Sunday, July 01, 2012

Re-Engagement Center @ West Ridge School

Position Title: Acting Coordinator Middle School Re-Engagement Center @ WR - INTERNAL CANDIDATES ONLY

Salary/Pay Scale: Competitive (GASA Contract)

* Must possess a valid New York State administrative certificate (SAS/SDA, or SDL) or be eligible for the same;
* Knowledge of the NYS assessments and curriculum;
* Five (5) years experience as a classroom teacher, teacher leader or coach preferred;
* Meeting or exceeding standards as a teacher as determined by the Professional Performance Review Process;
* Proven success as a classroom teacher with students with learning challenges and high needs;
* Commitment to and belief in high achievement of all learners and commitment to ongoing professional development to meet the needs of all learners;
* Demonstrated leadership skills;
* Ability to understand and integrate technology;
* Ability to identify and access resources both material and human to address individual student needs;
* Ability to establish a rapport with students with diverse needs;
* Creative problem solver demonstrating an ability to monitor and adjust to individual student needs;
* Ability to build relationships and communicate with various external agencies, administrators and staff district wide to support student needs



  • Administers and oversees Middle School Re-Engagement program: collaborates with administrative team as appropriate
  • Provides leadership for students to ensure mastery of course expectations using Right Reasons Technologies and alternate methods
  • Provides leadership for students in preparation for proficiency examinations
  • Supports alternate teaching and engagement strategies to support students exhibiting learning gaps
  • Engage with instructional team in Professional Learning Community to identify what students need to know, assess knowledge/skills, respond using tiered interventions matched to learner needs
  • Facilitates communication and fosters teamwork between and among students, staff, parents, and community; Facilitates outreach and intake services based on strength-based assessment
  • Provides discipline for students with behavioral issues; Assures compliance with special education regulations; Provides professional guidance to staff through ongoing communication, observations and evaluations
  • Other duties as assigned

TIME: GASA Calendar Year (annual appointment)

RATE OF PAY: Competitive (GASA Contract)

REPORTS TO: Superintendent


Dr. Carol Pallas – Assistant Superintendent, Schools



Anonymous said...

Wow everything old is new again. Remember when Westridge was first closed and it was used as the alternative school for junior high at that time. Then it was a senior and community center named after an administrator Holzt. Continuing education headquarters and the alternative type of education seem to be passed around like a bad check.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, is this yet another attempt at a Greece "Alternative School"?

Anonymous said...

is this something new? Was this "re-engagement center' created for these 4 boys??

Anonymous said...

OH Goodie- we're making it up as we go along.


Reports to Babsie- how special. Babsie has shown GCSD contracts don't mean a damn thing to her, she never intended to buy a house, she didn't buy a house, and the Board of Dullards said Thanks Babs, here's your raise.

So folks,
We got 4 pisspots who NEED a good straightening out.
That should be a PARENTAL job, but the damn fool taxpayers will be footing the bill for complete parental failure.

Hillside exists- could have been a good experience for 4 suburban badboys.

St Josephs exists - again a positive place to park 4 pisspots.

NOPE, Babsie has a friend with a certificate, and a big fat budget to play with. 1Administrator, that's about $200,000 a year with benefits.

How many UNION teachers will be needed to interact with the punks at how much a year?

We are getting SO SCREWED!
No wonder they are still partying in Waterport.

SCATS said...

To 10:10PM ~~ Greece Central is a "green" school district. We recycle everything!!

To 11:11PM ~~ That's the question of the hour!

To 11:20PM ~~ Actually, the BOE didn't raise Babs' salary. Letting her off the hook for a house in Greece was "priceless."

Anonymous said...

They will have to go outside the district to find someone who really qualifies. Non exist in this district but one of the Sorority. Sisters will get the job. Any way

Anonymous said...

11:20 pm I just want to point out that St Josephs and Hillside are not the correct places for these boys. To suggest that they are indicates you are really not aware of the populations that those agencies serve. If who they serve is not enough to change your mind the cost alone should...well over $150k a year for residential school services.

