Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Pi Day

From YNN:
"People who love math are also loving Pi Day today. It is not the delicious dessert, but rather the date 3.14.
In case you need a math refresher, the relationship of a circle's circumference to its diameter is 3.14.
Many schools use it as a day to celebrate math. At Rush Henrietta they are also using it as a fundraiser for the Wilmot Cancer Center.

For every $40 a math class raises, they earn a pie they get to push into their teachers' face on stage during lunch.

As of Tuesday, Rush Henrietta had already raised more than $2,000."

SCATS ~~ Now that's a fundraiser idea I could get into! I'd gladly pay $40 for a pie ... if I could push it into the face of the BOE Prez ... how about it, Julia?


Anonymous said...

Sorry this is one activity, as it is currently designed, I could never approve!! Why?
Raising money for Wilmont Cancer Center...Outstanding!! Teaching Students to be heipful to others...Outstanding!!
Teaching Students to work together..Outstanding!!
Teaching Students to work for a commone goal of good..Outstanding!!

Wasting Food: currently at 50 pies. Why not give the pies to a homeless shelter?

Wasting Time: Have an assembly to line up 50 teachers to throw a pie in their face.

Teaching students to do something good, only if you get a material reward, like a pie, to throw into someones face.

Throwing a pie in the face of a teacher, parent, policeman or principal is not funny.

How about the class that raises the most money gets a pizza party.

How about the class that raises the most money goes to an elemenatry school to tutor students in reading and math.

How about the class that raises the most money can have a fieldtrip to Eastman House, GEVA play, Strong M., Lincoln Movie

How about the class that raises the most money has the satisfaction of knowing their contribution has helped more cancer clients than anyother class.

This could of been a positive experience for everyone.

Doug Skeet

Anonymous said...

Remember back in 1998 when the Alabama state legislature introduced a bill to change the value of Pi to exactly THREE (3) because the "real" value of Pi was "too confusing."

Talk about "not getting it." Geez!

Anonymous said...

"Talk about 'not getting it'" is right.

Do some research before posting urban legends as facts. There are enough fairy tales on here as it is.

SCATS said...

To Doug ~~ In general, I do not approve of fundraising by school kids, PERIOD. The reason being that it is NOT the purpose of school! It's the BOE's duty to provide a budget that provides ALL that is needed to fund the programs they decide to offer. Students do not attend school to learn to pitch sales.

I was attempting sarcasm, but perhaps missed the mark.

Regarding pies in the face: I'm pretty sure that whipped cream is the only thing wasted. They don't want anyone hurt. The pizza party idea would also cut into class time. Teachers in Greece do NOT "work" outside their regular schedules due to the lack of a new contract. Work to rule has been the norm for a number of years now ;)

To 2:34PM ~~ That wouldn't surprise me at all ... sad!!

SCATS said...

To 3:30PM ~~ Perhaps you didn't get the memo about Snopes. They are comprised of an often-biased, married couple using Google. They aren't some fool proof think tank organization ;)