Saturday, March 02, 2013

GOP Candidates for Greece Govt

Greece Town Supervisor ~~ Bill Reilich

Greece Town Board ~~ Incumbents Andrew Conlon, Shannon O’Keefe, Kirk Morris and Brett Granville

Greece Town Justice ~~ Gino Nitti, Vincent Campbell & former state Supreme Court Justice David Michael Barry

Greece Receiver of Taxes ~~ Rick Antelli, now a county legislatorand

Monroe County Legislature ~~ Current Receiver of Taxes Kathleen Taylor

SCATS ~~ More of the SAME old crapple! If you like scandals, you'll LOVE these candidates!


Anonymous said...

So, the never do well Shampoo Boy gets to move up to the big bucks because he & Reilich spent the Summer together in the new barn for Reilich's car collection doing we don't want to know what.

Taylor steps down from the big buck do nothing job to $20k a year because she ain't Reilich's girl, and looses benefits & retirement $$ cause she's too dumb to just retire.

Why does this sound like somebody took a screwin for somebody else's best fwiend?

Anonymous said...

This does not appear to be a slate of candidates of someone who is looking to clean house, or change things areound much.

Anonymous said...

Anybody think Taylor will rent the crap store in Shampoo Boy's plaza?

He'll loose income from that and his high volume hairdressing emporium if she doesn't.

Will the Town get bit for Blue Cross, or does the County have a better plan his wife brings home from her "job"?

How long till he lines his boy up to run for Town Council? After all the stage was set when he got the kid the Board of Directors slot at the museum. What will that cost taxpayers? It's a repeat of Shampoo's launch from Greece SummerFest.

SCATS said...


I've received comments from both Republican, as well as Democrat supporters, that will NOT be posted. The name-calling and other shenanigans REALLY detracts from any potential message included. I'm not interested in monitoring the kind of crapple some of you spewed last election, sorry. It's easier for me to deep-six your story than to edit it. After 7 years, I've grown lazy.

Use initials instead of the ridiculous names. Anyone who can't figure it out probably doesn't need to know.

Anonymous said...

Insiders are never in the business of cleaning house... after all, they are the ones who would be swept out. It is sad to read the online bios of these candidates and realize how much they combine public sector day jobs with their political positions.

True change has to begin before the general election, in the candidate selection process. Too bad the selection process is the most secretive and closed part of the whole thing.

If the Democrats want to attract attention and shake things up, they should hold an open and contentious candidate selection process. But they won't.

SCATS said...

To 2:08AM ~~ The "selection" of this group was much too fast, too tidy! There was NO WAY it was decided Thursday evening, since Friday morning's announcement had the entire Republican insider's crowd present for the announcement AND the backdrop was adorned with lots of "Bill Reilich for Supervisor" banners. Even Riley & Richardson were there! Instead of appearing happy, Maggie looked like she had swallowed her foot and it was stuck in her throat. I think Reilich was chosen to become the keeper of all Greece's worst secrets.

You don't create that kind of media buzz in a few hours ;)

Anonymous said...

The previous dem candidate has expressed no desire to run again. So as usual, Morrelle is talking out of his behind.

Why do you criticize the republican candidates when the democratic names thrown out are recycled as well?

This town needs fresh blood not recycled used up candidates who couldn't get elected the first time around. Greece dems need a total makeover to ever win.

Unknown said...

With so many venomous attacks against Assemblyman Reilich and other republican candidates for Greece elected positions, has anyone realized that Mr. Reilich has been elected to the Monroe County Legislature and the NYS Assembly numerous times? He must be doing something right! The same is true about the other good candidates, like Taylor and Antelli. I might add, Assemblyman Reilich and Legislator Antelli have been businessmen for DECADES. Isn’t all this experience valuable? Isn’t this what our town and country need? I wonder how many businesses have your readers started? How about running a business for many decades? I’ll vote for competency EVERY TIME! In this town it is so desperately needed.

SCATS said...

To 8:25AM ~~ At this point, there are NO Democratic candidates. That speaks volumes by itself! If the Dems were serious about trying to run & WIN the Supervisor's seat, then they would have STARTED ALREADY. They only lost by 400 votes last time around, but they seem to be a lazy, seat-of-the-pants group regarding "organization." I'm not hearing any names that make me think Greece will be in better hands. HOWEVER, I WILL FULLY SUPPORT THE NEED TO GET AT LEAST TWO PEOPLE ON OUR TOWN BOARD (and/or in the Supervisor's seat) FOR TRANSPARENCY'S SAKE!! Enough of the backroom wheeling & dealing! We need some checks & balances!!

