Friday, July 13, 2012

Thumbing Their Noses @ Court Order


SCATS ~~ So now we've got some "clergy" who begins AND ends every sentence with "Lord." Could this group be any more arrogant?


Anonymous said...


Part of the problem, of course, is that as a society (and especially in our schools) we no longer teach or model proper non-sectarian prayer. Those who have never been taught how to do it, e.g. by studying the public prayers and ceremonial religious utterances of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson etc., simply have no idea how to do it right.

American social and communitarian political prayer, as demonstrated by the founders, preached dependence on and submission to a sovereign God or Lord of providence and judgement, otherwise unspecified and left to the public's interpretation.

"Lord", btw, is not a Christian reference (though "Lord Jesus" is). It is a Greek custom for euphemistically referring to the unnamed or unmentionable specific name of God (YHWH for those of us in the Judeo-Christian tradition, but also Zeus/Dias for other Greeks of the Septuagint era).

Anonymous said...

To 5:55 AM - Very well articulated! Thanks for a very clear statement.

Anonymous said...

Hey SCATS why aren't we meowing about the big PURGE at Unity Hospital?

Over 70 long time employees including Mr Swill who ran food services being walked out the door.

Is Unity safe? Are any senior staff left, the people who know what they are doing?

Warren Hearn would rather pay overtime to inexperienced people than retain Senior Managers.

Unity has announced a 2% raise across the board this year. How much ya think Warren & the boys gave themselves?

How long till Unity sinks and Strong takes them over?

SCATS said...

To 3:11AM ~~ I heard there were layoffs. Your comment is the first to give any insight. You REALLY think Strong could/would take Unity on??

Anonymous said...

Unity is now a hellhole for senior staff.
Since Hearn took the big chair after the retirement of the man who built Unity it's been a constant process of firing employees who have been around too long for Hearn's Cost/Benefit projections.
Over 50, get sick or hurt and take some of your PTO, you're HISTORY. IF you have friends, you might get to come back as a perdiem employee with no benefits, long as you're willing to work cheap.

Unity has managed to play fast & loose with the laws since it began with the merger of PR & St Marys. I dare you to find a printed employee manual before 2010 when they quickly put the manual on the internal network without telling employees or managers.

Managers have been walking the plank since January 2011. After all, OLD managers get sick or injured and take time off. Former VP initials C. S. hauled managers in and told them what Unity planned for their retirement date. If they didn't agree, they walked the plank a few months later. CS saw the writing on the wall and bailed out in April 11. Her reign of terror is now called the happy time.

The lack of experience is becoming a hazard to patients and young staff. The computer knows all, so sayeth Hearn.

Unity knows the personality that made OLD health care workers unlikely to go to the State or Feds. They also know most of the people they walk out the door can't or won't lay down a couple thousand to hire a lawyer. Unity's belief has largely been borne out. They also know most employees don't socialize, so once an employee is cut out of the Unity email they don't exist.

If 1199 had any desire to organize Unity employees, this would be the time to do it.

Can Strong buy Unity?
Remember a few years back when Strong wanted to open a facility at Long Pond & English? Unity asked Town politicians to kill it, and the politicians did because of the number of Unity employees living in Greece. That won't happen again.

Who took over Brockport? Unity can't even expand market share in Brockport. They tried, it died.

Unity Health, unsafe at every turn.
They just squeaked through JC survey because the surveyors didn't realize the information provided was from when Unity had experienced management. Once certified, Unity canned the remaining experienced people.

Will Strong make a move?
I damn well hope so.

Anonymous said...

The court said they cannot say "Lord" or they cannot say "Lord and Savior?" What was the specific language the court banned? I don't what an interpretation from anyone, just what were are now banned from being said in a town building. Thanks

SCATS said...

To 8:01AM ~~ I saw nothing that gave specific language that was banned so perhaps interpretation is required. Besides, I've never heard ANY prayer littered with so many mentions in such a short time. It was obviously done to make a point. Auggie never misses an opportunity to thumb his nose ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, so there's no "banned" words. Then what is Brian complaining about?

Did the town say, only these religions can come here and pray?

Or does Brian what the town to ban content?

If that's the case, then just come out and say it.

"I want government to block these specific words from being used."

Why does Brian keep dancing around the topic?

SCATS said...

To 12:56PM ~~ I said that I saw. This isn't solely Brian's complaint. In fact he had nothing to do with the court case, so why are you barking up his tree? Of course, everyone knows why ... ;)

Anonymous said...

SCATS, to your comment "I've never heard ANY prayer littered with so many mentions in such a short time", I've heard plenty of them. It's usually a sign of a young or inexperienced prayer leader. It is the pastoral equivelent of "ummm", something you throw in to buy time to compose what you're about to say next.

SCATS said...

To 4:32PM ~~ OK I buy that. I was thinking it sounded like someone plucked off the sidewalk at the last minute. Maybe it was ...? lol