Saturday, March 02, 2013

To the Greece Board of Zoning Appeals

This sign contains ALL of the info you need to know to decide on whether or not Greece should go to the birds!
 Keep the chickens out of Greece!



Anonymous said...

Too bad Cluck Lady didn't get her paperwork in on time to join Ag District #5 in 2013. She could have been clucking away by now and the Town of Greece couldn't do spit about it.

SCATS said...

What is Ag District #5??

Anonymous said...

I'm rather curious also (says the "cluck lady")

So far in my venture I've met folks who are already keeping pigs and secret chickens as pets

Realize Greece is not farm country anymore....but some folks will still keep trying as pets

Remember Micky the minature horse? He's still living in
Greece and the world hasn't exploded yet.

I've seen garden sheds bigger than what I'm asking for in my backyard...

Babbling and off to work


SCATS said...

"Amanda" ~~ Secret chickens?" Doubtful! It's more than likely that people are well aware and haven't complained ... YET. The issue with your request has less to do with the coop and more to do with the noise & smell of chicken poop accumulating in the hot summer sun.

Anonymous said...

ok...let me re-word.
folks ARE keeping chickens on the sly and NOT telling the Town of Greece and folks ARE also getting pot bellied minature pigs and NOT telling the Town of Greece.
BTW - you clean a coop just like you pick up doggie poo in the backyard - responsible pet owners are considerate and do this.
(only my chicken poo is a lot more useful than folks doggie poo..)
First ingredient in most fertilizers is chicken poo - so this would go right into the compost bin.
4 chickens (Actually I really only wanted 3 but was told to apply for 4) are not as noisy as barking dogs and I never desired a rooster (they are the noisy ones)
Still not sure what big deal is - and it's unlikely I"ll get the chickens just cause of property size...I'm just seeing it through to the end...and meeting some interesting folks on the way.
Anyhow - there you have it.
Hope to see you at the zoning meeting!
It's not dull for sure.


Anonymous said...

Did you see this women interviewed in the Greece Post? She went on and on about how she was allowed to keep chickens when she lived in the City. Well, heck move back to the City is what I say.

What's next after CHICKENS?

Anonymous said...

This lady is me (aka "cluck lady" I've discovered)....and I probably will move back in a few years - I only moved to Greece to help out my dad out cause he was moving into senior living place.

I'd stay longer if it could be more welcoming - but so far - I wouldn't describe Greece as exactly warm and fuzzy.(and waaay too many shopping malls and chain resteruants....blah)
Actually - I was pretty surprised that folks wouldn't be into the education of sustainable gardens/composting/less chemicals and such.

as for what's "after chickens"...

you know of course I'm looking for world domination.

(cue evil laugh.....)


Anonymous said...

Amanda, I suggest you quit playing the Town's game, and begin winning.
First, google up Monroe County Ag District #5
Then march down to the County Office before March 29 and file the paperwork to get the property listed as a farm. There are around 10 farms left in Greece, thanks largely to Stupidvisor Boiley & his Gangstas screwing with farms.

As a FARM, you'll have rights! Neighbors don't like your chicken smell, tough, the chickens are protected by law. You also won't need Zoning or Building permits as a District 5 farm. BELIEVE me, Town Hall damn sure knows, they just don't want noise on the FARM issue.

I'd also suggest you look into a Chicken Tractor, and tell you to make it from steel so rats, mink, racoons etc don't eat your chickens. If you don't go the tractor route plan on the chickens being inside the house or on a totally enclosed porch rats can't chew into.

Enjoy your eggs.

Anonymous said...

With apologies to my friend Amanda...

Mandy, Mandy very handy
How will your garden grow?
With chicken poop from your pet hens
Approved by the Greece town board.

yeah, it's too early for this!

Anonymous said...

Just a couple thoughts:

To Amanda
Since you plan on leaving Greece in "a few years" and only moved back to "help out my dad", why not wait till you move and start your endeavour then?
Did you consult with your neigbors before applying for a variance to the zoning board?

To 12:02am
You ask Amanda to go to the County Office to get properly listed as a farm....of course, that could never work. The lots in that neighborhood will never be zoned for farm use. They would never allow a commercial enterprise and her property would stand no chance of being added to as a farm enterprise.

SCATS said...

To Amanda ~~ This is Greece. We're high-falutin' types here and expect chicken hoarders to use a "big letter" in spelling their name, especially if they are over the age of 21 :)

By the way, you do realize your neighbors' dogs will go bonkers every time they see or hear those hens, right??

