Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Heads MUST Roll

"The initial fight that happened on Thursday, that fight, we were not aware of the severity of the fight. It was relayed to us as just a couple of students involved, so we did not know the volume of students until one video came to light. What happened after that is the next day. There were a couple of fights in the parking lot those were smaller in scale and as you know they were broken up by security personal. Is it typical for us to have those fights in close proximity, no that's not typical it's not something we'd like to replicate.” ~~ Laurel Heiden

SCATS ~~ So it appears that Athena Administration FAILED TO DO THEIR JOB of communicating what was happening to District Office last week. On Monday morning, SCATS rolls out the videos.

More than 24 hours later, GCSD dusts-off their spokesperson (Supt. still MIA) to face cameras and downplay/fib about what they knew, when they knew it and what happened, in general ~ "There were a couple of fights in the parking lot those were smaller in scale ..." Seriously??

As for frequency of fights in Greece Schools, parents tell me they receive 4-5 calls/week about trouble in the schools their kids attend! I hear nothing from GCSD about trying to work with parents to make any changes.

It's truly every child for himself inside a GCSD school!


Anonymous said...

MEMO from Babs
to Inner Circle

For the love of Degrees people lets get on the stick.
I just got off the phone with my Image Consultant, and my wardrobe consultant, and I ain't a happy camper! My damn contract doesn't cover makeover costs, and I refuse to look like the BOE woman. I need to do something because people are pointing to me in restaurants now thanks to all the bad publicity caused by that damn SCATS blog.

Worse yet so much crap is buried under the rug in my suite of offices I feel like a damn mountain climber.

This crap must end, and it must end NOW. Clamp a lid on these damn kids. Show them we know how to run a penal colony that makes Devils Island look like a vacation paradise. We've been nice to the little creeps too long, and it isn't working.

We're certainly not going to educate them, so we should at least fill them with fear of management. Screw the teachers, they can be sacrificed, our number 1 job is protecting management.

I want crackdown proposals on my desk no later than 10 February! Expell the monsters, I'll handle the hearings and they won't be back!

I get one Comp claim from staff being beaten by an inmate or my personal ride gets keyed I'll show you how fast an Asst. Super can head for the Unemployment line. I want teachers kissing my ring and bowing to my authority too.

None of you want to meet Evil Barb!

Have a nice day

Anonymous said...

I think GCSD needs to take a look at Honeoye Central School & take part in the ZERO tolerance of this BS. Long gone are these days when George Vito was in charge at Athena!
I personally think Greece residents are WAITING to hear from Babs herself, where is she, why do we never see her! It's like playing "Where's Waldo"
Get this loser out of our school Dist! She is WAY over paid, perhaps that is why we don't have a budget pass, maybe take a look at how over paid all the Principals, VP's, Super's are! I mean really! Does the Family Support Center really need to video tape all sessions, have 2 way mirrors...NO!

SCATS said...

To 9:36AM ~~ Actually, the budgets have been passing. As for Bab's salary, to her credit, she refused to take all that was offered when our overly-generous BOE hired her. She pared back the salary from $230K to $199K. Following that, she turned down a raise after her first year here. Why? Because she needed more time to sell her house in Irondequoit & buy one in Greece, as per her contractual requirements in Greece. So they let her off the hook, and ultimately she bought a shack across the street from Olympia HS. She can do no wrong in their eyes, as a result. They have a love fest going, especially the BOE Prez & Babs. Plus they LOVE to party ;)