Friday, August 31, 2012

FBI Investigating Greece

"Baxter said Friday in a statement that he had been assured that the Greece Police Department is not under federal investigation."
SCATS ~~ Really Todd!? As if the FBI would tell YOU!


From YNN:

ANTELLI: “A lot of that information should stay right within this board, because there is an FBI investigation going on about that. I really can't elaborate on that.”
BOARD MEMBER: I'm sorry I missed that part. In regards to what?
ANTELLI: I'd rather not say.
He later tells the board again.
ANTELLI: "And there's an investigation going on and I'm a federal witness. Make sure you mark that down."


Rick Antelli

Shopping for School ...


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Prostitute Allegedly Married

(Mugshot from

TMZ Reports: "20-year-old former "Wife Swap" star Alicia Guastaferro -- who was arrested for banging a 54-year-old lawyer in exchange for money -- IS MARRIED ... and TMZ has learned, her husband ain't one bit surprised by her antics.

The husband -- a guy named Scott Kleveno -- tells TMZ, he married Alicia last November in Niagara Falls, NY ... but the two separated a few months ago.

According to Scott, Alicia worked as a dancer and had a bad habit of meeting up with male customers ... so he called it quits on the relationship and moved to Florida.

Scott tells us, "With her not coming home on several occasions, the prostitution arrest is no surprise to me."

Scott says Alicia and the 54-year-old lawyer she was allegedly caught in a car with this week have a long history to boot -- having met up several times over the course of Scott's marriage to her.

The husband also says he believes Alicia was involved in prostitution to help her family out of a tough financial situation.

Scott says they're currently going through the divorce process, but nothing is finalized yet."

Tuesday, August 28, 2012



<<< --- NEW POLL

I'm going to assume this is a reaction to SCATS' recent postings about out-of-control teacher wish lists/supply lists and even demands for "CASH DONATIONS" instead of school supplies. Seems very likely since the lists I read a couple nights ago have ALL BEEN REMOVED from the GCSD website!

Carol Pallas at tonight's BOE meeting: "We recognize as we study these lists that some of the requests were over-the-top and we worked at making one master supply list that is on the website."

BOE Member Gale O'Toole said this general list is "just in time" because individual supply lists "just came out." Well, Gale, guess what? At a previous BOE meeting it was announced by Carol that individual school supply lists were linked to the GCSD website AND they have been posted and used by most parents already! GCSD once again does TOO LITTLE, MUCH TOO LATE! Responsible parents shop early to catch sales.

(This list is intended to be a list of general supplies that a child will need to begin the school year. It is not all inclusive and items may need to be replenished periodically. The school may also request additional items as needed.)

  • Pencils (one dozen)
  • 2 Pencil Sharpener (manual/hand held)
  • 1 Erasers (pink pearl)
  • 1 Youth scissors (safety/Fiskars, Grades PK-2)
  • 1 Adult scissors (grades 3-5)
  • 5 Glue Sticks
  • 5 Pocket Folders (red green yellow, blue, purple)
  • 1 Box of Crayons (24 count/Crayola)
  • 2 Packs of Post-it/Sticky notes
  • 1 Ruler (12 inch/metric)
  • Composition Notebooks (marble, 2 for Grades 3-5 and 1 for PK-2)
  • 100 Sheets of loose leaf paper (grades 3-5)
  • 1 Binder (3 ring/2 inch, grades 3-5)
  • 2 Spiral Notebooks
  • 1 Package of colored markers or color pencils
  • 1 Package of Dry Erase markers
  • Art Smock (can be old t-shirt)
  • Dry Erase Eraser (can be an old sock)

School Opening Chaos Begins Early

Anonymous said...
Besides the ridiculous supply lists - let's talk about the fact that GCSD just sent out a robo call suggesting bus passes will be sent out Tuesday 9/4 - 2 days before school starts!!! Doesn't leave much time from problem-solving not to mention for parents who need to know bus times in order to decide wether before or after school care is needed. Yet parents are asked to tell transportation of their daycare plans for the fall in APRIL!!!   8/28/2012 5:08

SCATS ~~ Why the delay? The GCSD website promised they would be mailed this week: "Bus passes will be mailed the week of August 27. Once you receive your bus pass, questions can be directed to the Office of Student Transportation Services at 966-2550. "

Off-Duty Cop Hurt During Robbery Attempt

WHEC Reports:

An off-duty Irondequoit Police officer was injured Tuesday morning when someone tried to rob him.

