Saturday, September 08, 2012

Bill Payment Address Changed

I got my ever-anticipated Monroe County Water Authority bill in the mail. I was rather surprised to see that the bill payment address has been changed from a local one to a Post Office Box in Buffalo! The question is, why?

It was rather amusing to see that AFTER showing up to do 5-year meter reads (following a 13- year hiatus!!), the Water Authority enclosed info on how to ID an MCWA employee!! Wasn't this a little late ... like the "5-year reads?"

What was NOT funny is the fact that the 5-year meter read didn't result in generation of a bill! Nope! They sent out someone a few weeks later to read the meters so they could mail their bills!




Anonymous said...

Hey! She has to keep creating those political patronage jobs for the dependents of the local Republican Pols.

Anonymous said...

Like Jerry Helfer will be any better in either role he receives courtesy of his dedication and devotion.