Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The State of GCSD

SCATS' Top 10 BLOGs Tell All
In just 10 days, SCATS will celebrate 7 years since we began covering the "news" about Greece, much of which other media either wasn't privy to until they read it here, or they decided not to share it at all, for whatever reason. During that time, numerous major crimes, scandals and political manipulations have kept the Town of Greece and/or the Greece Central School District in the headlines. Some of those now infamous scandals include:
  1. Nick Joseph's crash which precipitated the meltdown of the Greece Police Dept. under Merritt Rahn's watch;
  2. Gary Pignato's conviction for accepting sexual favors as a cop;
  3. the firing and immediate rehiring of "Webby"- a well-liked hockey coach;
  4. the trial and exoneration of Roderick Scott who shot and killed a 16 year old who was rifling through other people's autos in the middle of the night;
  5. the uncovering of the illicit affair of our Town Supervisor with a woman murdered by her schizophrenic son;
Obviously, these are just a few of the stories that have put Greece on the map in recent years. Interestingly, despite the shock and/or horror that the aforementioned stories brought to the community, none of those items are as "popular" as the ones that comprise SCATS' Top Ten list of most viewed BLOGs (list posted on top left side in descending order). Even more noteworthy is the fact that ALL of the Top 10 BLOGs concern events that happened in the previous 365 days! 
Sadly, EIGHT of the Top 10 BLOGs focus on problems within our school district. Yup, you heard that correctly ~ Babs' & Julia's failed "leadership" of the past year keeps the Greece Central School District in the headlines!  The more closed door meetings they hold, the less discussion there is in public, the more dysfunctional they become in their "management" of the district seems to cause more folks to seek out information or to share their experiences here (and on Facebook).
Even more shocking is the fact that SIX of the most viewed BLOGs ever concern problems emanating from the Athena campus ~ the school that our BOE and Supt. were telling us isn't deserving of such negativity at last night's Board of Education meeting! TWO of those BLOGs rose to the top of the charts just last week. ONE unseated Karen Klein's internationally known debacle from its previous firm grip on the number 3 position within only 4 days!
In summary, although Babs landed at the helm of Greece Central just over 18 months ago, with Julia's help as BOE Pres., she's "led" our town/school district into headline news more often than any other community "leader" in the past 7 years! SCATS owes these two a huge "THANK YOU"!! 
Without Babs and Julia,
this BLOG might have no reason to continue!


Anonymous said...

The premise fascinates me...... good job SCATS.

Anonymous said...

Well now Kitty Cat while you were looking one way Legislator Rainbow a/k/a Next Stupidvisor managed to stuff his boychild onto the payroll over at Regional Transit, and is now puffing the boy's resume out by getting him a seat on a Board of Directors in town.

We now have dad on the Leg, mom over at the County Clerk's office and baby boy at RGRTA. There's a daughter coming along next.

Just think, Little Ricky following in daddies footprints. Looks like another town institution is headed into the dumper just like Rainbow did for the Summer Festival.

Welcome to Greece. Discover the promise, if you belong to the right family.

Lois Lane said...

Who's the mom at the clerks office?

SCATS said...

To 10:04PM ~~ Could you expand on what you are asking about please? Which clerk's office? Mom??

Anonymous said...

Wife Lorrie is on the County Clerk's payroll hiding out of sight processing plate renewals.
Rainbow got her the job so taxpayers would pick up the families health coverage. After all the hair chopping business wasn't paying the bills or buying the new house.

How much a month does the County pay for Rainbow's plaza office?

Anonymous said...

I recently heard that they plan on cutting all kinds of programs such as science, technology, history, etc. to absolute minimum next year. It's time to move. We keep changing leadership, but the insanity continues.

SCATS said...

To 12:30PM ~~ That sounds like Greece Central. Cut academics, leave sports & extracurriculars untouched! GCSD has become the Titanic of academia.

Anonymous said...

So it wasn't Kirk Morris releasing private information to Kitty Cat, it was Antelli's plant.

Interesting....very interesting....

SCATS said...

To 1:57PM ~~ I wouldn't be so sure about that if I were you ;)

Anonymous said...

OMG, it's not just the Skrewel Bored & Union Teechyrz, the damn buildings were designed to GAS the darling love trophies.

The secret is being exposed, and it's worse than we thought. What NEXT?

Every breath you draw in a crowded office, classroom, or other indoor space could be making you dumber, reports. Researchers from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory tested the reasoning skills of volunteers while exposing them to different levels of carbon dioxide. They found that as CO2 levels increased, the volunteers’ strategic and leadership abilities worsened to a degree “so astonishing that it was almost hard to believe,” says epidemiologist Mark Mendell. The highest levels of CO2 that researchers measured, 2,500 parts per million, could easily be found in buildings—including schools—that are “fully compliant with current standards” for ventilation, says Roger Hedrick of Architectural Energy Corp. Surprisingly, Hedrick says, even 1,000 ppm of carbon dioxide—a level that “used to be considered a benchmark of good ventilation,” though far above outdoor concentrations of less than 400 ppm—caused a significant dip in performance among study participants. Researchers have long thought that moderately elevated CO2 levels had no effect on people’s health or performance, Mendell says, which is “why these findings are so startling.’’ They suggest that efforts to make buildings more energy-efficient shouldn’t lock in the biggest source of indoor CO2—human exhalation.