Wednesday, October 10, 2012

She Ain't No 'Ho

Wife Swap Star Pleads Not Guilty
to Prostitution Charge

A photo released by the New York State Police shows Alicia Guastaferro. Guastaferro, a former teen pageant princess once featured in the reality show 'Wife Swap' is expected to plead not guilty this week to charges of prostitution and drug possession. (AP Photo/New York State Police)
(Alicia Guastaferro;
AP Photo/New York State Police)

YNN obtained court paperwork here that shows her side of the story back on August 27th. In her statement to State Police that night, Guastaferro said she did agree that for $500 to $70, she would have sex with Rochester attorney James Doyle.
And on that night, indeed according to police, she was found half-naked in a car with Doyle at the Pembroke Thruway Service Area. She allegedly had some drugs on her person. She's also accused of giving troopers a false name, though she later admitted that it was fake.
Guastaferro's attorney, Dan Killelea, tells YNN simply, Alicia doesn't remember any of this conversation with police. The attorney did not want to go on camera.

Meanwhile, James Doyle, for his part, spoke with YNN back in August, and he expressly denied there was any arrangement for sex with Guastaferro. He says they were just in the car, they were tired, and so they stopped at that Pembroke Service Area to rest.

Guastaferro had no comment Tuesday. She's due back in Pembroke Town Court on December 11th.


Anonymous said...

This article was also posted on the Fox News web site. It included the name of our now infamous attorney James Doyle.

Can't wait to see how this all plays out. Will she get jail time? Will Doyle? Will he get to keep his law license or be disbarred?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, not about this one, but you dont have the story up yet about the new part time judge in greece. Who needs a job that a another judge position is going to be created? Hmmmmm time will tell?

Anonymous said...

Will you be posting the mug shot of the scumbag attorney as well? Or because you are his former client you aren't going that route?????

SCATS said...

To 6:20AM ~~ Several different sites had articles posted. I took the news from YNN which I linked to. It also included reference to Doyle, if you read the entire article ;)

To 8:36AM ~~ I haven't seen news about that, sorry. Do you have a link to share? This idea doesn't really surprise me though. Go spend an afternoon sitting in Greece Town Court. You'll learn the truth about the huge number of thefts that occur daily at the mall, Walmart, etc. Even before Walmart opened, those judges were swamped!

To 10:46AM ~~ Do you always jump to such unfounded conclusions?

I've posted his mugshot before
(8/28/12) back when they were both arrested. She was in court pleading not guilty yesterday, thus the pic and news. He hasn't had his day in court yet. That's coming in Nov.

SCATS said...

To 8:36AM ~~ OK, got it, Thanks for the heads up ;)

Anonymous said...

Yup, that ain't no ho. She's a laid off space cadet from NASA.
She was sitting there in a car with Doyle because he's an enthralling conversationalist, and he was telling her about possible job openings with some of his clients.

Them evil Troopers made up the story about her talking to them.

SCATS said...

To 11:43PM ~~ That certainly explains why she was half-naked too, doesn't it? lol

Anonymous said...

Takila SCATS it makes wimmen's clothes fall off.
There's a whole country song about it on the radio.

That evil lawyer probably poured it in that sweet girl's iced tea. Ya know how them lawyers are.