Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Zoning Board Meets Tonight, 7PM

The Old Men Who Stare At Goats
Will Hear From Rick Antelli, Again

Also on the Agenda ...

  • Michelle Kalke of 433 Mill Rd. seeks a variance for a private stable with an electric fence

  • Tricia Wright of 3326 Latta Rd. seeks a variance to keep 4 dogs

  • Aldi's of 3600 Mount Read Blvd continues in their quest to update the store's appearance


Anonymous said...

Looks like Rainbow Rick went and forgot how it was unsafe for the big red trucks with flashing lights & sirens to come and go from the firehouse, and now that he owns the building Latta Road suddenly became safe for private vehicles to come and go.

Funny how when Rick or his family own something what applies to everyone shouldn't apply to Antelli property.

Must be his big plan to sell or lease to Hess went down the dumper too. Could it be Hess is paying Rick back for his little scam stopping them at Flynn & Latta?

What will Rainbow Rick do next? Is there a County Agency he can rent a crap store or a fire house to? Seems like it would be a great spot for a voting machine storage depot for the Northwest.

If Rick don't find a sucker soon will he get stuck with the bill to dig out the old fuel tank? Will the Town continue to ignore that tank sitting there in the ground?

Will Rick actually run for Town Stupidvisor? Will Rick land his son a government job?

SCATS said...

To 12:02AM ~~ So many questions ...

Anonymous said...

Anyone know who the dems are going to run for Town Supervisor?

Jeff Mc Cann vs....

How's that hope and change working out today?

SCATS said...

To 10:34AM ~~ Since Rita Garretson was just inducted into Kiwanis ... maybe ...?

When it comes to McCann, we can hope he trips, falls, bumps his head and gets out of politics?! Just kidding.

Anonymous said...

I'm William Johnson, retired owner and Captain of the good ship Edmond Fitzjohnson, and I personally know and endorse Rainbow Rick Antelli for Stupidvisor of Greece.

Over the years I've worked closely with Ricky, passed my wisdom along to the boy, and shown him how things work. I personally made Rick the expert he is today.

Captain William Johnson

Anonymous said...

I went to Rainbow Rick to get my hair cut once. My regular barber was filling in teaching at GCSD, some kind of Union reciprocal thing.

Tick sure do like to talk about all the things he can do. He supervised his mother's liquor store, so I figure he'll make a good Town Supervisor. He damn sure ain't much of a barber.

He has a realestate license too, so he can fill in as Assessor, and there have to be town jobs Rick can hire his family members to fill.