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With A New Year ...

Out With The Old ...

... In With The New ...

Swearing in ceremony: Wednesday January 1, 2014 @ 1PM
at the Greece Community & Senior Center

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"Needles In The Haystack" ...?

STORY # 1 ...

Last week, members of the Rochester Fire Department’s Engine 19 crew stationed at the Lake Ave. firehouse aided 1st. Lt. Chris Hawkins (home on leave) who lost an engagement ring in the snow at Ontario Beach Park. After an hour-long search in the dark, the ring was found in the snow by the sidewalk by fireman Bob Hall.  

“But gosh they wouldn't give up, they would not give up…they were like we want to find this thing for you, we really want it so they weren't going to give up.” ~~ Chris Hawkins

STORY # 2 ...

This week, Greece police led the search for 89 yr. old William Brodner, who wandered away from Fleming Point Retirement Home. Brodner was described as 6 ft. tall and weighing 175 pounds. Sadly, he was found dead in a nearby enclosed porch, likely a victim of hypothermia.

“We had volunteers coming from Troy, outside of Albany, we had volunteers from Livingston County, we had volunteers from Wayne County, NYSP put their helicopter up for us, all on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day,” said Todd Baxter, Greece Chief of Police.

Other media reported they also had police dogs, the MCSO, the DEC and other agencies, but reportedly turned down local volunteers who offered to help.

SCATS ~~ I can't understand how the second story could have such a tragic outcome given the use of so many different resources, including dogs! Did the PD go house-to-house in this search? Did they visit the house where the body was found? Why didn't they use all of the volunteers who offered to help?

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Deadline Near To Re-Register For STAR

New York State residents have until December 31st to re-register for the STAR property tax exemption program. STAR exemptions provide home owners who make less than $500,000 a year a break on their school property taxes.

Senior citizens who already receive the enhanced STAR benefits are not required to re-register.

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Is He "Swoon Worthy?"


Following an on-air interview, Todd Baxter is labeled as "Swoon Worthy" by Bob Lonsberry & his female cohort, Shari Smith.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Auberger Tells Lonsberry He Would Serve Again


He's "had a good time ..."

"Maggies' done a good job ..."

"I'm a Conservative and proud of it, but we need to stop acting like Democrats."

SCATS ~~ OMG!!! I always knew he reads Scats!!)

It seems as if Auggie is getting his memory back, because he stated that he DID meet with Parrinello regarding the hiring of Gary Pignato! It must be a Christmas miracle!!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013


It has arrived in Rochester!

Berkeley Brean to report on it tonight at 5PM on WHEC-TV (Ch 10)


Attempted Traffic Stop Results In Toddler's Death

"I was just wondering what at Wal-Mart is worth my son's life." ~~ The boy's father, Milton Figueroa

13WHAM : "Security at the Wal-Mart store on Dewey Avenue in Greece reported two people stole a shopping cart full of items.

Minutes later an officer spotted the described vehicle at the intersection of Dewey and West Ridge Road.

According to the Greece Police Chief, the officer tried to pull the car over but the suspects took off at a high rate of speed and started weaving through traffic."

SCATS ~~ I know GPD says they "didn't pursue" the suspects, but attempting to stop this vehicle had the SAME IMPACT! What's one more lawsuit?

Friday, December 13, 2013

John Auberger: "I'm going to go on."


Still Tooting His Horn After 16 Years ...

Auberger gives two part "Exit Interview*" to 13WHAM reporter Sean Carroll.

"During the interview he also made numerous references to his “naysayers” and critics over the years.

So we asked if he had some final words for them too?

"To the naysayers I would say, and whether it's political (and it is) primarily political, you need to change to your approach.  Running against John Auberger all these years will get you nowhere."

Part I

Part II

* Please note that the written story and videos do not necessarily match

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Baxter: Talks About RPD Chief

YNN Reports:

A change in city leadership will bring a change in the person wearing the biggest badge at the Rochester Police Department. 

Chief James Sheppard's retirement takes effect at year's end, and mayor-elect Lovely Warren has a decision to make.

"If you give a good sense of direction, the police officers, as you see day after day, get it done," said Chief Todd Baxter of the Greece Police Department.

As a former city cop, Baxter is familiar with the challenges the Rochester Police Department faces.

