Thursday, August 16, 2012

"FOR SALE" ... At Bargain Prices


133 Hoover Dr, Greece, NY 14615

MLS # : R190702

List Price: $3,160,000                                   Taxes: $3031

ASSESSMENT: $7,362,500                                LAND: $132,800

School Building for Sale Due to Consolidations. This 105,000 Square Feet Facility is on 8.6 Acres. Formerly Know As Odyssey Academy, It Was a Sixth Through 12 Th Grade Campus Offering a Wealth of Amenities: Full Kitchen/Cafeteria; Full Gym with Motorized Bleachers; Fitness Room, Theatre/Auditorium with Stage & Lighting; Shop Room; Chemistry Labs; Library; Music Room Wing; Newer Vct Classroom Floors; and Much More. Entire Building is Cat 5 Wired for High-Speed Internet and is Also Equipped with Wireless Technology. The Boiler is New. The Roof is in Great Shape. The Building and Grounds Are Spectacular.

Lot: 900 x 420 on  8.6 acres ~~ 105,271 sq ft

299 Kirk Rd, Greece, NY 14612 

MLS # : R190722

List Price: $1,470,000                       taxes: $ 2217

ASSESSMENT: $3,899,700                    LAND: $238,500

Former Kirk Road Elementary School Building for Sale Due to Consolidations. This 48,729 Square Feet Facility is on 15 Acres Nestled in a Quiet Residential Suburban Neighborhood. The Floor Plan is Open and Non-Traditional. Building Amenities Include: Gymnasium, Cafeteria, Full Kitchen; Library; Multi-Purpose Room & Admin Offices. Mechanicals and Structure Are in Excellent Condition. This is An Ideal Location for Residential Developments Such As Senior Housing, Assisted Living, Single Family Homes, Etc. Existing Building Has Central Air and is Perfect for Community Spaces Such As Recreation, Cafeteria, Exercise, Etc.

Lot:  720 x 912 on 15.00 acres ~~ 48,729 sq ft


588 STONE RD, GREECE, NY 14616

MLS#: R190770

LIST PRICE: $1,270,000                               TAXES: $1437

ASSESSMENT: $2,614,900                           LAND: $77,300

Former Barnard Elementary School Building for Sale Due to Consolidations. This 42,179 Square Feet Facility is on 5 Acres Located in the Dewey Avenue Revitalization Mixed Use Corridor, Permitting a Variety of Commercial, Institutional and Residential Uses. The Building Has Two Stories Plus a Full Walk-Out Basement and is in Excellent Condition. Building Amenities Include: Gymnasium, Cafeteria, Stage, Full Kitchen; Multi-Purpose Room & Admin Offices. Mechanicals and Structure Are in Excellent Condition. This is An Ideal Location for Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Or Mixed Use Developments.

LOT: 665 x 633 ON 5.00 ACRES ~~  42,179 SQ FT


Anonymous said...

IF they can dump the buildings at those prices the taxpayers will come out ahead within a year to 18 months.

The cost of heating the buildings through 2012-13 winter is HUGE, and both buildings need to be maintained till sold.

Bear in mind neither building is worth diddle because they do not comply with current building code. Fire sprinklers alone will be a million a building. Greece won't allow either building to be used without sprinklers.

Factor in the amount of similar square footage sitting empty in Greece and the price is about right. If they can be sold by January 2013 it will be a miracle.

SCATS said...

To 10:57PM ~~ NO SPRINKLERS IN EITHER? Our kids have been attending school in firetraps?? I didn't think that was permitted!?

Anonymous said...

Hilton has some sprinklers.

Hilton's entire pool area has fire sprinklers.

Ya just never know when all that water will burst into flame.

When you're smart enough to install sprinklers in the new pool you're a real education administrator!

Anonymous said...

I will bet these buildings will sell for a fraction of what the district really wants. On the bright side.......right now all these schools are tax exempt. Hopefully someone will purchase these buildings and develop them into something that actually generates tax revenue.

Anonymous said...