Greece Police say the officer was walking his dog on Latta Road when an unknown man approached him, threatened him with a pair of scissors and demanded property.

Investigators say the off-duty officer, who is not being named, suffered injuries to his arms and shoulders during a physical altercation with the suspect. The officer’s injuries are not considered life-threatening.

Police say the suspect might have a facial wound as a result of the altercation.

The suspect is not in custody. Anyone with information is asked to call 911 or 581-4000

SCATS ~~ Even the off-duty cops aren't safe walking their dogs in Greece!? Time to get a license & a firearm.

Greece Lawyer Arrested

With Daughter of "Wife Swap" Couple
(James Doyle ~ Mugshot)
From YNN:   State Police arrested Rochester-area attorney James Doyle and charged him with DWI and patronizing a prostitute.

State Police say they received numerous calls about an erratic driver on the Thruway near the Clarence service station early Monday morning.
Troopers found the vehicle parked illegally at the Pembroke service area
Investigators say James Doyle was slumped over the steering wheel. Alicia Guastaferro (link added by SCATS ~ her parents were on "Wife Swap"!), 20, was also in the car. She told troopers Doyle gave her a fake ID and bought her alcohol. She also told investigators that Doyle pays her for performing sex acts.
Police say Doyle refused a field sobriety test and he was charged with driving while intoxicated, patronizing a prostitute, and unlawfully dealing with a child .
Guastaferro is charged with criminal impersonation, prostitution, and possession of a controlled substance.
Doyle was arraigned and troopers say Guastaferro will appear at a later date.
SCATS ~~ OMG!! Did Chief Todd run ALL of the hookers out of Greece so now you gotta drive to Buffalo to get one?
More links regarding Alicia:


Monday, August 27, 2012

Ridiculous School Supply "Requests"

