Sunday, January 27, 2013

Greece Cop Injured In DWI Crash

(Video from D&C)

Greece Post reports: "A Greece Police officer suffered minor injuries early Sunday morning after the vehicle he was driving was struck by another car whose driver was later charged with felony Driving While Intoxicated.

Greece Police Sgt. Kevin M. Ewanow said Officer Michael Miller was responding to a call for customer trouble at T.C. Hooligan's at The Mall at Greece Ridge in his marked patrol car. He was heading south on Fetzner Road when he was hit by a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction.

According to Ewanow, that vehicle was traveling at an "excessive speed" and crossed into Miller's lane before sideswiping his vehicle. Both vehicles suffered extensive damage, Ewanow said.
Members of the Greece Police Department Accident Reconstruction and Technician's Unit responded to investigate. Miller was transported to Strong Memorial Hospital, where he was treated and released for minor injuries.

The driver of the other vehicle, Paul R. Mandell, 31, of Greece, was treated and released at the scene by Monroe Ambulance. He was subsequently arrested for felony Driving While Intoxicated as well as other vehicle and traffic charges and is being held pending arraignment."

D&C : "Miller's car came to a rest near Fetzner and Hiett Road, while the van stopped about 200 feet north of impact."

SCATS ~~ How often are police called to trouble at this bar? It's starting to sound like Fetzner Rd. is causing Greece cops a lot of trouble lately. Maybe they should have kept the second precinct there after all.


Anonymous said...

One brand new police cruiser got totaled.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Fetzner Rd is causing the problems. Let's shut this road down until this problem is solved.

Problem=solution. Life is good!

Anonymous said...

Possibly the other driver had no insurance. The policeman did some careful evasive action. I hope he is allowed to tell about this so we can learn from him.

Anonymous said...

Who got an unqualified promotion due to being daddys boy at GPD? Fast tracked to sgt in an amazing amount of time. Has had numerous complaints against him yet the man in charge keeps turning a blind eye.

Anonymous said...

Same old at gpd despite baxter saying otherwise.

Anonymous said...

7:38- You a cop that got passed over?

Anonymous said...

Politics still st play at GPD headquarters what a surprise?