Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Faster Than A Summer Sitcom Re-Run

BOE Regular Monthly Meeting
Done In 30 Minutes!
  • NO Resident's Forum, NO Union Reps, Almost NO Audience!
  • ALL VOTES UNANIMOUS (except one abstention on staffing)

7.9 staff rehired out of 18 teachers laid-off

K-5 Enrollments rise by 203 pupils in the last 2 weeks
6-12 enrollments rise by 12

BOE Approves COMIDA/PILOT agreement ~ Julia states: "We have realized $12.4million." (WHAT will they use that $$ for?? They certainly didn't lower our taxes! )

Nothnagle Commercial Real Estate hired at reduced (5%) commission to sell district properties at:

1 - 588 Stone Rd. (Barnard School)
2 - 299 Kirk Rd. (Kirk Rd. School)
3 - 133 Hoover Dr. (Odyssey School)

Community has NOT been enlightened about the sale of these properties, especially the status of who "owns" Hoover Drive ... although the BOE has spent a boatload of $$ on legal aspects !



Anonymous said...

Lack of residents probably due to a conflicting PTA function at Arcadia.

Anonymous said...

Duh... BDW is out of town. On her European Cruise.
On a another topic. Why was Debbie Hoeft removed from the Superintendents Cabinet?

SCATS said...

To 10:17PM ~~ So people from Arcadia usually fill boardroom seats? I find it a bit hard to believe that ONLY Arcadia people "care" ... lol

To 11:19PM ~~ Duh? I noticed she wasn't there when at the end of the meeting they didn't offer her a chance to speak. Regardless that, BOE meetings have gotten much like Town Board meetings.

Are you sure Hoeft was removed? Her name, position, bio & pic are still posted on the page for the Supt's Advisory Team.

Anonymous said...

Deb Hoeft is still an Assistant Superintendent, as is Barbara Tomasso. Maybe there are too many Assistants to sit at the tables, really who cares where people sit. If you're so concerned about no residents at Residents' Forum and you have a problem with no discussion why don't you go to Board meetings and ask questions so there will be discussions?

Anonymous said...

The PTA function was for Genesee Valley Region so all of Greece was included.

SCATS said...

To 10:35AM ~~ As if that many parents, teachers, union leaders are really so committed to PTA?? I'm not buying it as the excuse, sorry. It's the middle of Aug. on a stormy evening ... no one could be bothered with a quickie BOE meeting led by Mz. Julia.

To 8:55AM ~~ If you knew ANYTHING about BOE meetings, then you WOULD KNOW that asking questions at a forum of any sort is akin to talking to a brick wall. It is NOT "their policy" to respond. No response equates to NO DISCUSSION.

By the way, I laughed right out reading your contention that "maybe there are too many Assistants to sit at the tables" ... too many chiefs, not enough Indians is the way this place always runs. No wonder our taxes are sky high!

Anonymous said...

Board policy regarding public forum . Speaker can not address an individule board member. Any board member may respond to comments made by the speaker. I'm not sure they are aware of this policy or for that matter any of the policies. The reason they don't respond if they know they can can easily explained. They either have no clue about the subject matter, or more likely, Responding could result in their looking bad. At any rate, they know what ever they say will end up on this site. YIKES!!!
In their way of thinking the best POLICY is silence.