I'm disgusted, dismayed, outraged and amazed after scanning through the copious school supply lists posted by Greece Central School District elementary schools! Taken together, I think these lists show a teacher's union that is both out-to-lunch, as well as out-of-control! The examples are plentiful. The ones I list/post are merely a small taste of what parents in this district have to endure so their kids don't miss out on "bonus points, extra credit, check marks" etc. etc. etc. (not to mention injured backs) while hauling loads of office & janitorial supplies, picnic goods and clothing to school. I wonder if SOME of these items should EVER be carried on a school bus!? One school in particular, Brookside, seems to be in desperate need a of a reality check!
  • Three 24 count boxes of #2 pencils ~ parents to sharpen at home ~ for kindergarten! That's 72 pencils for a 5 year old to keep track of during a school year that's approx. 185 days short! Some grade 3-5 schools request 4 boxes for students! Are they eating them?
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste ~ Seriously!?
  • Flushable toilet wipes ~ Exactly WHO is going to be using these ... and where?
  • Napkins, paper plates, paper cups, paper towels ~ Are the kids going to school, or on a year-long picnic?
  • Lysol wipes, Clorox wipes, disinfectant wipes, baby wipes, Wet Wipes ~ Do the ADULTS IN CHARGE know that many of these items have MATERIAL DATA SAFETY SHEETS, which means it's probably NOT a good idea to put them in the hands of 4-10 year olds!?
  • Hand sanitizer ~ It amazes me that a 5 yr. old can't be trusted with a cough drop due to the "drug-free" policy but it's fine to give them something that could blind or poison them!
  • Dish soap & sponges ~ I know Babs wants Greece kids to be "college & career ready" but are they training our tykes to become cafeteria workers?
  • Bulk packages of snacks ~ There's nothing like the carbs/calories in pretzels, goldfish, etc. to supplement a GCSD lunch of "Supreme Nachos" or "Stuffed Cheese Crunchers!" (Those are taken directly from the K-5 Sept. lunch menu posted online ;)
  • A complete change of clothes, including underwear & socks, gym shoes, art smocks ... ~ Sounds like a camping trip, maybe? But then some schools specifically state that book bags should NOT have wheels! I guess it will help develop those "large" muscle groups, if it doesn't injure their spine hauling it around!
  • Aleene's Original Tacky Glue ~ DYSFUNCTIONAL request!! Parents shouldn't have to go to specific stores (craft stores) to buy specifically named/branded products. Speaking of "tacky" ...
  • $5 "Cash Only Donation" for Pre-K students, $15 "Cash Only Donation" for K-5 students at Holmes Rd. School ~ I admit I'm a bit torn over this request. On the one hand, it's SO MUCH EASIER forking over some cash and not having to hunt around a 5-county area locating an orange 3-ring binder to satisfy some crazed teacher with OCD. On the other hand, it makes me wonder several things: 1 - IS THIS LEGAL? Would NYSED approve? I mean we are supposed to be providing a "FREE public education"!; 2 - Will my 5 yr. old be safe carrying $15 cash to school on the bus when we know nobody will save him from the bullies?; 3 - What if my child loses the money?; 4 - Can I deduct this "donation" from my taxes?; 5 - Will teacher provide me with an itemized receipt so I know what she bought for MY child?;  6 -  Does this mean my child will have EVERYTHING they need to complete work at school this year without having to share, or worry about running out?;  7 - Since it's a "donation" ~ which implies I can CHOOSE TO GIVE, OR NOT ~ can I just ignore the request without repercussion to my kid?; 8 - And Finally ... If Holmes Rd can supply Pre-K to grade 2 students with everything they need for $15/child or less, please share HOW THEY DO IT with Greece parents ... and schools like Brookside!

After a quick glance, middle school supply lists appeared to be much less demanding, despite the cost of providing calculators, jump drives and related gear. Maybe those teachers know parents have had enough of this nonsense by the time their kids reach 6th grade.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Greece Town Board Meeting



Monday, August 20, 2012

Where Is The Funding?

In May, we voted on the Greece Central School District budget for the 2012-13 school year. Part of that budget included the fact that 18 teaching positions had been eliminated.

At last week's school board meeting, we were told that 8 teachers were being recalled to work this fall due to rising enrollments at grades K-5.


Was It Arson?

YNN reports:

The Monroe County Fire Bureau & Greece Police Department are investigating a fire that damaged a portion of the former Our Lady of Mercy Rectory on Denise Rd. Sunday afternoon.

The fire was reported by neighbors who said they saw heavy smoke around 2:30pm Sunday afternoon.
Firefighters had the fire under control in less than ten minutes once they were at the scene.

The building is for sale.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Time "To Reel In The Miscreants"

While Chief Todd and pals were emceeing The Dewey Ave./Natl Night Out Against Crime festivities on August 7th, local gang SWAG Money was out doing their mischief about Greece.

From Greece Post 8/16/12, pg. A6:

  • August 7th: Someone damaged a bathroom door at Adeline Park.
  • August 7th: Someone spray-painted "SWAG Money," "666" and more on the front of Buckman Rd. School.
AND ... the night before ...

  • August 6th: Someone accessed the roof of Brookside Elementary School & damaged vents
SCATS ~~ WHY HAVEN'T THESE KIDS BEEN ARRESTED YET? I thought our schools had VIDEO CAMERAS installed at the entrances to provide SECURITY. As I recall, Steve Walts spent money on this after the fire at Buckman Hts!

