Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Top 10 Signs GCSD Is Still Dysfunctional

10 ~ They ask NO questions

9 ~ They have NO discussion.

8 ~ They ALWAYS vote to approve, usually unanimously!

7 ~ The BOE & DO FAIL to follow their own policies.

6 ~ The Supt. delegates EVERYTHING to others, thereby keeping her hands clean.

5 ~ They spend more time trying to convince a new BOE member to become a NYSSBA delegate than they spend on ANY OTHER AGENDA ITEM!

4 ~ They believe in "free money"

3 ~ Every meeting is preceeded by an Executive Session

2 ~ They make no apologies for showing up late (sometimes over 30 minutes!) to start their meetings!

1 ~ They wonder why so few people get involved!

TOTAL ENROLLMENTS FALL AGAIN TO 11,657 which includes ALL in-district, out-of-district and UPK students.

On Saturday, BOE members, the Supt. & leadership teams will visit students' homes to find out why they are absent from school. (Thank God Bolgen Vargas gave them this idea!)

SCATS ~~ Could we get them to visit the homes of absent teachers too? There MIGHT be a connection between the two ;)


Anonymous said...

The logical conclusion is that any discussion on agenda items is taking place illegally during their executive sessions. Shades of the situation that takes place by the town board at the agenda setting meetings . That said, there is no way to confirm the executive session theory because by law it is closed to the public because of the nature of items that can only be discussed during that session
However, this is not true with town agenda setting meetings which by law must be open to the public. The trick is to find out when these meetings take place. I suspect that what has always been the case in the past, posting of these meeting appear only on their site and as a rule at a time that makes it almost impossible for the public to attend. If people showed up this practice would stop.
As long as us doups remain silent on this practice, they will continue this non representative practice. Something they were not elected to do. DW has got all of them in one of her pockets to the extent that roles are reversed. Instead of her being held accountable to her employees,they have become her employees. Worst board since thr 2004 board under Phelan.

Anonymous said...

I must expressed my personal dissappointment with DW.Initally I thought she was the real deal. I think I was to hasty.

The events over past year have convinced me that what a relative who lives in Lyndonville told me about her. She is a control freak who conveniently insulates fer self from problems by deferring to subordinates, I was told. Her action here or lack of, seems to support that statement. She also said she will go out of her way to avoid public scrutiny and avoid media contact to the extent that she makes herself invisible, thereby not going on the record on district issues of controversy . I believe we have seen this play out several times since here. We are not paying her to be invisible. We expect her to be a leader and be the spokes person for the district and not delegate that responsibilities to surrogates . I think it's fair to say, I was wrong about her.

SCATS said...

To 10:03AM ~~ EVERYTHING is discussed away from the public eye. Example: the listing for sale of the school buildings. There is NOTHING that would make that executive session worthy! Yet we were told nothing about how they selected a real estate firm, why or when they changed the address of Barnard School or even anything about the status of Hoover Dr given that a will is involved.

To 10:54AM ~~ Yup, you and a whole bunch of others were duped again. But I'm sure she rests well at night in her luxury mansion digs on the shores of Lake Ontario, because she didn't take as big of a salary as our silly BOE offered her, but then she doesn't have to ever live in Greece, either.

Anonymous said...

my biggest dissappointment is new board member Joe Grienan. I was sure he would lead the discussion about financial matters such as the sale of the schools.
This is a guy who was schooled by non other then numbers gura and former board member, Geo. Hubbard on the fine art of and filling appeals to SED.
Perhaps his silence on these issue can be attributed to the fact that Hubbard is member of the finance committee.
Placing Hubbard on this committee is a prime example of by the book management protocol. The book advises that when you have " stone in your shoe" the remedy is to render the stone harmless by making him a part of the team. Such is the case with Hubbard. It appears that this strategy is bearing fruit as Hubbard has been unusually quite about district financial matters, as oppossed to his constant criticsim in the past.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the reason is rather obvious . All member of the BOE have signed non disclosure statements with the Superintend .

A question: Did you ever wonder, as I have, what it must feel like when you are bought for a burger, macaroni salad and some Booz? Those little barbecues at the Lake Mansion are paying big dividends for BABS.

SCATS said...

To 1:52PM ~~ I agree, Geo H has been VERY quiet except on the COMIDA issue. Yup, they just want to make you a "team player" and once they do, your tongue gets tied. It's very tough to go from talking about kids, grandkids, etc. to brass tacks related to HOW the district conducts its business. Once you join the "team" it's game over.

To 2:06PM Non-disclosure of what??? Is that even legal?

Anonymous said...

What I meant to say was NON DISCUSSION STATEMENT

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight. Board members are going to ring door bells Saturday? Lol .Good luck guys and gals. My advise to you that when go into these areas, you take a police escort with you. Even the cops do that on need to do basis and they are wearing armor and a gun. This is. With out a doubt the most asinine idea ever under taken by school board members,It is not in their job discription. This task is solely the function of the administration and if anything, directed by a majority of the board to do so.. Unless voted on by a quorum to do this,a board member acting without such mandate and rings a door bell is a private citizen and not acting as a board member. Was any such motion made and voted on at any public meeting? What happened to the paid truant officer whose job this was.?
The problem in the city is different all together. If their board members are participating it's a little different. THEY ARE PAID BY THE CITY. Our urchins are non paid elected volunteers. Then again , go for it,At least you will be doing something to justify your "lofty position" as board members as you have failed miserably to perform the task spelled out by law and policy as to your responsibilities to this community.

SCATS said...

To 5:51AM ~~ Just to clarify, SOME BOE members plan to go ... I don't think all of them planned to go. Of course Ms. Julia Goody-Two-Shoes will lead the pack. NO, it was NOT voted on.

