Monday, March 25, 2013

You MUST Re-Register For STAR Rebate

UPDATE (3/26) ~ From 13WHAM: "A proposal to require all STAR taxbreak recipients in New York to re-apply would take effect next year, not this year, if the provision in the state budget passes.

The re-application requirement would apply to basic STAR program renewals. Homeowners with the enhanced STAR program already have to re-apply every year.

The state will notify homeowners who need to re-apply for the STAR program by mail, according to the state Department of Taxation.

Right now, people with the basic STAR program have their tax breaks automatically renewed annually. The proposed change would cut down on cases of fraud, as in when people receive the tax breaks on two homes that they own."

According to WHEC-TV: "All New Yorkers receiving the STAR property tax rebate will have to re-register for the local school tax breaks because of reports of widespread abuse and fraud.

The law concerning the $3 billion STAR program is part of the state budget bills now being passed in Albany.

Last month, Rockland County District Attorney Thomas Zugibe reported his detectives found $679,000 of fraud or incorrect filing in just five towns.

He said the tax break was illegally applied to second homes and some landlords were taking the credit for their homes and for rental properties and rooming houses.

Officials say abuses and faulty filings cost the state $13 million in the 2011-12 fiscal year and will cost an estimated $73 million by the 2015-16 fiscal year unless changes were made."


 SCATS ~~ Looks like a GREAT way for NY State to fill their coffers since many will miss the deadlines! WHO expected they would have to do this??


Anonymous said...

This has to be one of the dumbest and misreported stories in the "news" this week.

I just carried my EnhancedSTAR paperwork into the Assessor last month. I have the receipt.

Now every TV Twitt in town is reporting Ihave to file again before March 1. DOH, what calender is the NEWS business running on?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree with 1:26AM.......this story was half assed reporting. Not very many details on what we homeowners are supposed to do if we need to sign back up for STAR!

And while we are on the topic of STAR.....this program in my opinion is discriminatory based on age. You get the "enhanced" Star tax reduction if you are over 65 yrs and your combined income is under $79,050.

I am not 65 yrs old and make no where near $79K a yr but struggle to pay my taxes each year just as those over 65. I keep getting told they get the 'enhanced" Star because they want "seniors" to be able to stay in their homes and not be forced out due to high property taxes. SO.........I guess that leaves the rest of us SOL.

SCATS said...

I believe the state assembly is just in the process of making changes related to this. I've seen no reference to a specific deadline, but have to assume we MUST re-register before next spring. If new details come forth, I'll post them.