Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Greece Eclipse & Attica Girls Soccer Teams Fined For Melee*

  • Teams fined $500 each
  • Eclipse player barred for rest of season, fined $400
  • Coaches fined for NOT controlling crowds & their teams
  • ALL FINES by team ($1550 Eclipse; $850 Attica)

   SCATS ~~ Finally, someone is starting to take the attitudes of Greece athletic teams, players, coaches & supporters seriously! It's about time!!
* ~ As reported by 13WHAM on noon news & internet posting later


Anonymous said...

How about barring parents for the rest of year and beyond.
Today's sports parents are the problem in the first place.While their kids are on the field trying to have fun, the Parents are involved in fingerprinting at each other for the way each others kids ar e performing. If their not arguing with each other, they start to harras players on the other team and their parents. The results are predictable and shameful during and after the contest ends. Especially true at the end. Great roll models for their children. These actions by parents at these events begs a question. DOES ANY ONE NOT KNOW WHY SOME OF OUR KIDS ARE OUT OF CONTROL WHEN IT COMES TO DISCIPLINE AND RESPECT ? If your answer was their parents you get an A+ Since children are a reflection of their parents and their own conduct in their lack of respect for others, it s seems only natural for their children to mimic them when involved with others. In my opinion, parenting today is generally in one sorry state of affairs. My concern is that knowing and seeing this going on now, what does the future hold when today's children become tomorrows parents.

Anonymous said...

The Greece team's fines are almost twice the visiting team's. It appears that Greece was twice as culpable as Attica. Pretty much in line with everything I've ever heard about Greece crowds over the years.

Anonymous said...

Soooooo .........I want to know who the coaches are of the Greece Team. Channel 10 news has a posting that states a coach and assistant coach were fined.

This behavior is ridiculous. Parents be real....your kid is not going to get a full ride to college by playing summer soccer nor is he/she going to make a living off of it. An Abby Wambach comes along once in a life time and your little girlies are not even in her league.

Parents....sit down. Shut up or stay home!

From a former travel and varsity soccer mom.

Anonymous said...

First of all to think this is only a Greece "thing" is far from the truth. This is just one of many Towns or soccer teams that have issues. I here there are just as many that are guilty of the same behavior on the Eastside however god forbid there be any new about the Eastside in a negative way.

Anonymous said...

This behavior is why we pulled out girls from GGSL 4 years ago. Parents an coaches were out of control. It was no longer the recreational league of years gone by.

Anonymous said...

Will the taxpayers pick the tab up for these fines?

If so, WHY?

Anonymous said...

NO These teams are not district operated. They are independent and supported by the parents and fund raising. The team pays all the fines out of their operating funds. So actually the parents end up paying the fines out of the cost to have their kids play in that league.

Anonymous said...

11:57 these are private soccer clubs there will be no public money paid for fines.

Anonymous said...

Scats how this for irresponsible behavior


"But board member Joseph Quirk said these and more problems would have to be addressed in the future.
"I think its going to bring tech into the classroom," Quirk said. "If there are issues down the road we can always come back and address them, but we're in the 21st century. Gulp and go forward and see what happens."
Now, I don't know about anyone else, but what Quirk said says it all about the disfunctionality of this board and how out of touch they are with reality. This is just another "Karen Klien" moment ready to happen. Apparently making comments that are as idiotic as this one are the norm on this BOE.

SCATS said...

To 9:13AM ~~ We're on the same wavelength! I wrote that quote down as it was drooled from his mouth. Thanks for the reality check ;)