Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Discovery School Hearing ~ Q & A

Kudos to Discovery School for demonstrating to the Greece Board of Education that a bonafide public hearing is a TWO-WAY PROCESS OF COMMUNICATION: QUESTIONS ARE PERMITTED AND THEN ANSWERED ON THE SPOT! How refreshing!!!!!!

Discovery School Founded December 2010.
Opened as a K-2 school in 2011, added 3rd grade in 2012.

Will add one grade level per year to become a K-6 school.

Currently employs 20. That will grow to 40 next year.

To provide students "Real Skills for the Real World."

Education based upon "Model of Inquiry." (Sounds like West Ridge's original premise)

Students learn to read, write, reason, calculate ... and other skills.

Expectations are set higher ~ 100% of kindergarten students met or exceeded expectations.

After just 1 year, student work displayed by National Center for Student Work.

School year is 200 days from 7:30AM -3:30PM plus after school activities.

ABVI provides breakfasts, lunches & after school snacks.

Seeks impoverished students who are on the free & reduced lunch program.

Lottery system used to fill vacancies if they receive more applications than openings.

Lottery priortizes by income, sibling status and district of residence.

NY State Board of Regents and NYSED must both approve for the school to open.

Transportation to be provided by students' home district (95% are RCSD residents, 5 are from Greece and 1 from Irondequoit).

SCATS ~~ Why was Lynne Armstrong playing Board Clerk tonight? Inquiring minds wanna know ... ;)


Anonymous said...

too bad it's not a high school!

SCATS said...

To 10:02PM ~~ It may evolve into more than K-6 over time. They haven't plammed that far ahead, yet.

Anonymous said...

95% bussed from City Schools.

Maya Currentcrook is bellowing about cutting back on busing past neighborhood schools.

Disadvantaged students preferred.

Will taxes be collected on the property or is there a loophole this Not For Profit slithers into?

Smells like more crap to me!

SCATS said...

To 2:13PM ~~ The funding for the school was explained by the school's founder. I'm not sure if I can fully explain it but he stated that there's $19K budgeted for every RCSD student and a charter school gets 2/3 of that funding. The student's home district pays for nurses, textbooks, buses, etc. out of the other 1/3 (I presume).