Monday, October 29, 2012

Greece Schools & Town Cancel Scandals

Due to the oncoming Frankenstorm called "Sandy," Greece Town & School District officials have put a morataorium on scandals for the rest of this week. They realize that Sandy will grab the headlines, no matter how hard they try. It is expected that "business as usual" will return to Greece by Monday Nov. 5th ... and so will the scandals.


Anonymous said...

They didn't just cancel scandals, they postponed the volunteer fair at Town Hall too.

Now how in hell am I going to volunteer to spill the beans on GCSD's inadequacy in shelter provisions because some kid shipped them to Gates for a profit?
Who will I tell John Hairburger swiped all the disposable razors to pass out to potential girlfriends?

SCATS said...

To 11:03PM ~~ THAT IS big news!

Anonymous said...

Babsie and Julia took all the toilet paper from Kirk Rd to use for lipstick blotting too.

Rumor has it one of them got premoistened paper courtesy of some district employees.

Former Teacher/TownStupidvisor Rogie hauled off trunk loads of paper towels to give a connected antique car collector for Rainbow Rick to use rubbing wax off too.

Anonymous said...

Never let a scandal free opportuniy pass. Since nobody else was doing anything Mark Dobner, Gregg Evans, Ray DiPasquale and Paul Green of the Greece Uniform Patrolman's Association (That's a UNION folks) are grabbing THE CHANCE TO FURTHER FLEECE Greece taxpayers with their annual appeal for MONEY to pay for their Shop With a Cop media exposure opportunity.

The COP UNION has gotten together with the GCSD UNION and Union Member teachers will pick about 25 kids "who could use a little extra help".

Who says Greece Cops don't have guts? Did any of the 4 cops fronting this deal make less than $100,000 from taxpayers last year?

Has anyone ever seen an accounting of previous Shop With a Cop outings? How much was paid to who's wife to stuff the mailers in the envelopes and mail them?

Is this even a legal function for a Police UNION in NY State?