Wednesday, August 01, 2012

National Night Out/Dewey Ave Family Festival

The Town of Greece will participate in the National Night Out Against Crime

When: Tuesday, August 7 from 5:00 – 8:00PM.

Location: Barnard Fire Department & Bethany Presbyterian Church

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Anonymous said...

The Great White Tent, ya know that reminder of the times when the Circus played under the big top over there in front of Town hall.

Sunday there was a concert/singalong scheduled for the TENT. Along came Thunder, lightning, Mother Nature and the people putting the concert on moved it into Town Hall. Good thinking.

Th question is though, why the hell are Greece taxpayers paying for that damn tent? Doesn't seem more than a mile to a gigantic enclosed (at least till wind blows the walls down) mega performing arts center paid for by TAXPAYERS. There's even a rumor of a $100,000 piano living in a climate controlled room.

Seems like when GCSD was scamming the public to vote to build and pay for the arts center there was plenty of talk about community use.

Instead of people sitting in comfortable chairs in the performing art center, more tax money is blown on a tent so people can sit on rented chairs that ain't comfortable unless it rains.

Seems like Greece taxpayers are getting screwed twice!