"People gotta sometimes put themselves in the shoes of the police officer. They're being critiqued 24-7. They risk their lives and sometimes give their lives for what they're doing."

The name most widely linked to the city chief's job has been Cedric Alexander. The one-time interim chief is now a chief of police in Georgia. Baxter worked closely with Alexander during his time here.

"He's a leader. A natural born leader. He's a bold person willing to make decisions. He loves policing. He loves leading police officers and giving them a sense of guidance and direction, so he's a good chief."

Warren tells us she has reached out to Alexander, but has also interviewed several other candidates. She says she'll make a final decision next week.

Baxter says whoever gets the job, there will be challenges. The key, he says, is establishing quickly exactly who's in charge.

"The biggest challenge is coming in and establishing your standards right up front. It doesn't matter if Cedric Alexander comes in or someone else, there's gonna be change."

Obituary: Charles A. Schwab

Times of Wayne County:
LYONS: Age 66, passed away on Tuesday, November 26, 2013 from complications of cancer, after sugery, surrounded by family. Chuck loved to golf and was often seen riding around in his golf cart with his dogs; Jake and Max. He was an outdoors person and enjoyed being on the lake. He played minor league baseball until a knee injury ended his time as a professional athlete. He enlisted in the Navy during the Vietnam War and attended Officer Candidate School. He had a successful career as an assessor and appraiser until his retirement. He was a devoted husband and father. His tenacity and courage were attributes that stayed with him throughout his life. Survived by his wife of 25 years, Karen, sister: Sue Ann Taft, daughters: Sara (Brian) Neelon, Erin (Jerome) Reiter, Kristin Eckert, Kimberly (Santiago) Soutuyo, many loving grandchildren and extended family. Family will receive friends on Sun. December 8th, 2013 2:00pm – 5:00pm at the Boeheim – Pusateri Funeral Home, 77 William St. Lyons, NY Funeral will be at St. John’s Lutheran Church, 50 Spencer St., Lyons, NY Monday, December 9th, 2013 at 11:00am. Burial will be in South Lyons Cemetery. Memorials to Wild Life Conservation Society, Attention: Tribute Giving, 2300 Southern Blvd., Bronx, NY 10460 or to the American Cancer Society.

According to YNN: "Schwab died in a West Virginia hospital on Nov. 26, where he'd been serving his prison time. He was 66 years old."

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Deb Hoeft
Asst. Supt. Student Services

 AND ...


13WHAM reports: "Former Greece Assessor has died at a federal prison.
According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, 66-year-old Charles Schwab died Nov. 26.

Schwab plead guilty back in February of 2008 for conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud. Schwab was involved in a plan to defraud Kodak and the town of Greece along with two other people.

The cause of death has not been released.

Schwab was serving a 12 year sentence."

Get Out & Vote Today!

I bet few of you know WHAT VOTE* is taking place ;)

* Hint: It will likely cause your taxes to rise!


Monday, December 09, 2013

Steve Walts: New Construction Unearths New Scandal

Cemetery Found Beneath Planned Football Field
"At first, when plans were made to move the tiny cemetery with the unmarked graves to make room for a Prince William County high school sports complex, no one knew who its occupants were ...

The story began in September, when the school district announced plans to move the cemetery, which it originally said had been discovered in July.

Then, last month, a school official revealed that evidence of the cemetery had actually been found in 2008 by contractors surveying the site, who, for unknown reasons, didn’t tell the school system until July."

BOE Meeting, Tuesday @6:30PM

It is anticipated that the BOE will go into an Exec. Session @5:30PM to discuss collective bargaining, the employment history of particular person(s) & pending litigation.
Strategic Data Report #1
Italian Language Update
Medicaid Compliance Plan

PTL Contracting Corp. Settlement


Friday, December 06, 2013

Todd Baxter Says His Heart Is In The City!

I hope everyone watched Greece Police Chief Baxter's interview with 13WHAM's Sean Carroll at 6PM tonight.

When asked point blank if Baxter would consider becoming the Rochester City Police Chief, he told Carroll: "Everyone knows my heart is in the City of Rochester ..."

Baxter also cited his 22 years of service to the City, before saying it "might be a bit premature" to leave Greece.

