
Wednesday, 6:30PM

BOE Special Meeting, Tuesday @6:30PM


Adoption of Budget ($205,511,990)

Adoption of Bus Proposition

Adoption of Property Tax Report Card

Order for Medical Examination ~ RESOLVED, that the Board, pursuant to its authority under Education Law § 913, hereby directs that a tenured teacher be required to undergo such medical examinations as are necessary to determine that individual’s fitness to perform the responsibilities of the individual’s position.

SCATS ~~ Could we order mental health exams for the Supt & BOE, too ... while we're at it. Maybe we can get a "group rate."

Friday, April 12, 2013

Common Core Exams: Don't Opt out!

Next week, schools will test grades 3-8 on the new common core curriculum for math & language arts skills. This new set of standards is meant to ensure that students are learning at grade level and will succeed in school. Student performance will also be used as one component in the new state teacher evaluations.

I'm hearing & reading a lot of discussion about parents opting their children out of these exams. Some say the tests are "too rigorous" and that teachers haven't had enough time to prepare their classes. Others say the kids are tested too often, or that their kids are becoming overly stressed-out by teachers attitudes related to the tests. (If your child is showing undue stress about it, YOU need to be asking your child's teacher WHAT THEY ARE SAYING/DOING TO COMMUNICATE THEIR OWN NEGATIVE FEELINGS TO THE KIDS AND GET IT TO STOP!) Yet, when I dig deeper into the issue, I find a number of teacher union-backed websites promoting and instructing parents on how to "opt out" their children.

While I can see clearly how this will benefit teachers, I'm completely failing to see how it will benefit the students to not take the tests. The exams are designed to measure WHETHER OR NOT STUDENTS ARE AT GRADE LEVEL IN VARIOUS AREAS OF MATH & ENGLISH/LANGUAGE ARTS!

If your child can not comprehend what he/she reads at grade level, don't you want to know? Wouldn't you want to find a way to help boost their skill level with that so that they stay on track as they head towards graduation?

Would you REALLY want to help take the teacher's accountability away? Do you want teachers retained who can't "measure up" despite professional development opportunities paid for by you, me and the rest of the school community?

As a parent, I would consider opting my kids out only after I see their teachers show-up at MY workplace during my next performance evaluation and try to convince MY employer to not hold me accountable for what I've done, or not done related to that evaluation! Since I know that will NEVER HAPPEN, my children would be testing next week. Period!!

Talk to your kids. Tell them you expect them to do their best, that's ALL anyone is asking of them. Tell them you took similar tests when you were in school! (Most of us did and we survived!) Then send them to school rested and with a good breakfast in their tummy on test days next week! Don't forget those #2 pencils :)

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

"You Are Living In A Dream World."

Resident Tom Tischer lambastes Greece BOE about the growth in their budget given reduced enrollments and the economy in recent years.

"It's excessively generous due to the expired teacher's contract (2006)."

"You spend, spend ... spend all of the time!"

"What is the cost per student? I don't think you have the courage to provide that (cost) to the community."

SCATS ~~ Yes, Tom. You are correct on EVERY point you made!

$206,011,990 ... and growing ... just like our national debt!

Greece Coaches Suffer "Field Envy"

At tonight's Resident's Forum, several former and current Greece Central coaches, athletic directors & student athletes spoke to the school board pushing for one or more artificial turf fields with lights.

There were so many ridiculous and/or ominous quotes, it was hard to keep up. Here's a sampling of how they completed sentences that begin with some form of "We need turf fields because ...":
  • "It will bring the town together in ways you never imagined." (God help us!!)
  • "By no means are we strong-arming." (Of course, people only say that when they ARE strong-arming, otherwise there would be NO NEED to say it)
  • "There's a lack of pride of the athletes." (The athletes do NOT pay the taxes to provide or maintain such facilities.)
  • We need such a field/facility "to prepare for college." (We can't even stay off the NY State watch list for under-performing schools without closing buildings & renaming the facility!)
  • "Pine Brook children in wheelchairs could go to the games." (Is there REALLY a big demand for this?? News to me!)
  • "There's nowhere for handicapped students to go (to watch games." (See my above remark.)
  • "We can shovel it off ourselves." (In lieu of Phys Ed class?)
  • "It will save us money from lining and maintaining fields." (Artificial turf is NOT maintenance-free!)
  • "It will prevent injuries." (Show me!)
  • "People want it, but we need some support." (If enough people "wanted it" you would already have that support!)
  • "We are so far behind Section V." (Is it our district's mission to keep up with Section V, or to graduate students who are college and career prepared for the real world? This statement is nothing more than "field envy" and it's NOT pretty.)

Greece Senior Scammed For "Bail Money"

WHEC-TV reports: "A warning from Greece Police: Beware of who you're sending money to. The warning comes after Greece Police say an elderly woman was the victim of a scam.

According to police, the woman received a call from someone claiming to be a booking officer for an out of state police department. She told police the booking officer said her grandson was being held on bail and that he could be released if she wired $4,400. Police say she did. But days later, she learned her grandson was never in jail.

Police say it's an age old scam that you may not fall for, but what about you're elderly parents?
AARP found in a recent study the average age of fraud victims is 69. The study also found victims tend to have more cognitive impairment than most their age and are more likely to open junk mail, give in to high pressured sales pitches, but less likely to put their name on a “Do Not Call List”.
Greece Police say the woman in this case sent money without checking with family members. Turns out she wired $4,400 to Peru. She is among the one in five seniors who will be victimized by unscrupulous people.

