Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pre-Budget Hearing ...

... Another Laughable Moment
In Greece Central's Long History
Of Laughable Moments!

BOE Prez.

ONE resident, "Joe," came to ask a string of questions at tonight's "Pre-Budget Hearing." When he finished, he was met with TOTAL silence. With bewilderment in his voice, he asked if anyone was going to respond to him. Julia saved the day with: "Yes, we will be happy to give you an answer." (I give her 1/2 credit for at least pretending this was an actual "hearing" with two-way discussion even though I know she wouldn't have bothered faking it if any crowd had been there to speak.)

Poor Joe! He probably thought he was going to actually get some satisfaction. He talked about low voter turnout and about how many people he knows who no longer come out to vote ... because they are frustrated over continued tax increases.

Joe asked the school board: "How well are YOU representing people who don't vote? They are frustrated!"

Predictably, Julia goes on a rant "not as board president, but as Julia." She rants on about non-voters and about soldiers fighting for our rights to go to the polls ... yada, yada, yada. At the end of her rant, she sums up and tells Joe : "That's a cop-out and excuse!" that people use to not vote.

Guess what Joe? Julia answered a question you did NOT ask, instead of responding to the one you did ask! It's an old trick the "Dysfunction Junction" in Greece relies upon, especially when dealing with newbies.

Don't let her rant fool you, Joe! Ms. Van Orman certainly does NOT want everyone coming out to vote their minds on this budget because if they did, it would GO DOWN IN FLAMES!

What Julia does NOT understand is that the masses in this town, from union leaders to resident taxpayers, do NOT want to waste their time on her, the Supt. or this BOE group any more. Over the last few years, union leaders stopped addressing the Board during their time slot at monthly meetings. Residents stopped signing up for resident's forum. Attendance at board meetings, hearings and the like has plummeted. Turnout at the polls is on a continued and embarrassingly large decline, just like district enrollment figures!! People have fled the boardroom and the polls in the same way that parents are now fleeing the Greece Central School District!

Ms. Van Orman's idea about how to micro-manage BOE meetings & this district has sent the masses away from wasting their time on a group who DO NOT REPRESENT THE MAJORITY IN GREECE. Worse yet, they don't care!


Anonymous said...

Joe citizen hit the nail on the head and so did you Scats! The senoirs in this town don't need to vote anymore because they pay miniscule amounts of school taxes because of the enhanced STAR program. The rest of us don't bother because our vote does not matter anyway. If we vote the budget down the school board says the hell with you and spends our money anyway.

Fewer kids, fewer schools should equate to a lower budget. Not when it comes to education in NYS. Just spend, spend, spend and we keep getting crappy products coming out the doors.

Anonymous said...

Many times politicians depend on discouraging even suppressing voters while they lecture them on civics.

Anonymous said...

Gone are the good old days of CARE, HMO, Phelan, G. Hubbard, and T. Kackmeister. You could always count on them to ask questions and, in doing so, create interesting controversy that would stir interest in the operation of GCSD. There were overflow meeting rooms, 11,000 or more voters, and upwards of nine people vying for 3 board seats. Now, school board candidates are far and few between, resulting in the same old same olds remaining as life sized puppets and mutes. Hubbard has been neutralized by placing him on the finance committee. As such, it's hard to criticize your own creation. Kackmeister takes his cues from GH as does board member, Guinan. CARE has disbanded and has sailed into the sunset as have the HMO guys. The result, no watch dogs and clear sailing for the district and Babs, Inc. That, combined with an impotent BOE, and we have what we have, an even more out-of-control institution of learning spiraling into the depths of mediocrity. Until the new generation of activists are born and run for board seats to provide proper oversight, we are doomed to obscurity, not only as a school district but as a progressive community as well. If you really care, get involved – don’t just complain.

SCATS said...

To 3PM ~~ The days of 11,000 voters were the days when flyers were mailed to most Greece households informing them of the corruption, overspending, double-digit tax hikes, etc. combined with people who wrote editorials, spoke out at BOE meetings, filed complaints with NYSED seeking the Commission'er's intervention, keeping Mr. Freeman on his toes & watching over GCSD's bending of FOIL laws, and lots of other factors too.

As far as "complainers" go, you have NO idea what they are doing, so don't bash them.

PS ~~ Greece was NEVER a "progressive community!! It was ALL contrived via a false/phony self-image created by those who sought to put out "positive press" regardless the reality ;)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know which present BOE membrs are up for reelection? Are any of them running again and is anyone new running?

SCATS said...

To 4:19PM ~~ O'Connor, O'Toole & Race are up for re-election.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making my point as those were the very people who did all those
things you mention. As for complainers, I’m not bashing anyone. What I am saying is get involved OPENLY. Nothing irritates me more than those who are quick to criticize but offer little or nothing of substance to deal with fixing the problem. As you say, I have no idea what they are doing and neither does anyone else. As for Greece I agree, we are shallow and always have been. We have the ingredients to become a progressive thinking community if we would get our heads out of the sand and look at reality. And after seeing the truth, collectively say WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH AND WE'RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE. Then decide to do something about it by purging the politicians from this town who would keep the status quo for
their own benefit and replace them with people with new ideas and a new
direction for the betterment of our town. Until this happens, we will
all continue to be the sheep to be sheared at will by the corrupt
shepherds of this town.

SCATS said...

To 9:35AM ~~ I'm sorry, but I totally disagree with your view about "becoming a progressive thinking community." Like an expired canister of Kodak film, that train left the station long before Walmart got the bus routes to the heart of Rochester's ghettos set-up. Look hard and deep at what is happening around you, not just in your neighborhood.

Rochester's unemployment tops 9.1%!!

People are fleeing the area.

People are fleeing Greece Central.

A bunch of mediocre, quasi-fast food joints are the "best" eateries Wilmorite can attract to our failing shopping mall. At that, they can only get 3 to come, not the 5 initially promised.

The people in this community who actually do care FEAR the wrath of the leaders should they speak up, because quashing any opposition is a hallmark of the dysfunction that defines Greece/Monroe County. Just ask Auberger, Reilich & Brooks ;)

Anonymous said...

Well just dang.
Looks like the Bored with Education Gang went and learned from the ELITE Hilton Central Bored members.


The voters will get tired of having expectations, and nobody runs against you for the seat.

Just keep saying It's for the Children.

SCATS said...

To 11:16PM ~~ Actually, word is out that at Odyssey, FAILURE is NOT an option under the current admin's watch. She doesn't want anyone knowing the experiment is over & she has failed.

Anonymous said...

Meh, I'll run for BOE some day when I can devote the time to it. So will lots of other folks who post here, I'm sure. But in the meantime, what should we expect of our board members? They provide oversight, in certain legally relevant ways, but they don't actually run the day-to-day operation or craft the detailed budgets.

The BOE is an easy target of frustration, because they are the easiest people for citizens to target and get rid of. But that is probably just how the administration likes it: let the BOE get burned, and let the gravy train roll on in the background.

If any of you regular SCATS posters were running for BOE, then what would you do differently that is in the power of the BOE to do at all?

SCATS said...

To 1:06AM ~~ They need to:
~ get off their power trips;
~ stop allowing the Supt. to wine & dine & party them into compliance;
~ become more open - they can go beyond the minimum required by law;
~ stop allowing the students and the unions to run the buildings;
~ hire a Supt. that will do what needs to be done, instead of one who will continue the same dysfunctions that are keeping GCSD from climbing out of the hole it slid into ...

These are just a start.