More importantly, he did NOT say "NO" to Sean Carroll's question about becoming RPD's new chief ;)

It's very interesting that our MIA Chief has become (suddenly?)  available for so many interviews in recent days, now that Auberger's reign is becoming a bad dream ... I guess that milk bottle thing works, after all.

Baxter has been found ... and he even speaks on camera!


Thursday, December 05, 2013

New Mall Eatery Not Up To Speed ...

... Or Basic County Health Dept. Standards!

The Initial Inspection turned up 11 violations, including:
  • Potentially hazardous foods are not kept at or below 45oF during cold holding, except smoked fish not kept at or below 38oF during cold holding. (2 occurrences)
  • Accurate thermometers not available or used to evaluate potentially hazardous food temperatures during cooking, cooling, reheating and holding.
    (1 occurrence)
  • Food workers do not use proper utensils to eliminate bare hand contact with cooked or prepared foods.
    (1 occurrence)
  • In use food dispensing utensils improperly stored
    (1 occurrence)
  • Plumbing and sinks not properly sized, installed, maintained; equipment and floors not properly drained
    (1 occurrence)
  • Non food contact surfaces of equipment not clean
    (1 occurrence)
  • Handwashing facilities inaccessible, improperly located, dirty, in disrepair, improper fixtures, soap, and single service towels or hand drying devices missing
    (1 occurrence)
  • Manual facilities inadequate, technique incorrect; mechanical facilities not operated in accordance with manufacturer's instructions
    (2 occurrences)
  • Floors, walls, ceilings, not smooth, properly constructed, in disrepair, dirty surfaces
    (1 occurrence)
  • Food not protected during storage, preparation, display, transportation and service, from potential sources of contamination (e.g., food uncovered, mislabeled, stored on floor, missing or inadequate sneeze guards, food containers double stacked)
    (2 occurrences)
  • Enough refrigerated storage equipment is not present, properly designed, maintained or operated so that all potentially hazardous foods are cooled properly and stored below 45oF as required.
    (1 occurrence)
SCATS ~~ How can a brand spanking new establishment & building be lacking in so many "facilities" that they were able to get a Certificate of Occupancy??

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Her Short List ...


Rochester Mayor-Elect Lovely Warren


Greece Police Chief Todd Baxter

SCATS ~~ The rumors have been swirling for days! One of her top three candidates is widely reported to be from OUTSIDE RPD. Warren is seeking someone who can "return law and order to our city, who is going to be willing to repair the relationship with the community. To me, there is a way to do policing that does not necessarily cause friction with the community. It is not necessarily, at the end of the day, what you do, but how you do it."

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Greece Courts Rank 17th In State

According to the NY State Comptroller, Greece courts collected over $1,648,000 in fines/fees in 2012.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Are We Getting What We Are Paying For?

Attending Greece Central Schools costs approximately $17,000/pupil/year, a cost that continues to rise.

Are we getting the RESULTS
we want and expect?

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Remember ...

Tom the Turkey says:


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Greece Break-in Suspects Caught on Camera

Break-in suspects caught on camera - 13WHAM - Featured

Security cameras captured four men working as a team to break into a family’s home.

Politics May Have Played Into Arson Ruling

D&C articles Revisit Holiday Inn Fire of 1978

"The town's dug itself a hole saying this was an arson, and they just can't dig out of it." ~~ Bud Phillips


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wegmans or Walmart?

Does it really matter?
From the Greece Post (11/21/13) pg. A12 ~~
"On Nov. 11, two black males approached a customer leaving the Latta Rd. Walmart, pointed a gun at him, and told him not to move. The victim fought with the suspects, who fled in a blue Jeep Cherokee after punching him in the face."

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

As You Ponder Your Property Tax Increase ...


Anonymous said...
Heard this on Facebook...Any information on a standoff Friday night with 25 person standoff with a gunman in Greece? It took place in a neighborhood between English Rd and Latta Rd...nothing on the news about it?    11/17/2013 3:20 PM
SCATS ~~ Nope, nothing on the news about it ... or about a plethora of other newsworthy incidents in town if you happen to be concerned about your personal safety, or someone else's! For a taste of what you don't hear on the news, here's a tidbit from Chief Baxter's recent Community Info email to his homies:

Barricaded Gunman

Friday night at the beginning of 1st platoon's shift, East Rochester PD asked our assistance in making an arrest for an Aggravated Harassment. The suspect lived on El Mar Drive, and had a pretty extensive history of mental health issues and threats towards police, as well as firearms confiscations, we accompanied ERPD to the house with four units.

