Friday, March 22, 2013

GPD Cop Crashes Car, Downs Power Lines

Officer Trapped In Car Following Accident

SCATS ~~  How bad does your luck have to be when you: wipe-out one of the Dept's new cars right around the corner from HQ with just 1/2 inch of snow on the road and cause the power lines to crash on top of your car electrifying the fence you hit and resulting in an injury to your hand? This disrupted traffic & power to an entire neighborhood for 6 hours!! Let's give her an award ;)


Anonymous said...

Too much power too little experience equals these types of accidents. The new
Chevy models created just for PDs around the country can be a dangerous weapon in the hands of young inexperienced officers whose own vehicles are either front wheel drive or AWD. The new cars are all rear wheel drive models. As such, skid recovery maneuvers necessary to regain control of skidding vehicles are vastly different than the others. While it’s true that the Fords were rear wheel drive, they did not contain even close to the power and torque thrust created by the new Chevy power plants and therein lies the problem.

I would hope that the command structure was aware of this potential problem and did conduct driver training classes for all officers driving these new 400 plus hp cars. If not, I strongly urge that they do so or these incidents will continue to take place with possible serious consequences resulting in the threat of injury or worse to not only the officer involved, but to others who may become victims of these accidents

SCATS said...

To 10:47AM ~~ Your point about training is excellent.

Anonymous said...

Can't expect much from a UNION doughnut murderer.

They're working as hard as they can to become as useless as Greece Central Teachers. Just think, in another year or two they will have in service training on not running with scissors and how to use paste.

Criminals are real scared of coming to Greece.

Anonymous said...

Ford and Chevy are both good however the Ford is AWD. The Ford's are less expensive as well as being made in the USA.

SCATS said...

To 11:51PM ~~ The Crown Victoria was a rear-wheel drive car produced in Canada until 2011. Those are the cars PD's had to replace with some other model.

Anonymous said...

So, lets see if I understand this;
Officer Cutsie Ashley gets her GIRL all on thinks she's Danica and can drive like a professional.

Then Ashley punches the big bad Cheby and learns she damn well hasn't got 1/100 of Danica's skill or ability, and wipes out 1 Cheby and 1 utility pole.

Next thing we know, Greece taxpayers are eating probably a $40,000 bill for the car & the pole, and Ashley rides off on a stretcher to make it look good. She hurt her hand.

Then GPD & RG&E jumpstart their PR divisions, and make pretend Officer Ashley is a Superwoman Driver who was really smart to remain in the wreck till the power got shut down.

Seems like the only character not in this movie is Todd. He'll probably do a cameo Monday. Todd can blame Ashley's improper operation of the Police Vehicle on the Highway Department.


WHY wasn't Ashley ticketed for Speed Unsafe for Conditions?

This kind of "accident" coverup is becoming all too common in GPD. Just scan the licenses & registrations and print off the driver information slip in the car rather than issue appropriate tickets. After all, GPD cops don't want to get writer's cramp.

Why the hell do we pay cops to do secretarial work when Clerk Typists will do it for 1/3 the money and probably do it better?

What will next weeks segment of the soap opera As The Manure Spreads be about?

SCATS said...

To 12:12AM ~~ You left out the best part. She DID NOT KNOW it would be unsafe to try to exit her vehicle with power lines across the hood! And we entrust these folks with our safety??

Anonymous said...

Monday's News Release from Greece.

Chief Todd will stand at the podium and announce GPD is beginning a new training program on driving in snow.

Supervisor Combover Hairburger will join Chief Todd as will former Supervisor Roger Dodger who will comment about back when he was Supervisor Chief Jerry used Police Cars to block roads and prevent people from driving home.

No questions will be taken relative to Reilich's kid wiping out an occupied car on Ridgeway with a Town snowplow. It never happened, Supervisor Combover Hairburger has no memory of writing a check for a replacement car either.

Also to be announced, Officer Ashley will develop a program on snow in conjunction with GCSD where Ashley will learn to use shredded paper, glue sticks and magic markers to simulate snow, and teach her fellow officers how to drive Chevy cars in snow using model cars. This program will be held in July at Town Hall.
It's needed because snow is a new thing in Greece.
No cost figures are available on the new SNOW program.

SCATS said...

To 11:23PM ~~ After reading your comment, I now feel snowed. Thanks ...

Anonymous said...

Thank your cat god she didn't ram a manure spreader!

Anonymous said...

Haven't you noticed all the new GPD officers are under a certain age?

There is some truth to that old saying "Wisdom comes with Age."
Defensive driving is not covered in Police Academy training.

SCATS said...

To 2:50PM ~~ It isn't?? That seems odd. What about driving to evade/avoid?

Anonymous said...

Subjects currently covered in the PoPo Academy are UNION Membership, Standing in a correct posture behind a politician while he's making an announcement, Proper filling out of overtime.

Report writing damn well ain't covered, you'd know if you tried to read them.

Evasion is only covered in relation to doing the job you're collecting pay for doing. It's similar to Teachers in that respect.