Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WHO Are They Trying To Kid?

WHEN Did They Make This Change?

WHERE Was The Public Discussion?


Location, location, location ... that's the real estate sales mantra everyone knows well. What happens when you are trying to unload an antiquated white elephant like Barnard Elementary School that's stuck in between two streets in Greece - one residential & the other more retail/commercial? You change its address from:


*In case they try to sweep that link clean (they've done an amazingly thorough job of removing all references to 71 Maiden Ln), it currently shows the following:
Greece Central School District
Barnard Elementary School
71 Maiden Lane (NOT 588 Stone Rd!!)
Rochester, NY 14616-4037


Anonymous said...

A smart move by the district as far as zoning is concerned. Potential commercial buyer will not have to request a zoning variance.

As far as public discussion goes , this topic has been well vetted on this site with all in favor of the sale. I fail to see the problem. No one cares as you describe the lack of attendance at meetings as well as public forum speakers This is indeed a sorry situation but that's the general attitude that exists in this town. APPOTHY!!!

The district and the board are quite aware of it and thereby the town board style meetings. Sad but true.

I am especially disappointed with the new members especially Grinan, I thought he would initiate discussions. I was wrong.

It is evident that we have witnessed the return of Superintendant 's boards of the infamous past. I think it's fair to say that our school system is BACK IN THE TREES. It's also nobodies fault but our own for sitting back and allowing it to happen. We badly need another CARE type watch dog group Inorder to keep them honest.

SCATS said...

To 7:20AM ~~ Nothing was changed in terms of the zoning as far as the tax records show. It appears all of our schools are already zoned commercial.

Just an FYI, it's assessed at $2,614,900. It will be interesting to see if they get anything close to that ;)

Anonymous said...

Aw, that's nothing, wait till you see the money being wasted rerouting the roof drains from the silly canopy over the entrance @ Craig Hill.

Crapstar's architect halfassed it and installed the drain improperly, GCSD paid Crapstar, and NOW, GCSD has Spring Sheetmetal in there trying to make it right.

Oddly, GCSD has so much extra money the PVC drains are being replaced with COPPER. Anybody want to bet how long it takes some scrap thief to grab the copper?

Way To Go GCSD!

Anonymous said...

But the neighborhoods are not. Especially Kirk Rd. Dewey Stone is mixed use. I'm not sure about all of Hoover Dr.

SCATS said...

To 1:43PM ~~ Good point ... what will the neighbors do? Another Bryant & Stratton situation?