Sunday, March 10, 2013

Stupid People Rescued By FD


YNN reports : "A man was rescued after falling through the ice in Braddock Bay Saturday afternoon.

Firefighters say two fishermen fell through the ice on the bay near the marina.

One was able to get himself out. The second man, 54, had his feet stuck in the mud on the bay floor. He was in the water for about half an hour until a crew could rescue him.

The victim was taken to Strong Hospital for possible hypothermia."

13WHAM reports: "Three men were safely rescued from Long Pond Sunday afternoon.

They were reportedly fishing on the pond, just off Edgemere Drive, when they fell in. One climbed out of the water onto ice.

It took 20 firefighters to rescue the men. One firefighter injured his back.

Chief James O’Coin of the Lake Shore Fire Department said ice can be deceiving, and it’s best to stay away from it when the weather warms up like it did Sunday.

“This time of year, the ice is changing,” he said. “We're a proponent that no ice is safe. The problem we have is that the ponds might not be deep, but what you have is the water is very cold, so you get the initial shock of going in the water and hypothermia. The pond base is all muck – at that point you're struggling to get out. The harder you struggle, the deeper trouble you're going to get yourself into."

SCATS ~~ Contrary to rumor, the FBI were NOT searching for a white vehicle sunk in Braddocks Bay! Kudos to Lakeshore FD for endangering themselves to ensure the local gene pool retains a wide variety of low IQ types!!


Anonymous said...

wow...not much more to add to that.
Poor Judgement (and maybe a few beers?) leads to not brilliant decision making.
Hopefully those 20 fire fighters got to use this as a training course and check up on their equipment
(cause you KNOW they will have to do this again next spring too....and the year after that...)

Anonymous said...

And we the taxpayers have to pay for their stupidity.

I say send these morons a bill. Maybe then they will learn.

SCATS said...

To 4:28PM ~~ I agree!!

Anonymous said...

You can't bill people for the services of the Fire Department. If that was the case some people would refrain from calling the Fire Department and attempt to mitigate, say, a fire in their house.

Most cases this results in failure and the Fire Department would be called anyway.

Only much later and to a well-involved fire. This endangers the fire fighters, neighboring structures, and the safety of the community.

There are some things it is in the best interest of the public to pay for as a whole.

Yes, even stupid people doing stupid things at a record pace.

Anonymous said...

This is the generation that believes stupidity is a virtue.

Unfortunately, Greece has more than its share of these intellects.

SCATS said...

To 9:56AM ~~ I believe I've read or heard about people being charged for "search & rescue" services in certain instances in the past. Of course these were in other areas of the country, but also instances where people did profoundly stupid things. When supposedly "adult" males decide to walk about on the ice on a day when the temp is heading to well above freezing, I think making them pay for this kind of rescue is a great idea! It might even prevent the same knuckleheads from becoming repeat offenders.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to a great Time magazine article on the subject:,8599,1892621,00.html

SCATS said...

To 8:58PM ~~ Thank you for that! Did anyone else hear the discussion tonight about charging the couple in Victor for the cost of getting them to surrender to authorities yesterday? That's another ridiculously $$ bill foisted upon the innocent taxpayers. I heard them say on the news tonight that over 40 individuals from about a dozen different agencies were called upon to get a peaceful resolution. To me, that sounds like TOO many people were involved to bring TWO people to justice.

Anonymous said...

Damn Right KittyCat.

It's time we quit pissing money away on fools and got back to John Wayne methods of days gone by.


You never heard of the same criminal having to be burned out of a second cabin. Even people thinking about holeing up in a shack rethought it when they knew they'd get cooked like a chicken.

Even a fancy BBQ lighter for each Popo car would be cheaper than this crapola the cops play today.

SCATS said...

To 10:43PM ~~ I especially enjoyed counting FOUR separate Bearcat vehicles the SWAT team uses! That's two per suspect!!