Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Tool Helps Compare School Districts

A new online map allows New Yorkers to compare how school districts spend their money per student.
The Citizens Budget Commission released an interactive map last week.

Viewers can search for a school district and see breakdowns in how it spends its budget and how it compares to state averages per pupil.

Overall, New York state school districts spend nearly twice the national average.

Statewide, schools spend nearly three times the national average for fringe benefits for employees including pensions and health care.

The CBC is a nonprofit watchdog of public spending.

District Name:Greece Central School District
Total General Aid Per Student:$6,436
Foundation Aid Per Student:$3,691
Categorical Aid Per Student:$2,745
Property Value Per Student:$142,530
Percent Of Students Eligible For Free or Reduced Price Lunch(FRPL):39%
District Need Resource Capacity Index:1.01
Public School Enrollment:11,565



Anonymous said...

11,565 students. That is a big drop. We need to close some schools and use the teachers in the ones we keep open to help our students learn. We would still save money through closed schools, reduced administration and maintenance. All it takes it courage.

SCATS said...

To 8:47PM ~~ The truth is, that number continues to decline, even after school opened! I'm reading the parent horror stories plastered all over Facebook about how GCSD is NOT tending to the needs of students, particularly Special Education students. Parents are hopping mad ... enough so they are pulling kids out of Greece schools & opting for private ones. Some vow that next year, their other kids will be out of GCSD, too.

I think I smell another lawsuit coming related to Special Ed in Greece.

Anonymous said...

Scats, please tell us WHERE on Facebook we can find these "horror stories." Thank you.

SCATS said...

To 2:48PM ~~ No thanks :)