Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tuesday ~ BOE Meeting & Hearing

It is anticipated that the BOE will go into an Exec. Session @5:30 PM to discuss collective bargaining, the employment history of particular person(s) & pending litigation.

Public Hearing on Code of Conduct, 6:30PM, Sign up to Speak begins at 6:00PM
(This policy is now 33 pages long!! How do they expect children, or even parents, to remember that much crapple?)

District Results 2012

Strategic Plan Update/Data Summit Review

School Opening Update



"District personnel who interact with students are expected to use disciplinary action only when necessary and to place emphasis on the students’ ability to develop self-discipline." (pg. 11)

SCATS ~~ So ... this is up to each individual employee to decide? How does this fit into the need to be consistent, fair and deal with the problem when it occurs?

"Discipline is most effective when it deals directly with the problem at the time and place it occurs, and in a way that students view as fair and impartial. School personnel who interact with students are expected to use disciplinary action only when necessary and to place emphasis on the students’ ability to grow in self-discipline." (pg. 15-16)

SCATS ~~ Please tell me how a Superintendent's Hearing ever deals with the problem at the "time and place it occurs"? It doesn't!

"Disciplinary action, when necessary, will be firm, fair, and consistent so as to be the most effective in changing student behavior." (pg.16)

SCATS ~~ There's no such thing as consistent application of discipline within any Greece school, let alone between Greece schools!


Anonymous said...

This is hopelessly vague. "Only when necessary" has to be linked to an objective to be meaningful. “Only when necessary to ensure student safety” is different from “only when necessary to ensure order and decorum”, both of which differ from “only when necessary for student learning”…

There is no abstract necessity, only necessity with respect to achieving objectives.

Anonymous said...

Your Super is just planting another nice flower bed for you..... Don't work the crap
underneath will soon be dug up. She is a great actress, I give that much....he he he ......

Anonymous said...

Will the clowns at the head table sing & dance too?

Will Baxter be there with the Bunny Squad to arrest offending citizens illegally again?

Only the Shadow knows.

Meanwhile, Lyndonville continues to auction off crap Babs stuck them with. Anybody need a slightly used projector?

Anonymous said...

You guys are just a bunch of whiners. Why don't you all do something productive with your lives and actually help education than just continuing to complain about it. And I'm sure SCATS you will respond with some senseless comment but plain and simple you are a waste of space and a disgrace to Greece.

Anonymous said...

Time to take a smile pill. The world is NOT ending.

SCATS said...

To 11:24AM ~~ Remember that next time Greece Central ends up on the CBS Evening News, AC 360 & the Today Show ;)

Anonymous said...

As a rule, a Superintendant s meeting only take place when the parent of the student or students involved, bitch about the action taken by building administrators.Never at or shortly after the incident occurs. Even after that, the parents can ask for a hearing before the BOE if things don't go their way the Superintendant 's hearing.

Anonymous said...

The most effective and practical use of the 33 pages would to print them on toilet paper.

Seriously, even the kids that are marginal in their reading skills will look them over and put them to the test on the first day of school when they knowingly violate a select few then sit back and watch to see what actions are taken by their teachers and building administrators in the aftermath.
If the past is an indication of what will and will not happen, these rules will not be enforced as those in charge will become the THREE MONKEYS., hide in their closets and under their desks so as not to observe breaches of the rules. THE INMATES WIN AGAIN!!!