Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Top Cops Caught "Out To Lunch"

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Greece, NY Taxpayer Dollars at Work: Police Chief Todd Baxter and Captain Patrick Phelan's 9 Mile Drive and Nearly 2 Hour Long Latin Food Trip

By Davy V.
Greece, NY Police Chief
Todd Baxter

Apparently, the Rochester, NY Police department is not the only police agency which likes to waste taxpayer dollars by allowing its officers to drive their cruisers outside the city and into other towns to eat, do errands, etc.

It seems as though the Greece, NY Police department is following suit.

Case in point.

Greece, NY Police Chief Todd Baxter and his Captain Patrick Phelan were spotted at El Latino Dominican Restaurant, located at 1020 Chili Avenue in Rochester, more than 9 miles from the Greece Police department on Island Cottage Rd.

Chief Baxter and Captain Phelan arrived at the restaurant around 12:00 pm and spent nearly 2 hours eating inside, before leaving in separate vehicles, around 1:45 pm.
Greece, NY Police Captain
Patrick Phelan

The Chief left in his official police vehicle, a black Dodge Charger, while Captain Phelan left in a dark red vehicle, possibly a Ford.

A woman who answered the phone at Chief Baxter's officer confirmed that the Chief, and Captain Phelan, were on duty at the time they were at El Latino Restaurant.

So there you have it, Greece, NY residents.

Your taxpayer dollars at work.

9 miles.

Nearly 2 hours.

Your money.
Hey, as a Latino, I have to give it up to Chief Baxter... he likes Latin food!


SCATS said...

Should on-duty cops be permitted to travel to a different town/jurisdiction to dine on a leisurely lunch?

According to Davy V. he confirmed they were both supposed to be at work, via Baxter's sec'y.

Don't they like the offerings at Los Gallos on Ridge Rd?? Or were they worried about being spotted?

Anonymous said...

Davy V has exposed some real injustices, I not sure this in one of them. Unless there is something secret about this meeting, who hasn't taken a long lunch once an a while. At least they weren't sleeping on the job or taking afternoon naps daily as one of our town executives is reputed to do, On the other hand if they take extra time every day that could be a problem.

SCATS said...

To 8:51PM ~~ When cops are on duty, they have a jurisdiction to oversee. Going out of that jurisdiction for a 2 hour lunch is problematic.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Right now I personally don't have a problem with it. They are not patrol officers and had an incident occurred that required them I'm sure they would have respond. There is a lot of missing information here, how do we know they weren't having a lunch meeting with other local police officials. Just because Davy V didn't say others were there doesn't mean anything, he always give one sided story's with half the information. If they were there just the two of them on lunch who cares I'm sure both work longer than 8 hours a day on a regular basis. And as far as Baxter's sec saying he's on duty, no kidding he's a salaried Police Chief, he's always on Duty.

Anonymous said...

I don;t really see a difference between a two hour lunch and a two hour meeting in the chief's office. Their job is management and policy, not chasing the bad guys. Ina real emergency, they are connected and could easily be on the scene. There are plenty of Lt.s and Sgts to manage crises on scene.

Anonymous said...

Did you know our Chief gets overtime? Base pay is 135k yet he made 148k. Now he can't put in for time yesterday. Thanks Davy V for exposing the real Baxter. If the public knew the real Baxter and some of the gossip going on about his activities he wouldn't be so well liked. GPD has had enough of his self promotion. Hopefully Reilich will straighten him out.

Anonymous said...

That had to be the longest hour and 45 minutes of Phelan's life. Phelan probably wanted to meet him there so he wouldn't be seen with him.

SCATS said...

The comment posted by 7:19AM is reposted below, minus the name-calling:

Anonymous said...
This is where this "Davy" goes wrong and why most in the area blow him off. The guy has such a problem with law enforcement that he tries to make an issue out of anything. If he would just focus on real items, he'd hold some credibility.

Should they be 9 miles outside of Greece? Probably not. But the idea that this xxxxx ran home from the restaurant and jumped on Mapquest to figure out the distance is just pathetic.

3/27/2013 7:19 AM

To 7:19AM ~~ This is the day & age of the Smart Phone. No need "to run home" when it's ALL in the palm of your hand.

Sadly, most of the comments received on this thread will NOT be posted due to name-calling, threats, etc. As is so typical, people who can't defend the indefensible resort to childish tactics that SCATS won't support.

Anonymous said...

Personally I think Todd ought to be congratulated for serving as a great example of parking skill by a PoPo man.

Just look at the picture of his car. He has it completely between the yellow lines and damn near centered in the parking space. It's another of his teaching moments for other officers.

BTW, Chili Av is only about 3 miles from Greece via 390, the 9 miles in Davey's story is a ruse.

SCATS said...

To 7:28AM ~~ I suspect that IF other officers were there, they would have been photographed too. It would be OBVIOUS by looking at who was parked in the lot. As for "who cares?" ... I do! WHY did they leave Greece for lunch while ON DUTY? As 11:52AM notes, overtime pay is an issue too. This "lunch meeting" gives the appearance they were either up to something they shouldn't be doing, or hiding from the Greece community ... possibly both.

To 8:57AM ~~ The difference is the meeting at HQ would be "visible" and within GPD's jurisdiction.

To 11:52AM ~~ I'm with you until you get to the part where you say: "Hopefully Reilich will straighten him out." He's got so many of his own issues, I don't think he could straighten a wet noodle if his life depended on it. Just my opinion ;)

Anonymous said...

Davy V is an Adam McFadden wannabe.

Anonymous said...

Birds of a feather--flock together. Can say the same thing about you and Davy V...since you detest law enforcement just like he does.

Too bad this isn't real news--like them being seen with a badge bunny.

Anonymous said...

When Venice "ruled" the mediterranean, the leader was the Doge. Elected for life, the doge was never permitted to leave Venice. Maybe we should change our town name from Greece to Venice.

Anonymous said...

I find it rather disturbing that Davy actually sat outside the establishment for lose to 2 hours got that close to the cars and waited for them to exit to take picture. It comes off as almost stalker like. I think he needs to get a new hobby as following the police around and snapping photos is a little creepy. Who is to say they weren't discussing work matters over lunch. Unless of course Davy made the waitress wear a microphone.

SCATS said...

To 1:32PM ~~ Is that your BEST reaction??

To 4PM ~~ I do not "detest law enforcement." In fact, I have great respect for the law & legal system. Thus, my clean record ;)

To 4:02PM ~~ Not applicable. He lives in Ogden, remember ?

To 9:49PM ~~ You are assuming a lot. You don't have to sit there to be aware.

Anonymous said...

Respect for Law Enforcement, REALLY.?? CLEAN RECORD??? LMFAO NFL!!!!

Anonymous said...

If this guy wants to spend his time in this way it's his choice. But it kind of makes you wonder about what motivates him.

SCATS said...

To 9:52AM ~~ Yes, REALLY :D And proud of it, too. Sorry you feel such jealousy.

To 6:05PM ~~ Actually, I think I discovered his motivation. It was in today's Greece Post. Baxter nominated Phelan to do some training with the FBI in Quantico. Phelan "graduated" last Friday. I think the lunch may have been celebratory, a "reward" like parents do for their children's good report card. I wonder if Patrick got to choose his favorite ice cream for dessert too.

Anonymous said...

I thought 6:05 was referring to how DAVY chose to spend his time.

SCATS said...

To 3:46PM ~~ You might be right. Hard to tell when the poster didn't specify. It could have been any of the three.