Friday, March 22, 2013

Cut, Paste, Color ~ Professional Development in GCSD

Anonymous said...
All you need to know about Greece teacher dysfunction can be gleaned from the photographs in the "Envision Greece" strategic plan:

For instance, look at the picture on page 11. These are adult professionals, college-educated and graduated, participating in a professional development seminar. And what are they doing? Making some sort of contraption out of construction paper and sticky notes, with colorful crayons or felt-tip pens to write with.

It's no wonder that my kids were still doing colorful collage projects as juniors and seniors in high school. The teachers think that this is what you do as serious professionals improving your professional leadership competencies!

Seriously, flip through the strategic plan like it's Playboy; just look at the pictures and ignore the writing. What impression does, e.g., page 14 leave you with?

I understand that there will be silly visuals when dealing with children, but the silly stuff seems to permeate everything, even the adults-only inner workings of the staff. It appears to be just children in the organization all the way from top to bottom.    3/22/2013 1:27 AM

Page 11
Greece Teachers ~ Cut & Paste With Supt. Babs

Page 14 pics ... Fruit of their labor??

SCATS ~~ I recall Babs had a group of parents doing the same kind of crapple about a year ago! Is this ALL she knows for her 6 figure salary??



Charlie Hubbard said...

This is the public education monopoly we are talking about here.
I have said it many times - if you want to see the biggest problem with public education just read the contracts. If you find anything that resembles 'improvement' let me know. Worthless, do-nothing, give-away contracts ARE the biggest problem - period.
Now stop bitch'n and send more money.

Anonymous said...


SCATS said...

The person who sent in the original comment made a very good point. I'd add that when teachers are out of class to go for these Professional Development workshops, it's costing us taxpayers some big $$. In some instances, we're paying for subs while we're paying them a salary to do preschool craft projects at workshops we also pay for. Seems like a big waste of $$!

Anonymous said...

And then of course there are the biggest losers in all this...the kids who are left with a baby sitter/sub for the day.

Anonymous said...

Sure don't see anything in those pictures that rises to Playboy's level.
Damn sure wouldn't want to see most of em without clothes on. Are they all members of BDWs sorority?

Couple of em look like if they get lucky and find a dumb husband they might be able to work up to a BOE slot.

Anonymous said...

3:35 look at the bright side if they have a sub( and we know how kids act) and all schools handled it like OA they would get an extra day of school :) Kidding of course

Anonymous said...

4:12- Sure don't see anything in your post that rises to the level of intelligence needed to read any kind of material, rather you simply pervert. Your post is a pathetic attempt at drawing any analogy whatsoever. Your wife would be so proud to have a husband like you, whose first line of defense is to mock someone's appearance.

PS. I am sure that "you only look at Playboy for the articles"! Here is a link, just beware there are no pictures.

SCATS said...

Personally, I would NOT click on that link, just a gut feeling ... Do so at your own risk!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that this workshop occurs after school when subs aren't needed.

SCATS said...

To 7:39AM ~~ As I said, in some instances ... thanks for the info about this one. Any idea how many sticky-note pads gave their lives that day??