The subject opened the door and spoke briefly to ERPDs officers, then shut the door. The ERPD officers yelled for him to come out; he opened the door again, at which time he appeared more agitated. He closed the door a second time, then quickly reappeared with a long gun in hand. All officers reached cover; all GPD units were called to the scene, and inner and outer perimeters were established. An NYSP car responded, as well as MCSO units. Hyper-reach was initiated to alert area residents to shelter in place.

The subject apparently called family, as his brother arrived at the command post about half an hour after the incident began. Lt. Downs was able to contact and speak to the subject after gaining the brothers assistance. Approximately one hour after the incident began, Lt. Downs was able to get the subject to exit the house and surrender. As he was taken into custody, he did lunge at the deputies in the arrest team; MCSO charged him with Harassment and Resisting Arrest, and had a use of force. ERPD charged the subject with Menacing, as well as the original Aggravated Harassment charge.

No one was hurt. A second hyper-reach was sent to advise the end of the incident and shelter in place request. Gates and MCSO assisted in covering priority calls while our resources were tied up on the perimeters.


Anonymous said...
A friend lives in the Dewey/Stone area. Her son was accosted by some older teens and had some items stolen. She called the cops, they told her to get out of the neighborhood while she can, it is being taken over by gangs and housing prices are dropping. She is not in the position to move so I am concerned about her and her kids having to stay there.   11/20/2013 10:56 AM

SCATS ~~ Interesting to see what the cops will share "privately!" The truth is, they say anything east of Mt. Read Blvd. is the same as the City of Rochester now ... AND it's creeping westward.


Anonymous said...
I am confused. If the test covers what the students are supposed to learn in that class, why is teaching the test a bad thing? And what about the new curriculum do we not think is important?
I really am confused, not being sarcastic.     11/20/2013 9:48 AM

SCATS ~~ SHHH!! You aren't supposed to remember that the info covered by the test is CURRICULUM MATERIAL ;)


Anonymous said...
Last I heard, Dr. Devore moved to Virginia..so the taxpayes are paying her a huge salary to basically consult by phone..she can't observe kids in Greece if she doesn't live here!
11/20/2013 11:35 AM

SCATS ~~ While I haven't checked into this to verify it, would it REALLY be surprising to anyone to find out it was true?? No wonder Ch. 10's Berkely Brean reported that Greece's per pupil spending is around $17,000/pupil/year now! In NY State, we pay the HIGHEST TAXES IN THE COUNTRY driven by school tax bills and in return for our financial support, we are stuck with the WORST PERFORMING SCHOOLS IN THE NATION!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

In Lockstep With The Teacher's Union ...

Protesters of Common Core Want Kids Kept Home
SCATS ~~ That's brilliant! Keep them home from school so they will NEVER learn what they need to know!

Greece Police Seek Victim Of Wreck

YNN: "A bit of a mystery in Greece Sunday morning. Rescue crews were trying to find a victim involved in a car wreck near the lake.

Firefighters arrived to find the SUV fully engulfed in flames around 5 a.m. This happened just north of Ling Road on Greenleaf Road.

The vehicle hit an utility pole, snapping it in half. When firefighters put out the flames, there was no one inside the SUV.

A search of the area turned up nothing.

Greece Police are now following leads on who may have been behind the wheel at the time of the crash."

Friday, November 15, 2013

Craigslist Post Blasts GCSD's Doctor About Special Ed

Greece Central employs its own doctor whose job it is to attend special ed meetings and badger parents. Said doctor also engages in calling the students physicians and providing a diagnostic opinion of the student and the students parents!! When said doctor has never met the student in person.

Said doctor stoops to low levels all to prevent seriously legally disabled children from obtaining services that would let them attend public school WHICH their parents pay taxes for. Rather these students end up home schooled because of said doctors questionable tactics and slander. As well as the harassment instilled on these families who are trying to care for sick children. These slanderous false diagnosis are also added to these students medical records when reported to their doctors by this district physician and thus tainting the student's medical record and inhibiting proper diagnosis and treatment by their actual REAL doctors.

