Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Congratulations Greece Central Schools!

The Greece Central School District's
Karen Klein/Bullied Bus Monitor Video
Ranks #3 On

"When a cell phone clip of four teenagers bullying Karen Klein aboard a school bus went viral, it became the purest example of the Internet rallying behind what’s right. Reddit users created a fund to send the 68-year-old bus monitor on a vacation. They intended to raise $5,000, but the video of the cruelty Klein experienced while chaperoning the teens for the Greece School District in upstate New York was so infuriating that donations poured in, eventually totaling more than $700,000. The Greece Police Department disciplined the kids involved, and the 68-year-old grandmother has since started a foundation to combat bullying."

SCATS ~~ Yup, we finally made the big time.


Anonymous said...

I still firmly say that both Babs and Chief Baxter were negligent in the matter. An international story and they dispatch Chatterton and Hoeft to deal with the media?

Here's an idea for a poll: if there is another J-Mac like positive story in the international media, will the Chief and Babs dispatch their underlings to deal with the press? Hmmmm...

Side Q: What happened to Chatterton?

SCATS said...

To 8:18AM ~~ I totally agree with your first statement. As for your suggestion about a poll, I would never ever choose J-Mac as a "positive" example!! It was another international story about our school district's deeply dysfunctional ways. Both J-Mac's and Klein's sagas have been artfully crafted so that the world believes a bunch of lies about Greece Central, including the whopper about how those boys no longer got bus service this year. Time Mag's description of the video even shows that they believe Greece police "disciplined" the darlings.

SCATS said...

Regarding Chatterton, like Karen Klein, he "retired" ...

Anonymous said...

Shame on all you malcontents for throwing water on two positive( only) events in recent history that put a good face on our town nationwide. Unbelievable that supposedly intelligent human beings could throw cold water on these incidents and take people down who had absolutely nothing to do with how both of these stories got the attention that is deserved.

In the J Mac incident, a former AD at Athena sent the video on his own to a media outlet. His act was NOT done so at the request of the district nor was it sanctioned. What followed was inevitable and a plus for Greece and a inspiration to others who unfortunately find themselves in a condition like J Mac . Who knows how many lives were changed positively by this inspirational story.

In the case of Karen Klein, she did not ask for this to happen. If it weren't for one of the brats involved placing the video on the Internet , what followed would have never taken place and the WORLD would have never known about it and in the process put Greece NY on the international map and viewed positively as a result. Unfortunately , that would not be viewed in that manner by a small misguided band of detractors of any thing good that takes place in our town.

SCATS said...

To 11:08AM ~~ I'm about as "malcontented" as you are rational ;) lol Saying that neither person "asked for" their fame merely distracts from the underlying issues that allow this dysfunction to exist.
The reality is:

A - J-Mac's story showed us that either this kid was: 1 - DISCRIMINATED AGAINST (probably due to his condition) and not permitted to play b-ball and develop his athletic talents throughout his HS career ... OR ... 2 - the opposition held-back to let him make a bunch of shots in a phony/staged event. The choices are clear!!!

B - Karen Klein was caught on camera FAILING TO PERFORM THE DUTIES OF HER JOB! The bleeding heart types who saw the video didn't get the bigger picture and fed $700,000 into the dysfunction set into motion by GCSD & GPD in their poor response to this debacle.

Had Klein been doing that which she was paid to do, there would have been NO STORY.

Had GCSD responded to previous reported incidents on this and other buses, there would have been NO STORY.

Had GCSD responded to her as an employee & fired her for failing to perform on the job, there would have been NO STORY.

Had Klein not been permitted to change jobs from bus driver to bus monitor (as she should NOT have been allowed to do given what was known about her fitness for either position), there would have been NO STORY.

Had Greece PD been honest to the public about how Klein's lack of awareness about what the kids had said to her in the video, there would have been NO STORY.

I could go on and on ... but the picture is pretty darned clear to anyone who really wants to tune in.

Anonymous said...

Focus back on my main point...Why was such an important story, Klein, relegated to Hoeft and Chatterton to deal with? That is a fact...go back and look at the media interviews. We pay like 200k each to Babs and Baxter for in-person leadership!

Where did Chatterton go after retirement?

Anonymous said...

Me thinks thou protests too loudly a clear rambling of the indefensible position taken by some comments made by some obviously unhappy people.

Sure Spencerport 's team laid back and let him "shoot" What you are obviously missing is the fact that even so HE HAD TO MAKE THE SHOTS .Nobody helped him do that. All of those shots were " three pointers" and not cheap shots.

I have no idea who you are or how athletic you are, but given the same circumstances , could you have duplicated that performance? I played the game and I know I couldn't do it ?

Your claim of discrimination is BS . He was not a member of the squad. He was the equipment mgr but was allowed to practice ocassionally with the varsity. Because of his disability he did not qualify for his own safety. Hats off to a bunch of great kids from Spencerport for agreeing to participate and the Athena varsity players who lobbied their coach to get the kid into the game A fine example of good sportsmanship and character on the part of all involved

God knows there are many unflattering things going on in this town and have been exposed on this site. But for God sake when something happens that promotes the image of our town, we should be quick to embrace it instead of shooting it down with rediculous statements diminishing the positive effect with after the fact unwarranted second guessing and unfounded criticsim .

Anonymous said...

Baxter doesn't make 200K

SCATS said...

To 1:19PM ~~ I absolutely agree about your question. In fact, I asked that question at the time.

My understanding is that Babs doesn't like to do the dirty work that might come back to bite her in the arse. She believes that's what highly compensated cabinet members like Hoeft are for.

In the case of Chatterton, you've got to ask why it was him instead of Baxter AND why Auberger was watching over his shoulder with his beady little eyes darting about like a nervous nellie about to get caght stealing cookies! It was most striking to see that the Chief of America's "best trained police force" was NOWHERE to be found. But then again, I believe Chatterton became Auggie's internal mole into all things GPD when Wise "retired."

I haven't heard anything about Chatterton taking other employment.

SCATS said...

To 2:50PM ~~ Baxter made about $150K last year.

Anonymous said...

Median household income in Greece (2009): 48,124.

So Todd and Babs make like 3 to 4x that amount!

So they need to be held accountable as to why they did not earn their pay for (at least) the Klein issue...

SCATS said...

To 3:36PM ~~ Yup, and neither of them live in Greece either. After about 1.5 years, Babs finally did what her original contract required her to do: she bought a house here, a condo worth $92K.

Anonymous said...

Scats what happened to my last post in response to your 11:31 post..? I thought I made some good points in response to your J Mac Klein comments in that post. If you didn't get it, I would be happy to repost.

Anonymous said...

What Chatterton does is no ones business but his. You can SCRATCH is name.

SCATS said...

To 12/06/2012 6:52 AM ~~ I have no idea which post you are talking about. I've been away for the better part of 2 days on here. It's quite amusing that my presence was missed by so many angry people asking "Where's my post/comment? Why isn't it up?"

If only I got paid for this.

To 11:12AM ~~ Scratch his name? I'm not sure what you mean or why you'd be speaking for him anyway.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Chatterton or his wife is posting on here. LOL

Anonymous said...

Looks like Helfer got promoted at GPD...quietly. Guess he paid his dues to Baxter and all those others.