In the case of Barnard and Hoover, any buyer will be faces with asbestos abatement issues which very costly. A buyer might work the numbers and decide to knock em down and rebuild for the desired purpose. I'm guessing that Kirk rd will also fit that scenario.

Anonymous said...

to 1:51, Because coming from your assessment the education administrator is responsible for picking and choosing where fire sprinklers go? You must have attended Greece Schools!

SCATS said...

To 6:24AM ~~ These prices are already listed at a fraction of their assessments!

To 7:10AM ~~ Ahem! The generous Greece taxpayers have already invested tons of $$ in asbestos abatement at Hoover Drive ... multiple times!

To 7:41AM ~~ After what happened in Greece with the roof clips, or lack of 'em, why would that be surprising?

SCATS said...

The listing for Barnard School has now been posted by Nothnagle. It says the building is in "excellent condition." Notably, it is listed very closely to what its stated assessed value is, unlike the other two properties.

Anonymous said...

Off topic i know! Seriously The Autism Council had no one better that Karen Klien to honor as an "unsung hero"? Someone who does not even do the basics of her job nor even advocated for herself she is not a hero.

Anonymous said...

Well gee 7:41, the professional overpaid Excuse Makers calling themselves Education Administrators did EXACTLY that when they worked hand in glove with their pals from Crapstar Construction.

Crapstar certainly knew waivers could have been had for the SWIMMING POOL, and the overpaid administrator with the fake degree certainly SHOULD HAVE KNOWN.

Hilton should be very proud of their Clown Club Board & Administrators, the BIG sign hangs over the pool, "STOOPUDD".

SCATS said...

To 11:14AM ~~ AGREED! Who in their right mind is going to pay $55 to attend dinner to be in her company?? I think the Autism Council is doing this HOPING she throws a wad of bills their way.

Anonymous said...

Christ!!! The$55 bucks goes to agood cause what's the matter with you people? You might be surprised how many caring people will show up.Unbelievable!,,!!!

Anonymous said...

We here at the Karen Publicity Foundation are so damn happy we found some group that would lend their name to a Karen dinner we could just crap ourselves.

You think it's easy for a group of professional educators in Greece getting anything done? It ain't like we bring any marketable skills to our jobs and it certainly ain't a marketable product we have in Karen.

Then again, we been getting over with this crap for years.

SCATS said...

To 2PM ~~ Then we can count on you going to dinner & reporting back to us? I still think they are hoping to get some of her $$ via this gesture.

Worse yet, on Sunday, The Three Stooges of Greece are going to be spot-lighted together at Frontier Field.

Anonymous said...

SCATS I'm not sure anything would make you happy. If they sell at this price, then you'll say they were underpriced. If they don't, then you'll complain that the district can't sell the properties. What is the correct thing to do in your opinion?

SCATS said...

To 6:07PM ~~ IMHO the assessed value and the asking price should be in the same ballpark. If they aren't it's a signal that something's amiss. Of the three buildings, just one is listed in line with its assessments ... WHY IS THAT??

Anonymous said...

The short simple answer is the fact that they have always been over assessed . The district for some reason never challenged those numbers. Why should they, they don't pay the tax burden, we do. On the other. A prospective buyer aware of the over assessment , would be stupid to pay taxes on property that is not worth the assessed value.
The taxes on the assessed value of the land is a deal breaker from the get go. Then assuming the buildings are updated, knocked down and replaced, a new assessment would would be placed on the improvements or otherwise.
Now, if the buyer is correctly connected, COMIDA to the rescue and another hit on us peons who will pay our full share plus the buyers.
Rest assured , there will be plenty of BACK ROOM POLITICS connected to any potential sale of these properties.
In addition, do any of you believe that the sale of these properties , would have the effect of reducing your school tax bill? NO WAY. As they have done so many times in the past, the district will squirrel away the money in reserve accounts.

Anonymous said...

Re: sprinklers. Hate to burst your bubble, but sprinklers are intended solely to save property. by the time sprinklers go off, you are dead from the heat and smoke.