Anonymous said...

Whole thing looks & smells like another chickenshit issue in Greece to me.

Fortunately the Chickenshit politicians in Greece are well equipped to pull their boots on, roll their sleeves up, and dig into this shit.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, maybe she could spell her name in all CAPS... like someone else we know! (Right SCATS?)

Anonymous said...

"Cluck Lady" here...
(BTW - I don't know how everybody keeps their responses straight and directed to whomever if everybody is "anonymous"....)

but I digress...

anyhow -I have to agree - I really don't see me getting a farm permit either - 3 chickens really just doesn't seem worth it.
Nice thought though and appreciate the advice...but the landscaping of my current backyard w/boulders and trees - sure doesn't say "farm" to me.

and yup - I was at fault by not asking my neighbors first before applying for the chicken variance -I applied for this back in December when I hadn't even moved in yet and was just trying to get the paperwork in and done correctly and legally in advance.
It really hadn't occurred to me anybody would say "nope" and one neighbor whom I knew since childhood had already told me she had no problem with it at Xmas time.
I look at chickens like somebody getting a pet in big deal.

And yup to chicken tractors - moveable coops keeping birdies safe and where you want them...nice option for gardening too....was planning on having one of those too....

As for waiting and just move back to the city - that's what I'm sure I"ll end up doing.
Originally I thought I would stay in Greece longer... at least 3-4 years and relive my youth a bit (besides - the idea of moving the piano....again....wasn't looked upon with great joy either)...but since this has all happened...I can't say I really want to get to know my neighbors or spend anymore time/money here.
As for the dogs barking...I have 2 dogs myself...they bark at leaves falling, cars going by....just about anything.
I tell them to be quiet...and they listen to me.
I guess it depends a lot on responsible pet ownership.
And as for my friend's bad poetry...forgive me...but ...can't...resist....
There once was a Ms "Lady Cluck"
who wanted garden chicks
but no luck
So she'll move back to the city
From that town without pity
And will always wonder...
"what the cluck?"

hee hee

zoning meeting tonite at 7pm...everybody welcome even just to watch me crash and burn.


SCATS said...

To 2:55PM ~~ The difference is that 'SCATS' is an acronym, 'Amanda' is not.

Nice try though ;)

Anonymous said...

Amanda, light of my life
Fate should have made you
a farmer's wife.

Personally I would have claimed the
KFC refugees were part of my religious faith and really screwed the Town.

But then, you're apparently a GCSD grad, so you BELIEVE in the system.

Don't forget, take a tube of KY, it makes dealing with T
own Hall so much more fun.

Anonymous said...

"Cluck Lady" - back from the zoning meeting and not at all surprised at the ruling

After a very long playback of last weeks summary - mostly involving chicken poo....(garden/soil gold!)
I've concluded that sustainable gardening was totally not understood by the Greece Zoning Board.

I'm also certain they didn't want to start something they were unprepared to finish.

anyhow - long story short...

Chicken Denial.

eh...but it was worth a shot and I did meet some nice folks along the way.

I look at it as $140 lesson I've shared with other chicken owner wanna bees....(don't ask - don't tell)

and I can use the plot survey plan they asked me to get (costing $350) for when I sell the Greece home next year and move...yup...back to the city!

Side note - I do get a kick out of this website though...

keep those interesting conversations going SCATS!

"Lady Cluck"

SCATS said...

To Lady Cluck ~~ Sorry, but at least you didn't count your chickens before the eggs were hatched! (There's a million of these bird references possible ...).

Glad you like the BLOG ... "birds of a feather" ... ?

Anonymous said...

why is it when people don't get what they want, they always say that others just didn't understand or just didn't get it?

Perhaps the zoning board of appeals simply felt that keeping chickens on a tiny lot in a suburban neighborhood in direct opposition to the current town code was a variance they were unprepared to grant.

Perhaps they felt that proper venue to address this type of request was to try and change the code itself.

Perhaps they just don't like chickens.

Lastly, isn't it telling that the cluck lady is willing to suggest that others violate the code.

How about we all just follow the same set of rules?

And since when did SCATS start sympathizing with the the cluck lady?
I thought SCATS was the cheering section for denial?

SCATS said...

To 10PM ~~ Oh I'm ALL about denial, just not De Nile.

Gotta keep you folks on your toes/claws ;)