Schools cannot legally diagnose students.
Doctors cannot diagnose people they have never met, examined or had as a patient. YET somehow this doctor they employ is doing this. I need not mention names and only say She because it isn't hard to visit the district website and find this persons name. And what she is doing is unethical and she's doing it on YOUR tax dollars!

GCSD punishes sick children for being sick. No other district employs a doctor or nurse practitioners to manage special education/medical accommodations for disabled children. Why does Greece?

Ask yourself that? And ask yourself what kind of district where "student learning is the goal" is more interested in pushing out children than helping them!

SCATS ~~ From the minutes of the Reorganizational Meeting held July 8, 2013 :

7.29 That Cindy Devore, MD be appointed school physician for the district for the 2013-14 fiscal year.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Investigation Bungled In Oliva Accident

Lawsuit Alleges Former Greece Cop Ball Did "Shoddy Work"
  • 7 of 16 crash scene photographs snapped by Ball were blurry;
  • measurements taken at the scene were inaccurate and inconsistent;
  • investigators failed to make a scale diagram of the crash;
  • marks in the pavement were misidentified;
  • and key evidence such as tire scuffs, roadway scrapes and tire marks through the grass median weren't measured.        


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

If The Noose Fits ...

Let It Tighten Slowly ...

YNN reports: "Greece Police say progress is being made in an investigation into a deadly fire at the Holiday Inn nearly 35 years ago.

Greece Police were joined by other agencies in searching the Ridge Road Fire District headquarters on Long Pond Road in October. They say some evidence was gathered on that day, and the puzzle is becoming more clear.

Police are calling this an arson, which makes it a homicide investigation. Ten people died in the Nov. 26, 1978 fire, and 34 were injured.

"We're pretty excited about where we're going. I would have given it about a 20 percent chance of solving it; I'm going somewhere around 50 percent now. Two good detectives have been working on that case for over two years. State Police, ATF, FBI, they're all on board with us, helping us out anyway they can so if we ever could, we will," said Captain Patrick Phelan, Greece Police Department.

Ridge Road Fire Chief Bud Phillips has been called a person of interest by Greece Police.
Investigators have not commented on whether he still is, or if he's among the hundreds of people authorities have interviewed.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Why Is GCSD Security Vehicle Taken Home?


I have some questions about a situation I've observed before and witnessed again this morning. I would like to hear your thoughts on it, too.

For some reason, that colorful GCSD security car (the one that looks kinda like a cop car) was sitting in the driveway of a home on a nearby street, once again. Due to last night's heavy frost, I was able to determine the vehicle definitely spent the night in the driveway of that private residence. Both windshields were covered with frost as of 9:10 am today.

Since yesterday was a holiday with no school in session, I'm not sure how many days and nights this vehicle was in the hands of an employee for private use. Was school in session last Friday? Is taking the car home permitted? If, so, under what circumstances? What is the budget for this? Is it part of some contract? Why wasn't the employee and car back to work before 9:10 am today? School was in session then, right?

Observant Resident

SCATS ~~ You asked some very good questions, especially in-light of last week's melee at Athena!
I think the only info the community was ever given came out when Robach gifted GCSD with the car back in 2008. My BLOG from that time revealed: "The Greece Central School District has a new security vehicle, thanks to a $26,500 grant secured by state Sen. Joseph Robach, R-Greece. The money was used to purchase a 2008 Crown Victoria for use by district security guards, who patrol the school system's buildings and grounds, supervise special events and transport students if needed." Maybe there was a "special event" at the security person's home?

Sunday, November 10, 2013

BOE Meeting, Tuesday @6:30PM

It is anticipated that the BOE will go into Exec. Session at 5:30PM  to discuss collective bargaining, the employment history of particular person(s), & pending litigation


Special Education - Annual Plan

Adopt the 2014-15 Budget Goals

Budget Amendment 2013-14


Thursday, November 07, 2013

Athena Violence Doesn't Faze Principal

From A Facebook Friend:

"So there have been 7 fights at Athena today with lock downs and one invlived the use of box cutters. Security was called in from Olympia to help< YET 8 minutes ago the principal in on FB updating it with Senior trip pictures????? WTF"

Greece Elects Founder Of Maggie's LDC!


