Friday, November 16, 2012

4th Town Justice Coming In 2014

According to the Greece Post, the position for The position won't be filled until Jan. 1, 2014. An election for a new judge will take place in November 2013.
SCATS ~~ Can't help but wonder what political insiders will run for this position ...


Anonymous said...

James Doyal Hey why not after all this IS Greece!!

SCATS said...

To 1:07PM ~~ I don't think I'd choose Doyle, but why not someone from the OTHER party? The taste of Nutty Buddy is getting tiresome.

Anonymous said...

Now just a minute there kitty cat, that James Doyle has a lot going for him as a Judge candidate.

Between now and election 2014 he has plenty of time to see the light, be born again and repent for his previous transgressions.

I mean it ain't like he hangs around with Merrit,or even the Hairburger, and you gotta say he has damn entertaining taste in female companions. Just think of the swearing in, Hizhonor standing there placing his hand on the Bible or Koran and her standing there holding i wearing 4" heals and passing out her business cards. I believe I read she's some sort of consultant, might be makeup or small home appliances.

Doyle would also be a Judge who completely understands the serious nature of drunk driving.

Anonymous said...

Screw the 4th "Justice" issue; Did you get your letter from Leo the Infallible yet?

It seems records in the
Assessor's office have over time been proven over and over to be inaccurate, so now Leo the Infallible is asking Greece's dumbass taxpayers to verify the information his office uses for your property inventory.

You can even confess if you added a pool, garage or shed and Leo didn't catch you to enable Leo to raise your assessment.

Funny thing is, NY LAW says Assessor information is perfect, and if you force a hearing, there is no burden on the assessor to prove the information he is using.

Even funnier to people who know how Greece Property Inventory was done in 95 is that 90% of the property inventories are WRONG, and mostly in the Town's favor. Anybody going in and looking at their Property Inventory card will get a surprise is the way insiders see it. Property condition is another favorite fudge on the Assessor's list of ricks.

Don't forget to fill out your form so Leo can send one of his lackies by your house for a close up look. If you're real lucky Blind Paul who can't read a ruler will get your job. You might wind up with a couple hundred extra square feet of house.

Don't miss this chance to screw yourself, and pay for an envelope and postage to do it too.

SCATS said...

To 9:31PM ~~ I know a couple of people who received these letters. I know lots who have not, at least not as yet. Does this letter actually say their records are inaccurate??

You are correct about the onus being on the taxpayer at the hearing. Worse yet, good luck trying to find out WHAT info the Town uses to keep you where they want you. I went in with 4 houses in my neighborhood that all sold for less in the previous 2.5 yrs. Did they reduce my assessment? Hell no!! They barely chopped anything off the proposed increase! This time I'm prepared to go to court.