Friday, August 17, 2012

Time "To Reel In The Miscreants"

While Chief Todd and pals were emceeing The Dewey Ave./Natl Night Out Against Crime festivities on August 7th, local gang SWAG Money was out doing their mischief about Greece.

From Greece Post 8/16/12, pg. A6:

  • August 7th: Someone damaged a bathroom door at Adeline Park.
  • August 7th: Someone spray-painted "SWAG Money," "666" and more on the front of Buckman Rd. School.
AND ... the night before ...

  • August 6th: Someone accessed the roof of Brookside Elementary School & damaged vents
SCATS ~~ WHY HAVEN'T THESE KIDS BEEN ARRESTED YET? I thought our schools had VIDEO CAMERAS installed at the entrances to provide SECURITY. As I recall, Steve Walts spent money on this after the fire at Buckman Hts!

AnonymousAnonymous said...
You wanna see what some of the Greece Thunder hockey players are up to and who they are emulating? Copy and paste the below web addresses into your browser for a real treat:!/Ethanmordenga/media/slideshow?!/Ethanmordenga/media/slideshow?!/Ethanmordenga/media/slideshow?!/Ethanmordenga/media/slideshow?

Better yet, read some of this kid's Tweets at:

Last I checked "weed" is still illegal...even for 15 year olds.
It is ironic that this young man refers to others as white trash in his tweets.

More of the "I can do whatever I want" attitude that will continue to get the Greece Thunder Hockey Team in trouble. Good luck to the new coach!!! Would someone in the GCSD or GPD please reel in these little miscreants?       8/17/2012 11:05 AM

SCATS~~ I agree!!!


Anonymous said...

Mordenga no longer plays for the thunder

Anonymous said...

Why does GCSD's security force with their patrol car only work during the daytime. would it not be a better idea if it was used to patrol the schools at night when all of this is happening.

SCATS said...

To 12:57PM ~~ He's still listed on the team's roster.

To 1:46PM ~~ EXCELLENT question! Of course, we'd have to pay through the nose for OT.

Anonymous said...

That's the team roster from last season. And don't people have better things to do than stalk 15 year olds on Twitter? Pretty creepy.

SCATS said...

To 6:05PM ~~ You seem to have a misunderstanding about the purpose of social media sites and the real definition of "stalking." When you WILLINGLY post info about yourself on the internet knowing that ANYONE can see it, then YOU CHOSE to "share" it with the world. By the way, employers, colleges, trade schools, etc. are looking over what's posted on these sites to determine a candidate's desirability to work, go to school, enter training programs and more. GET USED TO IT.

Anonymous said...

Well here's a little truth for Greece Taxpayers; The much promoted CCTV security system is another piece of crap pushed onto GCSD by Crapstar Construction in league with their friends at Johnson Controls.

The DVR units are all undersized so pictures are only retained for a few hours. Way to go Johnson Controls!
The little darlings in need of incarceration know the system shortcomings, and know when to conduct their activity so it won't be on the recorder come morning.

The only fools who think the CCTV system has any value are Administration and the Laughing Academy Board. I suppose the members of Local 86 IBEW who put it in think it had value to them too.

The patrol car along with the fake fleet of Greece Pretend Police vehicles all ought to be painted Pink & Purple to reflect how important the clowns running around in them are.

It's all an illusion of security folks, thanks for paying the bill.

Anonymous said...

SCATS... What? No snarky comments yet about: (1) Teacher retirement costs going up? (2) Karen Klein throwing out the first pitch at the Red Wings game?

You must be outta town or something!

SCATS said...

To 9:23AM ~~ You missed me?? ;)

Anonymous said...

How is their tweets the responsibility of the GPD? That's ridiculous. It's the parents who should have some control over their rugrats. Problem is, the parents are probably sharing the weed.

SCATS said...

To 2:33PM ~~ Since one of the team mates assaulted another one, that's when ;)

Anonymous said...

Actually Scats to purposely seek out a persons tweets is a form of Stalking even if it is social media. These kids are still minors Also a teammate only Harassed another teammate. I find it interesting scats that you are allowed to pick and choose what gets put on this site.

SCATS said...

To 6:50PM ~~ I'm REALLY NOT concerned that the out-of-control hockey group feels they are being stalked. They can CHOOSE to NOT POST, or to make their posts PUBLIC. They CHOSE to make them PUBLIC. ANYONE is free to seek them out & read. Same for this BLOG ;)

Why is it interesting that the BLOG administrator gets to exert editorial privilege? It's been that way from the gitgo. Lately, about 15% or so of what is received adds nothing of substance & often violates the rules set up over 6 years ago. Bullying me is one I've clamped down on :)

Comments that appear to barely mimic English ... that are so poorly constructed in terms of grammar & spelling & other atrocities don't always get posted out of consideration for our readers.

Anonymous said...

Social media today is set up so that who ever wants to look at something can. Is that stalking? I doubt it falls under the category. What is to be said is that these kids feel compelled to share their stories to the world, and it is the world when it is made public. So, in defense to Scats and the other person who is providing the information on the tweets, it is their responsibility to post appropriate information not my responsibility to not seek out information. In addition, it just goes to show you the disdain that some of these kids have for society or anyone else who is not in their little circle. It is their mentality of entitlement that is appalling and worrisome. .

Anonymous said...

Hey about a narcissistic personality. So in your mind the reasoning is something like:

1) We get to break the laws we don't agree with (i.e. allowing children to get high and drunk)

2) The kids get to brag about it on social media (big middle-finger to everyone)

3) Don't you dare question us about it!

It is highly hypocritical (ironic) that you find some comments out of line, but you are ok with a 15 y/o kid publicly posting pictures of himself smoking weed and drinking underage...along with statements that can't be posted here.

BTW, its not just the kids breaking the law. The parents who enable these activities are EWOC. That's what I find "Creepy".

SCATS said...

I'm thinking I should have 6:50PM charged with stalking me! He keeps coming back & posting comments lol ;)

To 8:37 & 10:07AM ~~ I agree!

Anonymous said...

For those who doubt that the violent "hockey mentality" is no big deal, consider the following story about the Boston University hockey team. After a series of on-campus sexual assaults committed by hockey players (the ones that were reported) the school was forced to investigate, here is what was determined:,0,5129420.story

Then add to this the recent murder of the Brockport College student who was allegedly beaten to death by her "Former Hockey Star" boyfriend. Why do news organizations feel the need to include the fact that he was a "high school hockey star" in their reports? See:

Is there an argument here that Mr. Whittemore was (at least partially) a product of the hockey "culture of entitlement" which leads to unjustified anger when things don't go according to plan? Could this young man have been reformed by parents, teachers, coaches? One beautiful girl is dead and one angry young man's life is over.