Monday, October 22, 2012

BOE Meeting Tuesday @6:30PM

Agenda Items Include ...

Board Recognition (Will they pat themselves on their backs?)

Students & Principal on Dignity for All Initiatives (More "feel good" crapple)

New Polling Locations due to School Consolidation (Yawn ...)

SCATS ~~ With all of Greece Central's ongoing troubles you'd think they'd have a meeting and try to accomplish something worthwhile!


Anonymous said...

How's this first GPD's finest? A neighbor being clearly harassed by another neighor with calls to CPA, Animal Control, and 911. A GPD investigator is assigned. He basically did not want to get involved and told the person not to call him anymore. The neighbor went to the Town and the Town referred her to the DA. The DA has since filed four charges of harassment against the neigbor. But yet the GPD Investigator couldn't be bothered. How's that for customer service in GPD? Aren't they supposed to serve and protect?

Anonymous said...

Letter sent to the sup.

Dear superintendent,

As i sit here contemplating what my educational career has come to, i am reminded that i chose this career because i thought that i could make a difference in the lives of children.  I also thought that this profession was respected and admired, but i have quickly learned that it is neither. Teachers today are nothing more than a punching bag for right-wing beaurocrats who, to further their agenda, would sell out their own mothers for a quick buck. The left-wing democrats are no different pushing down our throats regulation and testing to justify thier own messed up school reform efforts, not realizing that any reform takes a minumum 3-5 years to show any results. When you have messed up a child's educational life, @ 13 yrs, you are messing with almost half of their learning. Mess that up and you have lost those children. BW, i recall when you were promoting the school consolidation efforts that that you specifically stated "we are doing this for the children and we teachers must work through this process for the sake of our children". Chris Sloan also sstated  that we are " flying this plane as we build it". You are messing with the lives of children. There will never be another 7th or 8th grade for most if not all these kids and the education they are getting is sub-par at the most and deplorable at the least. When you were thinking this through i know you did not have the best interest of the students in mind, all you saw were dollar signs in closing down schools. Teachers and students a stressed beyond the normal stresses of schools. All the teachers are teaching in multiple rooms, sometimes with other teachers in the classroom trying to maintain and fulfill their professional responsibility. Planning time for most teachers is nothing more than an escape from what has become "hell" in the classroom. Teachers are asked more and more to give up things so as to meet the demands that regulation has placed on us and also the conditions you  have placed us in. Why is it that i must work in these conditions but yet expect that my results be better than ever before? Did you not think that something would falter with these consolidations?  What is happening is that the morale of the teachers and students is terrible. I am a prime example of what has become of your experiment. I hate going to school not because i hate the kids, but because i hate the conditions i work in. The kids hate coming to school because they hate the conditions also.  I see their anguish in their eyes. Ironically the opening day speaker spoke of building relationship. How can you build relationships when you have no rooms to build those relationship? This is what i see happening with you. You will probably get another contract only becuase those idiots on the board have no clue about the situation at the schools. You will probably be lauded for saving the district money, and you will probably take  the credit for any student success, if there really is one. You will then go on to bigger and better things on a national level and probably write a book on school consolidation pimping your own successful consolidation process, all the while the students that you hurt will be struggling to make sense of what became of their "free and equal education" under the law. Did you forget that students are entitled  to a free and equatable education. And that any variation of that is denying a student their basic civil rights. Why is it that a child in the olympia school is getting a less that equitable education than the students at athena and arcadia? I hope you are aware that you have opened yourself and the district up for  litigation should a parent ever decide that your actions and the actions of the board constitute a civil right violation. Maybe even a class action suit brought on by many parents. Your only hope is that these parents lay dormant enough so that you can accomplish your goal. 

Sincerely a very bitter, sad and depressed olympia teacher

Anonymous said...

I sure hope that teacher 1) does not teach English or writing, 2) Used spell check.

SCATS said...

To 1:05PM ~~ I don't care what subject a teacher teaches, they should always be providing a good example as an exemplary role model is expected to do ;)