Greece Lt. Casey Voelkl says follow your gut feeling. If something doesn't seem right, he says it probably isn't.

Lt. Casey Voelkl, Greece Police, said, “Law enforcement will never contact you and ask for bail money. If somebody is arrested and bail is set in their case its up to them to make that contact and it's up to them to secure bail or bond. The police would never call and ask for that.”

Lt. Voelkl says if you receive a call like the victim in this case, before moving forward, get a phone number and call that number back. Do not give out any personal information over the phone or the internet. And for family members and loved ones, talk over finances with your senior citizens, ask how he or she is spending money. If that person wants to make an investment, offer to research the company with him or her and if anything happens that doesn't seem right, for example, if you have a persistent caller who won't take no for an answer and even money has been sent, report it to your local police immediately."

Recalled Food Served For School Lunches?

WHEC-TV reports: "Buffalo, N.Y.-based Rich Products Corp. has over the past two weeks recalled 10 million pounds of frozen food items after 27 E. coli illnesses in 15 states were linked to their foods. Of that, the company estimates that about 3 million pounds may still be in the marketplace and approximately 300,000 pounds may have ended up in school lunchrooms, a company spokesman said.

Dwight Gram of Rich Products said the main items shipped to schools were labeled as pizza dippers and pepperoni pizzatas ... (more on website)"


Monday, April 08, 2013

BOE Meeting Tuesday, 6:30

It is anticipated that the BOE will go into an Exec. Session at 5:30PM to discuss collective bargaining, the employment history of particular person(s) & pending litigation ... and other things that should be in open session.


Budget Presentation
Revised Annual Appointment(s)
Revised Authorization(s)
Universal Vending Resolution (We're suing them for nonpayment of approx. $46,000)
2013-2014 School Calendar

SCATS ~~ Looks like another meeting made for napping ... zzz ...

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Is YOUR Child's Coach Abusive?

Abuse comes in many forms: sexual, physical, verbal and emotional. Recent headlines show us that some of America's "top" college coaches (Penn State & Rutgers to name only two) have gotten away with various forms of abuse for many years.

But what about abusive coaches, or even physical education teachers, in public schools? Are they immune from lashing out inappropriately towards their charges? Apparently not.

Over the last 20+ years, I've heard many stories ranging from the yelling of profanities at players who weren't moving quickly enough to making a group of team members who acted out on a bus trip clean buses at the bus barn ... a situation that brought some notoriety in the form of negative headlines to our district.

More recently, a parent asked me several months ago if I'm aware of how fundraising was handled for a certain Greece Central School District sports team. I wasn't. So, the parent explained that $300 per team member was due early every fall, shortly after school opens. To keep the individual student from being "punished" by the team's coach, parents who could afford to do so would send in the money ASAP and worry about the fundraising later. The other poor kids with parents who depended upon the fundraising scrambled to meet the $300 mark every year. If they fell short and didn't make the deadline, the students were/are punished by being forced to go on a very long run, a run that has earned it a name known among team members as something to be avoided at all costs.

Is this abusive behavior? I think so. Apparently so do a number of parents. But just like we've learned in the headline news cases, fear is powerful. It keeps otherwise smart people silent ... so their kids get to keep playing, keep hoping, keep dreaming and just maybe earn a scholarship to college for their talent, their troubles and their silence. It primes them to tolerate worse abuse later on. Abuse the parents pay for with hard-earned paychecks so that the Jerry Sandusky and Mike Rice types can earn individual fame and fortune on the backs of their kids.




Thursday, April 04, 2013

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

What's Wrong With This Photo?

Cuomo Signs Budget In Rochester, Tuesday
Which one does NOT belong?


If You Know Author Rory E. Smith ...

... SCATS wants to ask him a few questions about the status of his lawsuits against the Town of Greece/Greece Police Dept. and the "crazy woman."

Rory vs. Greece Police

Wease got this e-mail yesterday (1/17/12):

Hi Wease,
My name is Rory Smith. I was on your show a few years ago talking about my crime novel, Devil In The Metal.
I am currently writing a new book--this one totally non-fiction--about some garbage that has been going on between me and the Greece Police Department over the last year.
In December 2010, based upon the lies of a CRAZY Greece woman I was charged with 5 major felonies. They included Rape, Assault, Strangulation and Sodomy! There was no evidence. There wasn't even a signed testimony from the crazy woman. Yet the Greece police decided to plunge forward and charge and arrest me! I was driven up to Greece in the back of a State Police car after being arrested on Long Island! Then I spent 2 days in your lovely Monroe County jail, until I was bailed out for 15,000 feaking dollars!
Eight months later, a Monroe County Grand Jury dismissed ALL charges without an indictment. I was able to show them that I wasn't anywhere need Greece, and therefore could not have done the crimes.
If you live in Monroe County, you paid for this with your taxes!!!!
I would love to call in and talk to you on the air about this. please let me know if you are interested. It's become quite a dirty little story.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Monday, April 01, 2013

GCSD Taxpayers Due Refund


Under the watchful eyes of new finance administrators, the Greece Central School District has discovered that several software glitches resulted in a number of errors incorporated into previous annual budgets. It's anticipated that reviews spanning as far as 4-5 years into the past will uncover all of the inaccuracies and allow much lower budget totals to be recalculated.

While the experts are still working to get the final figures in order, the Greece School Board President stated: "We're so happy about this discovery. The timing couldn't have been better! We were putting the final touches on a ballooning budget, one that grew by almost $7 million over the last year. But due to the hard work of several dedicated Greece Central employees, instead of a tax rate increase, we'll be sending rebate checks in September!"