Does anyone find it ironic that an idea by Vargas is being embraced in GCSD when in reality they would have NEVER given him a chance to become our Supt? Why isn't Babs talking, giving us ideas, solving problems?? Too busy covering up things, I suspect.

Anonymous said...

Some advise for those BOE members going on safari. Watch out for the pit bulls.

Anonymous said...

With out official board sanctions , those who go are on their own .Bill McCabe is smart enough to realize the consequences of this action. I bet BABS won't be there.
If Julia is going what do you want to bet that there will be media coverage.If there is it will be a set up prearranged with a cooperating parent.

Anonymous said...

Based on bits of info from sour sources close to board members, an interesting theory has developed explaining in part, why board members lose their tongues at board meeting. In the case of new members, they are still trying figure out why they are there and don't understand the limited information they are given. In this instance saying nothing or asking a question is the best course of action to prevent looking stupid and subject to ridicule.

The main reason is obvious. That being the general lack of interest expressed by stake holders as evidenced by the lack of participation on budget votes each May. Less than 4,000 out of 58,000 eligible voters vote. This fact has NOT gone unnoticed by administrators and board members alike. So in not putting out relevant info, they do not feel they have to as not to many care.

Another big reason is this site. They are aware of the presence of the person running this site at meetings or listening on the radio. This site has away of intimidating these clowns. They do not want to windup as a thread on this site for something they might say and become fodder and the subject of ridicule. Plus they know their silence is driving the Blogmaster nuts as evidenced by comments on this thread. They have gone to ground collectively and will continue until called out in the proper format. The public forum at the beginning of every monthly meeting would be a good place to start.

SCATS said...

To 1:38PM ~~ "Sour sources?"

While I agree that this site intimidates them into silence (I know O'Toole lost her tongue after her inane remarks were quoted here), I can assure you that their bad behavior has NOT "driven me nuts."

You are 100% WRONG about Resident's Forum being "the proper format" for calling them out. They will shut you down before they allow you to call them out. That is why this site is effective in bringing about changes, however small they might be. They do NOT control this BLOG and THAT FACT DRIVES THEM NUTS!! ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't think bdw is capable of any original ideas. A little searching makes it very clear that much of what she does is a half@**ed imitation of someone else's work.

SCATS said...

To 2:25PM ~~ You're probably right. What I find amusing albeit in a twisted way, is that Greece keeps electing BOE members who are so gullible. It makes them look brainless.

Anonymous said...

sour as an adjective same as sourer ,
bitter bits and pieces from bitter people. Therefore sour sources.

Anonymous said...

I don't think so at all. The open forum would have more impact because of the visibility and identity of the speaker as oppossed to mystery Individules that frequent this site. It boils down to a question of credibility.

Everyone has five minutes to make their statement. Shame on anyone who allows that to happen to them.

Auburger does that routinely at his meetings. If he can't

shut you up he adjourns the meeting. Not so with Julia. While she may try and old you to the five minutes, she
will let you finish in a reasonable fashion.
I agree this site is effective as a sounding board for YOUR ideas about change. But there is a dubious down side also.

Because of the demeanor put forward on this site and it's obvious existence , qualified progressive Individules will refrain from seeking a board seat because they know that they will instantly be in this sites cross hairs and eviscerated if their ideas do not parallel yours. Why do I say this? Some of us have been trying to convince two highly qualified people to run next year. In each case they cited as one of the reason they wont run is because of the crucifixions that take place on this site.As one put it, it's a no brainer.You are damned if you do and damned if you don't .

SCATS said...

To 3:23PM ~~ IF you were correct, which you are NOT, then Tuesday night should have been a capacity crowd waiting to complain about ALL OF THE VARIED ISSUES related to consolidated schools, bus runs, lack of student discipline, etc.

Re: "Everyone has five minutes to make their statement..." That's HOGWASH & you of all people should know it! The BOE can reduce that down to 30 seconds or less in the blink of an eye.

So you are trying to get a couple of people to run for BOE & they won't out of fear of what will be said about them on this site!? LMAO!!!!!!! That is EXTREMELY AMUSING!!!

Obviously they would NEVER make an impact as a BOE member! How do I know? They are thin-skinned and that type will be eaten up & spit out by the district!!!

PS ~ Your last "highly qualified individule" ran & won a seat and is NOW part of the same ole problems ;)

Anonymous said...

3:23pm have you forgotten this is the district where a board member emails the super about 'cutting off at the knees' any board member who doesn't sign onto the program? Fearing this blog is just silly! There's so many worse 'threats' to face.

SCATS said...


Anonymous said...

Bolgas never applied for the job. He is too smart to take a looser of a job in a district he worked for and knew it would be a lost cause for many reasons the least of which would have been the supporting cast of characters he would have around him.

Pretty bad statement about the condition of our district as compared to the challenges of the City School District that influenced his decision .

Anonymous said...

I will say it again. You are part of the problem not the solution. If your so thick skinned why don't you and your friend run for the board and show everyone how it's done.
Naw, that won't happen because you would have to put a face with that mouth. It's much easier to lie in the weeds and take cheep shots for the purpose of self gratification, nothing more. You are real profile in courage.!!!
On the other topic I have no idea who you talking about.

SCATS said...

To 7:09AM ~~ I think anyone who has ever worked for Greece has had their eyes & ears opened! Greece is on a downhill skid ... and speeding up daily!

To 7:23AM ~~ And what are YOU personally doing to improve things??? Oh I know! You have your morning muffin & java with a bunch of other district has-beens who *think* they know better than everyone else. Your behind-the-scenes plotting and planning has taken us NOWHERE! The people you've backed to run for BOE have ALL CHANGED ALLEGIANCES by the time they sign the district's "ethics policy." Is it any wonder when you can't even recall YOU backed them??