AnonymousAnonymous said...
You wanna see what some of the Greece Thunder hockey players are up to and who they are emulating? Copy and paste the below web addresses into your browser for a real treat:!/Ethanmordenga/media/slideshow?!/Ethanmordenga/media/slideshow?!/Ethanmordenga/media/slideshow?!/Ethanmordenga/media/slideshow?

Better yet, read some of this kid's Tweets at:

Last I checked "weed" is still illegal...even for 15 year olds.
It is ironic that this young man refers to others as white trash in his tweets.

More of the "I can do whatever I want" attitude that will continue to get the Greece Thunder Hockey Team in trouble. Good luck to the new coach!!! Would someone in the GCSD or GPD please reel in these little miscreants?       8/17/2012 11:05 AM

SCATS~~ I agree!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

"FOR SALE" ... At Bargain Prices


133 Hoover Dr, Greece, NY 14615

MLS # : R190702

List Price: $3,160,000                                   Taxes: $3031

ASSESSMENT: $7,362,500                                LAND: $132,800

School Building for Sale Due to Consolidations. This 105,000 Square Feet Facility is on 8.6 Acres. Formerly Know As Odyssey Academy, It Was a Sixth Through 12 Th Grade Campus Offering a Wealth of Amenities: Full Kitchen/Cafeteria; Full Gym with Motorized Bleachers; Fitness Room, Theatre/Auditorium with Stage & Lighting; Shop Room; Chemistry Labs; Library; Music Room Wing; Newer Vct Classroom Floors; and Much More. Entire Building is Cat 5 Wired for High-Speed Internet and is Also Equipped with Wireless Technology. The Boiler is New. The Roof is in Great Shape. The Building and Grounds Are Spectacular.

Lot: 900 x 420 on  8.6 acres ~~ 105,271 sq ft

299 Kirk Rd, Greece, NY 14612 

MLS # : R190722

List Price: $1,470,000                       taxes: $ 2217

ASSESSMENT: $3,899,700                    LAND: $238,500

Former Kirk Road Elementary School Building for Sale Due to Consolidations. This 48,729 Square Feet Facility is on 15 Acres Nestled in a Quiet Residential Suburban Neighborhood. The Floor Plan is Open and Non-Traditional. Building Amenities Include: Gymnasium, Cafeteria, Full Kitchen; Library; Multi-Purpose Room & Admin Offices. Mechanicals and Structure Are in Excellent Condition. This is An Ideal Location for Residential Developments Such As Senior Housing, Assisted Living, Single Family Homes, Etc. Existing Building Has Central Air and is Perfect for Community Spaces Such As Recreation, Cafeteria, Exercise, Etc.

Lot:  720 x 912 on 15.00 acres ~~ 48,729 sq ft


588 STONE RD, GREECE, NY 14616

MLS#: R190770

LIST PRICE: $1,270,000                               TAXES: $1437

ASSESSMENT: $2,614,900                           LAND: $77,300

Former Barnard Elementary School Building for Sale Due to Consolidations. This 42,179 Square Feet Facility is on 5 Acres Located in the Dewey Avenue Revitalization Mixed Use Corridor, Permitting a Variety of Commercial, Institutional and Residential Uses. The Building Has Two Stories Plus a Full Walk-Out Basement and is in Excellent Condition. Building Amenities Include: Gymnasium, Cafeteria, Stage, Full Kitchen; Multi-Purpose Room & Admin Offices. Mechanicals and Structure Are in Excellent Condition. This is An Ideal Location for Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Or Mixed Use Developments.

LOT: 665 x 633 ON 5.00 ACRES ~~  42,179 SQ FT

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Won't Address Change Create Confusion?

Earlier this year, we heard all about how concerned Ridge Rd. Fire Chief Bud Phillips (and his underling Sean McCabe on the BOE) became when Greece Central announced they wanted to change the names on several schools. He worried there might be some "confusion" if emergency callers used the "old names" when reporting fires or other emergencies to 911 at the impacted buildings. Example, Apollo would become Odyssey Academy and a caller might refer to it as Apollo still. Or that responders might go to Hoover Drive instead ...