It's time to re-run an old favorite BLOG :) 
Which Greece Politician Is Connected To Maggie's Latest Scandal? (click link to read older BLOG)

These snakes are involved... the Corporation filings at the Dept. of State were later changed to Harris Beach and Raymond DiRaddo - removing Bill Reilich's name, who now tries to punt and says he "sold" the business... more like as soon as FORBES started investigating them in 2005, they covered it up, but still used the corporation to do the bidding.  Shall we also check to see where the "Security Company" Reilich owned billed their business receipts to?  Rumor has it that individuals with drug problems, unfit for working in the Monroe County Sheriff's office and other GOP controlled towns were allowed to continue to work for Reilich's security company so they could get a check, and they could be used as tools in the game of control these morons play...


About Bill Reilich     

Bill Reilich - proud founder of Upstate Telecommunications Corp.
​Bill has been nearly a life-long resident of the Town of Greece. He attended Greece Schools and has chosen to raise his family here as well.

Bill was a former small business owner of over 28 years, Bill founded Upstate Alarm in 1975 which soon grew into the Reilich Corporation, which included Upstate Alarm and eventually expanded to include Upstate Patrol, a licensed guard agency and Upstate Telecommunications

(Note: SCATS has a screen shot of Reilich's web page and other sources just in case it gets scrubbed sometime soon ;) )

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Maggie's Hubby Cuffed, Arrested

Doint the "perp" walk ...

Investigation Into LDC's
Leads To Criminal Charges For Four

Criminally charged today:

Robert Wiesner, a retired Rochester police captain married to County Executive Maggie Brooks;

Nelson Rivera, a former county info manager who resigned from his job last month;

John Maggio, president of Navitech Services Corp.;

Daniel Lynch, president of Treadstone Development Corp.

Greece BOE Rewards Clerk's Incompetence

BOE Creates Clerk Pro Tem Position
Question 1 ~ Is this a PAID position? If so, how much are we paying?
Question 2 ~ Since when does the GCSD Board Clerk do a lot of travel for district business necessitating this move?
Question 3 ~ Which clerk posted that an Executive Session was to be held yesterday? The BOE "amended" their agenda AFTER THE FACT to delete a meeting they never scheduled, never had!

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Reilich To Lead The Closed, Clubby & Corrupt


SCATS ~~ Doesn't he just ooze that "C'mon, you can trust me" attitude?

The Face of Open Govt in Greece, NY


In Greece NY, A Vote For A Republican Is ...

A vote to retain the status quo of:
  • scandals
  • corruption
  • cover-ups
  • closed government
  • double-dipping politicians
  • tax breaks for retailers
  • tax hikes for homeowners
  • deception
  • humiliating headline news

Monday, November 04, 2013

BOE Pre-Budget Hearing Tuesday

Nov 05, 2013 - Pre-Budget Hearing, 6:30PM

 Executive Session, 6:00PM ~ It is anticipated that the BOE will go into an Exec. Session at 6:00PM to discuss collective bargaining, the employment history of particular person(s) & pending litigation.


Reilich Mailer Hijacks Beebe Endorsement


 Dick Beebe for Greece Supervisor

The Democrat & Chronicle endorsed Dick Beebe for Supervisor, but his opponent’s literature suggests that the opposite is true.  The campaign mailer carries a pro-Reilich headline, is followed by a quote lifted from last week’s endorsement of Beebe, and features the newspaper’s logo… creating the impression that Reilich, not Dick Beebe, had been endorsed.
“I was speechless when I saw this,” said Supervisor candidate Dick Beebe. “The editors of the Democrat & Chronicle were quite clear in their endorsement of me.”
The quote is lifted out of context (see image below) from the next-to-last paragraph of the Beebe endorsement editorial. The one sentence quote is complimentary to Reilich. However, in context, it was followed by this sentence: “That’s welcome, but not enough.”

"Closed, clubby & corrupt" continues

D&C Editorial: The two candidates running to replace longtime Republican town Supervisor John Auberger make many of the same promises: Both vow to change the less-than-welcoming format at Town Board meetings, empower Town Board members to speak up and challenge, and set aside political ideology in making appointments.

