Friday, August 10, 2012

Bye-Bye Crescent Beach Hotel

A sign has been posted saying it is FOR SALE or LEASE.

Does anyone know why?

What's happened to this landmark?


Anonymous said...

As the has done many times before with other Restuarant s he owned, the Black Sheep son of the owner, Joe Barry, ran it into the ground, His aversion to paying taxes and suppliers finally caught up with him as before. So this is the end of an era in Greece and the Barry family.
When he took it over several years ago, those of us who know him and watched his past failures, knew it was just matter of time before THE BEACH would suffer the same fate.

Anonymous said...

I checked him out on the Monroe County Clerk's web site......he has had so many state and federal tax liens placed on him in the last 15 years it is amazing the restaurant lasted as long as it did. And why did WHEC sue him? Saw that on the Clerk's web site too.