Saturday, December 15, 2012

Greece Police Snatch Purse Snatcher

Arrest Accounts For Just 4*
of 6 Reported Incidents
Nicholas A. Bloom, 21, Greece

13WHAM reports: " Police say Nicholas A. Bloom, 21, was arrested on Dec. 14 in relation to a purse robbery on Dec. 9.

Police say Bloom was charged with robbery in the second degree, assault in the second degree and grand larceny in the fourth degree for the Dec. 9 purse robbery.

Bloom was also charged with two counts of grand larceny in the fourth degree in relation to two other purse robberies that occurred on Dec. 10, according to police.

Police say Bloom is additionally charged with criminal possession of stolen property for another alleged purse robbery on Dec. 7.

Bloom was arraigned in Greece town Court and remanded to Monroe County Jail in lieu of $25,000 cash or $50,000 bond."

SCATS ~~ While it's great that Greece cops caught this creep, it should be pointed out that his arrest doesn't clear all of the other purse-snatching incidents reported earlier this month in the Town of Greece. In general, there were at least six incidents and this accounts for just four*. In particular, a purse was grabbed Dec. 5th from a customer at Aldis on Mt. Read Blvd.



Anonymous said...

Well done, GPD. One down, (unfortunately) more to go...

SCATS said...

To 2:24PM ~~ Just to be clear, this arrest should NOT give women a false sense of security while shopping in Greece. Just 3 of at least 6 different incidents since Dec. 5th have been accounted for by this arrest.

Anonymous said...

The closer we get to Christmas the chance of more such incidents especially in store parking lots. If you are handicapped and park In restricted space, be alert to anyone around your car standing or sitting in parked vehicle nearby. They love to target the elderly and disabled. For God sake, do not resist just give them what they want and call the authorities..To do otherwise could have grave consequences for you.

Anonymous said...

As I read the post, he is charged directly with 3 of the robberies and linked to a fourth though possession of property stolen during.
Instead of trying to scare and downplay the significance of the arrest, perhaps we should applaud the excellent job by the GPD.
In all likelihood, this is the purse snatcher responsible for the the rash of robberies.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it's 4 out of 6, right? One on the 9th, 2 on the 10th, and one on the 7th.

Anonymous said...

According to GPD, Bloom was responsible for the Aldi incident.

SCATS said...

To 3:40PM ~~ People ought to be scared. I just talked to a reliable source this afternoon who tells me the Aldis incident involved a female purse-snatcher who had two kids in the car with her.

To 4:18PM ~~ You are right. TY for the correction. I updated with the corrected number.

To 5:48PM ~~ Unless there was more than one incident at Aldis, then that info is not accurate. A woman is reported to be the criminal in that theft.

Anonymous said...

Once again SCATS has a reliable source who is completely wrong. Bloom is responsible for all the purse crimes including Aldi. Your source is wrong about a woman with 2 kids in the car being a suspect. Always doubting the police. We will never know everything the police know about any crime that is not a scandal, cover up or incompetence by the police it's just the way it is!

SCATS said...

To 11:28PM ~~ Let's see ... so to try to "prove" me wrong, you post an outright fabrication that flies in the face of EVERY media report? LMAO!!!


I know. You can NOT!!!

The woman who called 911 about the Aldis theft knows it was a female. I know it was a female. And now YOU know it, too.

Anonymous said...

Scats, your point about women feeling secure is well taken. Even when all the purse-snatchers are arrested, there will another person out there that has evil on their minds. Unfortunately the job of the police is never done and everyone needs to be vigilant and aware of their surroundings.

Anonymous said...

Way to go cops!!!

SCATS said...

To 1:21PM ~~ Yeah ... now if they could just find the female purse grabber the women of Greece could relax.