Thursday, August 30, 2012

Prostitute Allegedly Married

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TMZ Reports: "20-year-old former "Wife Swap" star Alicia Guastaferro -- who was arrested for banging a 54-year-old lawyer in exchange for money -- IS MARRIED ... and TMZ has learned, her husband ain't one bit surprised by her antics.

The husband -- a guy named Scott Kleveno -- tells TMZ, he married Alicia last November in Niagara Falls, NY ... but the two separated a few months ago.

According to Scott, Alicia worked as a dancer and had a bad habit of meeting up with male customers ... so he called it quits on the relationship and moved to Florida.

Scott tells us, "With her not coming home on several occasions, the prostitution arrest is no surprise to me."

Scott says Alicia and the 54-year-old lawyer she was allegedly caught in a car with this week have a long history to boot -- having met up several times over the course of Scott's marriage to her.

The husband also says he believes Alicia was involved in prostitution to help her family out of a tough financial situation.

Scott says they're currently going through the divorce process, but nothing is finalized yet."


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't this read Alleged Prostitute Married. Though it certainly looks bad I don't think it has been established once and for all that she is a prostitute The "husbands" evidence is basically a suppostion.

SCATS said...

To 7:19PM ~~ I pondered that before posting it. Since Alicia VOLUNTARILY told a cop she accepts $500-700 the morning after spending the night with him doing sexual favors, pre-arranged a couple nights/month, the title doesn't seem to be in dispute.

Anonymous said...

Either GCSD or the Town of Greece should hire her to be a spokesperson.

It wouldn't matter if she uttered crap, she'd be fun to watch.