Monday, March 04, 2013



YNN reports: " Players and volunteers alike are devastated that Bingo World is closing it's doors.

Finding out the owner of Bingo World had decided to close and then St. Charles Diocese would no longer be sponsoring Bingo was a shock to everyone.

Volunteers with the Diocese receive a portion of Catholic School tuition in exchange for their time.

And some parents, without bingo to offset the cost, will no longer be able to send their children to Catholic School next year. From the players perspective, their entertainment is closing.

Individuals come to Bingo World weekly to meet up with friends and play the game.

"Last week we were in tears. Some of the regulars wanted to come up and speak in the mic, they started a petition circling to try to hopefully get enough signatures to bring it to the churches attention that this isn't something that any of us want," said Bingo World Volunteer Mio Cantero.

Cantero says there were plans to move bingo to a Gates Center location but they fell through."

Just one month ago, WHEC-TV reported that St. John the Evangelist Church stopped supporting Bingo programs. After media questions, the church ultimately paid $95 per credit to volunteers, instead of the $250 they previously received.

SCATS ~~ Greece seems to have ongoing difficulties attracting and/or sustaining most types of businesses. Even the Greece Ridge Mall fell short of offering up the 5 "more upscale" restaurants we were promised and has settled for three more mediocre chains to adorn Ridge Rd. West. Bingo World's demise shows once again that the Dewey corridor's planned revitalization remains an uphill battle.


Anonymous said...

The solution is simple, but hard: revitalize the people first, and the businesses will follow. The age-old fantasy that "if only we invest in businesses, infrastructure, education etc then the people will be better" never works. You have to start with better people; that provides the only solid foundation for building all the rest.

Anonymous said...


Greece needs to get out of the people dwelling business and back to agriculture.

An egg & broiler farm on small scale on every block would go a long way to cutting unnecessary gasoline consumption. It would even cut back on the need for LawnTender trucks. Hell, little Glipnar could walk over to Mrs Clucks egg ranch with a basket and bring home the eggs. No need to waste energy on refrigerating eggs in some Superstore either, or truck them in from out of town.

Greece, Discover the Promise. Less Politician CRAP-More chickenshit, more natural lawns.

Anonymous said...

Huh? Are you suggesting that Greece should "import some better people"? (I'm confused.)

SCATS said...

To 2:52PM ~~ They better watch out over in Pittsford!! They could end up emigrating to Greece, involuntarily ;) lol

Anonymous said...

hey ...wait...

I was trying to get permission for chickens and Greece said "no"

so blows your theory of going back to agriculture.

Zoning in Pittsford is allowed to have chickens...

I'm just sayin.....

"Cluck Lady"

SCATS said...

By the way, Amanda ... TY for updating us on the decision! That was thoughtful of you :)

Anonymous said...

FYI - According to the Bingo World Website - Aside from the church - Greece Little League also sponsored 2 sessions of bingo on Tues and 1 on friday nites...
Any idea how much will closing affect their funding?
Do they have other options to raise money aside from cookie sales?

SCATS said...

Amanda ~~ There's ALWAYS other options when it comes to fundraising! How about car washes? Candy bar, cookie, gift wrap, magazine, or other sales? Let them get creative ;)

Anonymous said...

True....but boy I hated selling those overpriced M&M's when I was a kid...and the guilt to buy them wasn't fun either.

You make a ton of $$ volunteering for Bingo for just a 4 hour fundraising I ever did....They will REALLY miss that fundraiser...You really can't beat addictive gambling as an income source.

I remember volunteer gift wrapping at Borders one time for donations...6 hrs .....made about $12

as for M&M's - I always ended up eating more than 1/2 of them myself!

good idea on the car wash....I had forgotten about those.

ok...won't worry about the kids.