Friday, December 07, 2012

BOE Gets Purchase Offer

Sale Pending for 
Hoover Drive Property

The sale of the building is pending Greece Board of Education approval. Members will consider approval of the offer Tuesday night."

List Price: $3,160,000       Taxes: $3031

ASSESSMENT: $7,362,500    LAND: $132,800

According to the Sales Agreement, sale includes "personal property" ... i.e. building contents of furniture, equipment, etc. for $2,472,000.

SCATS ~~ Looks like this "gem" was significantly over-priced & over-assessed. I'm told it might be used to open a charter school. GCSD could use some competition ;)


Anonymous said...

is that 3 mill plus 2 mill or just the whole ball 'o wax for 3 mill?

SCATS said...

To 12:19PM ~~ My understanding is the total deal is for $2.472 million.

Anonymous said...

I would imagine the Koda Vista neighbors will be interested in what the buyer plans to with it unless BOECES Is the buyer and plans to place a charter school there.
That seems likely as that would satisfy the terms and conditions set forth in the Britton family 's requirement as to the use of the property in the deed .

Anonymous said...

Should be interesting to see what the environmental review shows given the location.

Anonymous said...

AS a Koda Vista resident, I will be happy to see the building put back into use