To 10:36AM ~~ Yes, I'm fully aware of his tenure in other areas of govt. Just because someone is a businessman does NOT make him a qualified politician. Greece needs a huge helping of HONESTY, TRANSPARENCY, VISION & A REVAMPED MORAL COMPASS!!! I don't see those qualities in either Reilich or his minions. They represent more of the same ... and possibly even worse.

Anonymous said...

Listen up taxpayers of Greece.
I'm a professional politician, and I know what's best for you and your family living in Greece.

I have years of experience in the Alarm business, and even though I didn't know any more about alarms than they wake you up in the morning, I was successful in that business because I got every possible Monroe County alarm contract, and charged more than the service was worth. I know about doing business with the County, and the Town.

I also know how to get where I want to be in politics. Right now I'm getting older, near retirement age, and I want to max my NYS Pension benefits at taxpayer expense. My very close friend R.A. is in the same boat. He blew through the cash Albert left, and now people are picking on him because he collects rent for a crap store in a dump of a plaza from the County.
When R.A. came to me and kissed my ring, I made a call and got him some office rent on top of the measley $20k a year he gets from County Leg. That's how it works!

Today, myself and R.A. are looking for some decent retirement income. After all, Supervisor pays a hell of a lot more than State Leg, and R.A. is beyond his good years standing cutting hair all day.

Therefor, We are running for the offices that benefit us most. That's how it works!
Democrats know they have NOBODY who can beat us and Morelli and I worked a little deal. He keeps moneyfor himself, I run with no real opposition if any, and everybody makes out. That's how politics in Rochester works!

Vote for me and R.A.

Anonymous said...

2:07 then you don't really know Reilich. A very impressive guy and his word is his bond. Just what we need. Watch and see.

SCATS said...

To 12:28AM ~~ Let's not confuse people by making up phony (obviously to most of us) entries, OK? Yours will be the example to NOT FOLLOW ... do NOT sign comments as a real world person that is not you!

To 12:42AM ~~ What word is that?? That he will run? No doubt! That he will win? Again, I suspect he will. Will he be honest, transparent, etc?? I don't see it. We're talking about a guy who doesn't even know what his own family members are doing or have done, until he reads this BLOG and is confronted by media cameras ;)

Anonymous said...

It looks like the usual suspects will be in charge of the Hen House (no pun
Intended), for the foreseeable future with one important caveat, a new Head Fox in charge. If you think A-Burger was bad -- as the Joker once put it regarding Batman, “Wait until they get a load of me.” The Joker in this case and for the next four years will be R. This guy will make A-Burger look like an Eagle Scout.

SCATS said...

To 9:41AM ~~ I concur :(

Anonymous said...

Watch for the FBI to arrest a few over at Town Hall in the next few weeks.

I too am for a balance on Town Board, what I am not for is a husband and wife team running the same seat. Sorry, that's no help to the citizens of Greece.

New candidates are badly needed. Too bad the Greece Dems can't realize this and get some untainted people.

Anonymous said...

All wrong, R operates with input from many. I think all you nay Sayers will be surprised. If people can be optimist about Obama we should give this guy a chance. He and Auggie did not get along because Auggie had a doctoral style and Reilich was not that way drawing from his business experience.

Anonymous said...

"doctoral style".....hmmmmm....not sure I have heard of that style of leadership.....

Anonymous said...

One or two more polygraph tests for some Greece officials and town employees and the FBI will be ready to present their findings to their boss in Washington to see what they’ve got. If approved, look for them to present their findings to the local Federal Grand Jury seeking indictments for wrong- doing at the highest levels of local government

Anonymous said...

To 2:57
I think we are more likely to see the St. Patrick, the Easter Bunny or the ghost of J. Edgar Hoover before we see any FBI indictments. I as soooo tired of these rumors. I just don't believe them.

Also, if there was anything to it would Mr R be running away from Greece, not running for stupidvisor.

Anonymous said...

Foghorn Leghorn for Greece Supervisor.

Foghorn crap is superior to Greece Politician crap! Foghorn & the girls make GREEN lawns naturally!

Anonymous said...

Crayola Ricky for Receiver of Taxes?! Great, who's going to cut my hair now?!