Friday, March 22, 2013


15 Yr. Old Flees Stranger at Bus Stop
WHEC-TV reports: "Irondequoit Police are stepping up patrols after they say a suspicious car approached a teen girl. Police say it happened at the corner of Shelford and Fallstaff Roads.

This is the third time in recent weeks there have been reports of a suspicious vehicle approaching children. The other two incidents happened in Greece.

The father of the 15-year-old girl says this was a very scary event for his daughter. She was not harmed, but he says it will change some things.

The incident happened around 5:45 Thursday evening. The young lady had taken the late bus home from school and was let off at the corner of Shelford Road and Fallstaff Road. The girl told police a man driving a red car approached her and asked how old she was and where she was going. She kept walking and made it to her house. The driver then turned around in the neighbor's driveway and was last seen on Shelford Road.

This is shocking to not only the girl's father, but others who live on this street. They say this a quiet, safe neighborhood. However, now the girl's father says he and his wife will likely meet their daughter from now on when she gets off the bus.

Irondequoit Police were out Friday night. The girl's father has alerted neighbors and police are asking if you see anything suspicious to please call 911. As for students, police advise you to walk in pairs and if someone approaches you and makes you feel uncomfortable run away and tell an adult."


Anonymous said...

Scats, I 've been out of town for a week or so. What has happened with the story about the young students at the Greece school bus stops and the SUV that was stalking them?

SCATS said...

To 9:56PM ~~ This is as close to a "follow-up" as I've seen which was why I put the reference to the Greece incidents in bold print & posted it ;)