The difference is, one candidate makes these promises from outside the Republican Party that has abetted governance that has too often raised questions of chumminess, and the other is that party’s local architect.

It is for this reason that Democrat Dick Beebe earns the Democrat and Chronicle’s endorsement for Greece town supervisor.

That the big issue in this race is change is no surprise, given the town has seen its share of well-documented scandals during the tenure of Auberger, who is stepping down due to term limits.

Added to such mismanagement is an all-Republican Town Board that critics say is not responsive to the general public.

It is time to clear the air, and Beebe, a former Monroe County legislator and onetime mayor of the village of Homer in Cortland County, has the plans and experience to do just that. His platform includes establishing an Office of Integrity, opening up meetings and the budget process to more public participation, and establishing advisory committees to tap townwide know-how.

He pledges to emphasize experience in selecting town employees and would establish more far-reaching efforts to publicize opportunities to bring some much-needed diversity to town ranks.

Republican candidate Bill Reilich likewise vows to make diversity a priority — in fact, both candidates embraced involvement in this newspaper’s Unite Rochester campaign to solve racial and economic inequities. And Reilich says the right things about the need for more openness in government operations.

But he should have been saying them earlier. As Monroe County’s Republican Party chairman, Reilich helped elect the supervisor who has headed an administration that all agree has been too clubby. That appearance of putting party ahead of the public is troubling.

And while he insists he’s not a career politician, Reilich has been a state Assembly member for more than a decade, before which he spent six years on the Monroe County Legislature.

Reilich’s conservative credentials and tax-averse voting record speak for themselves, and he offers a specific vision — particularly in areas such as economic development. That’s welcome, but not enough.

Beebe may not be a flashy politician, but what Greece most needs now is a steady and trustworthy leader with no ties to the unpalatable governance of the past decade. It needs a leader who will put the interests of all town residents first. Dick Beebe makes a more compelling case for being that leader.

Friday, November 01, 2013

Reilich To Be Part-Time Supervisor?

Bill Reilich to continue as GOP Boss if elected Supervisor

Dick Beebe pledges to be a full time Supervisor for the people of Greece

Bill Reilich said he intends to keep his six-figure job as County GOP Chair, even if he wins the Greece Supervisor race on Tuesday. He made the statement Thursday on the Bob Lonsberry radio program. 
“Bill Reilich is out of touch,” said Dick Beebe, Democratic candidate for Greece Supervisor. “Instead of being on the job full-time for the people of Greece, Bill Reilich plans to collect a second paycheck downtown, as the number one promoter of the Republican Party. I will serve full-time as Supervisor, and I will work to reduce partisan politics at Town Hall. Under Bill Reilich, Town Hall will become the home office of the Republican Party.”
Greece, with almost 100,000 residents, is approximately the same size as Albany, and bigger than most cities and counties in New York State.
“A community of this size needs a full time leader on the job, and I am that person,” said Dick Beebe. “My opponent seems to place a higher priority on keeping his Republican Party paycheck than on serving the needs of taxpayers and voters in Greece.”
According to his state JCOPE filing, Bill Reilich is paid in excess of $ 100,000 as Chair of the Monroe County Republican Committee.


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Greece Cops Searching Greece Ridge Fire Dept


13WHAM ~~ Greece Police Department executed a search warrant Thursday morning and is the lead agency in the investigation and is being assisted by the ATF, FBI, New York State Police, and the Monroe County District Attorney's office.

The search started 9:30 a.m. and police expect it to take about four hours. That could go longer depending on what the agencies find.

The office of Fire Chief Bud Phillips and other buildings on the fire department's property are being included in the search.

SCATS ~~~ Pssst! Bud is probably over at Panera keeping his chair warm.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Dems & Reps Are Zombies ...

  Anonymous said...
COMIDA doles out a form of welfare... "Republican style." It's the Republican way using political power to give out "free stuff" and buy favors. A totally corrupt system that screws the taxpayer.

Democrats buys votes by giving out "free stuff" with social welfare programs. Republicans buy corporate political donations by giving out "free stuff."

AND... just like Democratic social welfare programs, Republican corporate welfare creates zombie dependency on the system. Have you noticed that NOTHING gets build in Monroe Co. anymore without some sort of COMIDA tax break or govt. subsidized loan !?!?