Now, we actually DO HAVE a reason to be concerned about calls for emergency services to the old Barnard School building, but Bud Phillips seems totally unconcerned. Greece Central School District waved their magic wand and PRESTO CHANGO, Barnard School's address suddenly changes from 71 Maiden Lane to 588 Stone Road!

Currently, if I call in a fire or other need for emergency services and they pull up to 588 Stone Road, what will they find? Merely a path that leads from Stone Road and cuts behind the building through to Maiden Lane - the street the building actually fronts!

I pity the poor person/s who potentially purchase this property. If they want to have deliveries made, they will need to instruct the carrier that they must enter from Maiden Lane, not Stone Road. Or will they be allowed to change the address back to Maiden Lane? If they do, will it lower their assessment? Will this confusion affect the cost of their insurance? Will customers have problems locating the building? Will they park illegally when they can't locate a lot from the Stone Rd side?

The biggest question of all: Will the charade of changing the address allow GCSD to unload this decrepit building more easily & for more money? Time will tell, but I'm not feeling optimistic.

WHO Are They Trying To Kid?

WHEN Did They Make This Change?

WHERE Was The Public Discussion?


Location, location, location ... that's the real estate sales mantra everyone knows well. What happens when you are trying to unload an antiquated white elephant like Barnard Elementary School that's stuck in between two streets in Greece - one residential & the other more retail/commercial? You change its address from:


*In case they try to sweep that link clean (they've done an amazingly thorough job of removing all references to 71 Maiden Ln), it currently shows the following:
Greece Central School District
Barnard Elementary School
71 Maiden Lane (NOT 588 Stone Rd!!)
Rochester, NY 14616-4037

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Faster Than A Summer Sitcom Re-Run

BOE Regular Monthly Meeting
Done In 30 Minutes!
  • NO Resident's Forum, NO Union Reps, Almost NO Audience!
  • ALL VOTES UNANIMOUS (except one abstention on staffing)

7.9 staff rehired out of 18 teachers laid-off

K-5 Enrollments rise by 203 pupils in the last 2 weeks
6-12 enrollments rise by 12

BOE Approves COMIDA/PILOT agreement ~ Julia states: "We have realized $12.4million." (WHAT will they use that $$ for?? They certainly didn't lower our taxes! )

Nothnagle Commercial Real Estate hired at reduced (5%) commission to sell district properties at:

1 - 588 Stone Rd. (Barnard School)
2 - 299 Kirk Rd. (Kirk Rd. School)
3 - 133 Hoover Dr. (Odyssey School)

Community has NOT been enlightened about the sale of these properties, especially the status of who "owns" Hoover Drive ... although the BOE has spent a boatload of $$ on legal aspects !


Saturday, August 11, 2012

BOE Meeting Tues. @6:30PM


It is anticipated that the BOE will go into an Exec. Session at 5:30PM to discuss collective bargaining, the employment history of particular person(s) & pending litigation.


School Opening Update/Communication Priorities
Staffing/Class size Update

DASNY Refunding Bonds (What the heck is this??)

Listing Agreement for Three Properties

SCATS ~~ Why is there no document posted for that last item?? Can we assume that GCSD will be selling the Hoover Dr. facility, Barnard School & Kirk Rd? Do we actually OWN the Hoover facility?? Once again, WHERE IS THE DISCUSSION?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Bye-Bye Crescent Beach Hotel

A sign has been posted saying it is FOR SALE or LEASE.

Does anyone know why?

What's happened to this landmark?

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Next Week At Northgate Plaza ...

Bussed In* From The 10th Ward & Beyond ...

* RGRTA has redone their bus routes in anticipation of Walmarts' opening

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Beware The 5-Year Water Meter Read ...

