Thursday, February 28, 2013

STAR Tax Program Fraught With Abuses

New York State audit shows difficulty in tracking, finding abuses of the program

Auditors found that nearly 20% of STAR exemptions should not have been granted.

SCATS ~~ Although Greece is specifially mentioned as one municipality included in the audit, NOTHING was mentioned in the article about what was found! Another fine example of the D&C's inability to report the news!


Anonymous said...

off topic the d and c is running a story that Bill Reliech is a leading candidate to run for greece supervisior. I suppose it would make it easier to get jobs for his son. If so who would get his job. A switcheroo maybe?

Anonymous said...

Scats - catch up with the news. Monroe County GOP Chairman is announcing his candidacy to take Auggies job. Wonder if "I am him" has started looking for new jobs yet? Maybe Auggie can take her wherever the party finds him a job...

Anonymous said...

Page 16 of the report says auditors didn't find any duplicate or improper exemptions in their sample from Greece.

SCATS said...

To 11:46PM ~~ Is there a link to this report that you can share?

Anonymous said...

SCATS, you should check out your own link, you'll find your report there embedded as a scrollable graphic.

Anonymous said...

STAR abuse. COMIDA under pressure to shape up.


SCATS said...

To 3:25AM ~~ TY! Either it wasn't there when they first posted the article, or I didn't scroll down far enough.

To 6:03AM ~~ You REALLY ought to learn to spell it!

Anonymous said...

So, lets see,
The Rockland County district attorney says his detectives found $679,000 in tax break claims in an 11-month investigation in just five towns. He says the claims were fraudulent or incorrectly filed.


You might ask what are Sandy Baby's investigators looking into besides the office refrigerator and snack bin?

WHY you might ask?

Honestly it just might be for want of direction from Sandy herself, or one of her stable of overpaid administrators who don't want to make waves until they get more retirement points.

Way to go Monroe County Voters, you put another DA in office who doesn't know much more than how to get to her office.