Sigh... there is no such thing as free-market capitalism anymore. We are surrounded my zombies. How can you tell who the zombies are? Ask this question... could this person do their job, run their business, collect their salary, etc. if their was no government?

Zombies are everywhere... Republicans and Democrats... and they are coming to get us SCATS!!! Ahhhhh!   10/30/2013 8:20 PM

SCATS ~~ To 8:20PM ~~ Sadly, I think they've been living unnoticed among us for quite sometime now. All I can suggest is to hold onto your wallet, vote for their opponent, and shoot for the zombie's brain to render it motionless.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Town Board Ignores COMIDA Questions


I was depressed to read a flyer from a republican running for a county position bragging about COMIDA tax breaks for items like the Mall and LA Fitness as this great way to create jobs in our area. It is also depressing to hear ‘nothing’ from democrats on this item.
Comida= County of Monroe *INDUSTRIAL* development association. Because of their incompetence in bringing industry to our area and in order to show they were doing ‘something’ they began giving tax and finance breaks for RETAIL which of course WE the taxpayers pay for. Just as bad is that local politicians do not have to have their name associated – COMIDA answers to no one.
When finding out about ‘comida breaks’ being approved for RENTAL property being built on English Rd. I went in front of the town board in August to suggest that any breaks effecting Greece taxpayers like this should be reviewed and approved by our town board – THEY – should be on record not just some committee elected by no one. That was Aug.20th – I have not heard one word from anyone at that meeting. I went to the democrat get together at town hall recently – no mention of comida and I can assure readers they have been made well aware of this issue??? Are political donations part of this? I have no idea but because no ‘names’ are part of the approval it sure makes one wonder.
Charlie Hubbard

Monday, October 28, 2013

Greece Assessor Relies On Craigslist

Craigslist Ad Scams Homeowner Twice;
Assessor's Office: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

"The listing for Riess's house was posted on his realtor's webpage. The scam artist took the same picture and the same description of the house and put it on Craiglist as a $1,100 rental. A total fraud, but it's what the town used to say Riess didn't live at his home and the consequences would have been tens of thousands of dollars. By removing the exemptions, it doubled the amount he would have to pay taxes on from $65,000 to $119,000. Riess says no one came to his door. No one called him. They just sent the letter." WHEC-TV

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mt. Read Blvd Subway Robbed

13WHAM news at 11PM reported that the Subway Restaurant on Mt Read Blvd was robbed on Sunday afternoon.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Slaughter Endorses Dick Beebe

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter officially announced her endorsement of Dick Beebe to be the next Supervisor of Greece, Saturday morning at Beebe’s campaign headquarters, 2888 Dewey Avenue.

“Greece needs Dick Beebe’s Brand of Open Government,” said Congresswoman Slaughter. “I’ve known Dick for years. He is dedicated, hard-working, and honest. He is exactly the person Greece needs in the Supervisor’s office at Town Hall.”

Friday, October 25, 2013

Town of Greece Wastes Tax $$s

Today, a friend gave me a heads up that the Town of Greece was busy cleaning streets in a certain residential neighborhood. When I had a chance, I took a drive to check it out. Sure enough, I spotted a red street cleaning vehicle with the town's emblem on the cab of the truck. Around and around and around the streets in the subdivisions the driver went, sucking up leaves many had obviously blown/raked/mowed into the gutter on purpose.

The question is "WHY clean the streets today??" ... especially given tomorrow's forecast which calls for very strong gusty winds from 5AM to 6PM. What a huge waste of $$s!!

Maybe the Republicans are trying to convince us that they really can "clean-up Greece."

Greece Police: "SHOP IN GROUPS"

13WHAM: "With the holiday shopping season around the corner, police anticipate thieves taking advantage of crimes of opportunity.

“The basic common sense is the best thing. If you're out and something doesn't seem right, don't put yourself in that situation,” Lt. Casey Voelkl with the Greece Police Department said.

Lt. Voelkl urges shoppers to keep their personal belongings out of sight. And shop in groups if you can."

SCATS ~~ Who knew that we've gone from locking your car & trunk to parking in lighted areas to shopping in groups to stay safe shopping in Greece? Why not just go to Eastview Mall instead?