Tuesday, December 11, 2012

BOE Meeting Tuesday @ 6:30PM

It is anticipated that the BOE will go into an Exec. Session at 5:30PM to discuss collective bargaining, the employment history of particular person(s) & pending litigation.


Budget Update/Revenue Information
School Facilities / Building Reports
STLE Grant Overview
Strategic Plan Update
2011-12 Audit - Corrective Action Plan

2011 -12 ECA Audit - Corrective Action Plan

2011 - 12 Contract for Excellence Agreed Upon Procedures

Approval of Purchase & Sale Agreement for Hoover Dr

District Vision

Every student will be prepared to meet and exceed academic standards. Students will acquire academic, cultural, and technological literacy, respect and value diversity, be deeply engaged in learning and demonstrate high standards of behavior. Every district employee will be highly qualified, accountable, and continuously improving. The district will implement a strategic framework with annual goals established to measure improved results. A Strategic Plan will be designed to guide continuous improvement through 2014.

SCATS ~~ Only through 2014? Why so short-sighted?



Anonymous said...

Wow. I hope that the BOE had access to many more non-public documents to support voting on these publicly disclosed ones. For instance, on the sale of Odyssey, everything seems to hinge on the details of Kevin Overton's recommendation. No other reason is given for approving the sale than that he said so. I hope that recommendation includes a thorough and well-supported analysis.

And those "corrective action plans" are wrong, just plain wrong. Corrective action begins from recognition that the policies and procedures as they stand lead to the failures as documented. The corrective action has to address the failures directly, not just promise "we'll follow proper policy in the future".

SCATS said...

To 5:52AM ~~ You make some excellent points! I seriously doubt they made use of anything else they may have had access to unless ordered to by their own lawyers, which is highly unlikely. These folks aren't known for their smarts.

Your observation about the corrective action plans seems right on target! But alas, this BOE can't even follow simple rules of courtesy (like starting a meeting on time) let alone follow their own policies/procedures. I bet if they were given a 20 question quiz on what their actual policies say they'd all fail.