Sunday, December 09, 2012

Lessening Power Outages In Greece

RGE To Upgrade Manitou Rd Substation
Addition of new circuit breakers to harden circuits prone to outages
SCATS ~~ FINALLY!! RGE has really dropped the ball on maintaining their equipment since the acquisition by Iberdrola. Getting them to clear tree limbs after years of neglect is a MAJOR undertaking ... I know, because I tried.


Anonymous said...

Scats, you are right. The maintenance of the lines is one area where our outsourced owners have decided they can cut costs. We have many, many more outages than we did 20 years ago.

Anonymous said...

RG&E has been dropping all the balls since before 91's famed ICE STORM!

The once proud utility was raped, pillaged & buried by Tom Richards following the Montana Power Model to hell with the full consent of NYPSC.
Tom & his pals got millions and RG&E customers got hosed!

SCATS said...

To 1:01PM ~~ I've lived in an area that used to be blessed with rare outages. They became routine several years ago. It seemed like if it rained hard, or the wind exceeded 25 MPH the power went out. I knew they hadn't maintained the lines in years. I called, complained ... begged them to survey and trim the trees behind homes on my side of the road since I could verify they had been untouched. The next day, someone left a note stating that yes, the trees needed trimming but it was NOT critical. They promised to complete the work within 90 days. About 4-5 months later, in the dead of winter with a deep snow pack, I spotted two guys with a pole saw in my backyard. They cut a couple of small limbs from the tree belonging to the neighbor behind me. I went out to talk. They told me they were a contractor and could only do what was written up in the work order: remove limbs from pine trees overhanging property." WhenI asked about other limbs that were clearly compressing lines with their weight, they told me there was nothing more they could do. I was furious.

About 2 years or so after that, there was a FIRE on the wires around the corner from me caused by tree limbs during a storm. It took RGE, Frontier & Time Warner the better part of 2 weeks to get it all repaired & working again. But hey, they removed a ton of wood, including several entire trees. Now when there's a storm, the lights stay on. It's a miracle!!

Anonymous said...

You only think it's bad now folks. Wait for the next blackout like the last one that shut down a few states.

A good section of RG&E territory remained on line because of Russel Station. Russel's gone now because RG&E realized more immediate profit by selling pollution credits than it could make seeing electric. Same crap Tom Richards pulled at Bebee Station claiming it was obsolete. Guess what, both stations were publicly sold and neither was obsolete.

With Russel gone there isn't another generating station in NY with a house generator that can keep the station on line producing electrons. The next recovery may well make Long Island look like fun.

You know what else, all RG&E and NiMo power along with most of the rest is currently being controlled by a trained chimp with a degree in a windowless room in Albany. No more line operators who know the job, just a chimp with a screen and keyboard who is only allowed to act as prescribed protocals tell him.

How about Eastman Business Park ( formerly Kodak Park) have you heard the politicians talking about taxpayers building a new line into there so Kodak can shit their power house down? It's another screwing of the taxpayer, the line already exists, Kodak and RG&E have been cross tied for decades, selling power back and forth, but why pass a chance to screw taxpayers. They don't understand the power business.

Wake up people, start making noise and scare the politicians.