Recently, a meter reader from the Monroe County Water Authority stopped by and asked to come in to read the water meter. Since his visit was unexpected and totally out-of-the norm (it's been many years, going back to when the Town of Greece turned things over to the County, since anyone has asked to come inside to read the water meter), I questioned the reason for it. He said, "I'm here to do the 5-year meter read." I pointed out it's been well over a decade since anyone else had done so and I asked why now. He pointed to a printout that shows the Monroe County Water Authority last came in our home to read the meter in 1999. I told him that it's 2012 now ... 13 years since the last visit, not 5. He said they are "working to catch up."

I can't help but wonder if this magical math might be related to Maggie Brooks and an attempt to "clean up" behind her administration in the event she wins against Slaughter ... very odd. Has anyone else been visited?

Who Pays If Baxter Gets Injured??


Photo from Badge of Honor Assn's Facebook page

Monday, August 06, 2012

Why Do We Pay For The Big White Tent?

And All Of The Activities
That Take Place Beneath It??

Anonymous said...
The Great White Tent, ya know that reminder of the times when the Circus played under the big top over there in front of Town hall.

Sunday there was a concert/singalong scheduled for the TENT. Along came Thunder, lightning, Mother Nature and the people putting the concert on moved it into Town Hall. Good thinking.

Th question is though, why the hell are Greece taxpayers paying for that damn tent? Doesn't seem more than a mile to a gigantic enclosed (at least till wind blows the walls down) mega performing arts center paid for by TAXPAYERS. There's even a rumor of a $100,000 piano living in a climate controlled room.

Seems like when GCSD was scamming the public to vote to build and pay for the arts center there was plenty of talk about community use.

Instead of people sitting in comfortable chairs in the performing art center, more tax money is blown on a tent so people can sit on rented chairs that ain't comfortable unless it rains.

Seems like Greece taxpayers are getting screwed twice!    8/06/2012 3:25 AM

SCATS ~~ More than twice!! We're footing the bill for all sorts of catered events that occur beneath it too!

Friday, August 03, 2012

Pension Perk Sure To Irk Some ...

Anonymous said...
One of the local news stations is reporting that while private pension recipients pay state income taxes on income above $20,000, those receiving a state pension pay no taxes at all on their pension income. Maybe a public outrage can help eliminate this unbelievable disparity on the state tax code. C'mon already! Most of the private pension recipients get a lower amount to start with, then they pay taxes on most of it while their puiblic retiree neighbors get a free ride on state taxes??? What gives???   8/03/2012 7:42 PM


"Currently, anyone over the age of 59 1/2 from the private sector will pay state income tax on a pension above $20,000.

But I-Team 10 has learned that retired government workers and teachers pay no state income tax at all on their pensions...something that got us wondering why they're entitled to special tax breaks that aren't available to everyone else.

So we went to the state's top fiscal watchdog for an explanation. Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli oversees the state pension fund. He says the tax break is an incentive to keep New Yorkers from migrating to other states.

"I think we need to keep in mind that 80% of the retirees from our system choose to live in New York. Perhaps having that tax break is one reason why they live here," says DiNapoli.

But if that's the argument, why not make that break available to everyone?"

More on this during the news after the Olympics Friday night.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Braddock's Bay Dredging Delayed

The ongoing saga of getting the job done  continues, before summer ends and boaters call it quits for another year. Notice how Town of Greece Deputy Supervisor Jeff McCann sits mute in the video.


National Night Out/Dewey Ave Family Festival

The Town of Greece will participate in the National Night Out Against Crime

When: Tuesday, August 7 from 5:00 – 8:00PM.

Location: Barnard Fire Department & Bethany Presbyterian Church

Parents Beware!!

Not All "Picture Books" Are For Kids!

From I Am A Pole
by Stephen Colbert

The pic above is from an " adult picture book" a child chose off the shelf in the children's section at the main branch of the Greece Public Library. The parent had NO IDEA until reading it to her kids at home that it was AN ADULT BOOK! Talk about uncomfortable moments with youngsters ...

It turns out the book was improperly shelved by library staff. Oops!