This "center" is new and was not at WR previously. There was a private agency renting space for a high- school program and they have not been at WR for 1 year.

I believe that this is new and in place as part of the district plan to comply with the Dignity for All Students act. Personally I would like to see it expanded to include all students that have lack of respect, non-special ed behavior problems and so forth...make this the new school of "choice" :0

Charlie Hubbard said...

I heard over and over from building supervisors that they spend 95% of their time on 5% of the kids. For me it was very simple - get those 5% out the regular school lets get serious about 'learning' and teaching the other 95%. Unfortunatly central office was not in favor and of course the building supervisors union would not speak out. I always felt 'this' is what Odyssee should have been used for. For those who don't want to follow the rules - get out - we have another school for you. It would be money well spent but only if we 'mean what we say' and 'say what we mean'.
It is time for the adults to start running our schools and be willing to be held accountable $$$$.
If this is the focus of the super - I applaud her.

Anonymous said...

I don't think this is new program or position. A 7th grade neighbor has been attending "special school" for the past several years after having a bunch of disciplinary issues. I remember when he said he wasn't going to be able to attend the neighborhood school because of his problems and I asked where he'd be going, he told me he had to go to West Ridge.

SCATS said...

It's pretty obvious that once again the masses haven't been enlightened about how GCSD is spending our money. It's also clear that we haven't been informed of what is planned for the vacated buildings, like Barnard (now holding old library books!) and West Ridge. I heard mention that Kirk Rd and Odyssey will be sold. Again, they haven't bothered to tell us what the legal info is on Odyssey regarding ownership, etc.

Anonymous said...

This punishment is just a smokescreen put up by GCSD to take our attention away from the real issue. It's not really about the "punishment." It isn’t even about the bullying, or bad parents, or bad kids, or Klein herself not writing kids up... it all STARTS with how freaking UNTOUCHABLE Unions are – which is why their members are put in positions were they are basically on the dole as long as they just show up.

Karen Klein was a union bus driver and instead of being out of a job when she should have been, the union had the power to get her transferred somewhere else to collect a paycheck. It’s not done in the best interest of the customers, taxpayers, kids, parents, or other district employees. It’s done in the name of the Union exercising its power. It’s not even done in the employee’s (Klein’s) best interest (other than the $$). The union and its GCSD patsies put Klein in a dangerous position.

I know it’s a job that doesn’t pay much and therefore it’s hard to find qualified people. But in that case… don’t even HAVE the position! The bus would have been much better off without a bus monitor. What do you think happens when other kids are bullies? Why would they tell an adult when there is an adult sitting right there doing NOTHING!?! I’ve been around union employees enough to know that this is probably not an incident isolated to Karen Klein. She’s probably typical of MOST (I know not ALL) GCSD bus monitors.

Anonymous said...

Hoover dr is not owned by the district so tell me how they could sell it? And who the hell would buy Barnard School for anything else but a parking lot. Hold on considering what's happening at Dewey Stone, HUD might buy it and turn it into low class housing.

Anonymous said...

to me it would have been better to close and sell West Ridge because of its location and turn Barnard into the alternative school for the same reason because a large segment of the population would come from the surrounding neighborhood well within walking distance hence no need to transport.

SCATS said...

To 1:23PM ~~ I agree! But it sure does make them look good in the media ;)

To 1:52PM ~~ I thought the samething as you. Last week, they said they were selling those two buildings. A few weeks ago, I heard them say their lawyers were making sure that the other side in the will had made good on all of their responsibilities over time, too. Maybe some agreement was reached??

To 2:01PM ~~ We were told that West Ridge IS closed!! But we can't sell it because the addition put on by Christa isn't owned by us until 2020.

SCATS said...

Ok, maybe I didn't hear them include Barnard School in the info given at the BOE meeting. I just checked the Board Briefs document posted & it states:

"Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Administrative Services Scott Hoot also said that district officials are working with a
commercial realtor to determine how best to market the Kirk Road, Barnard and Hoover Drive buildings. Once a timeline and
process is defined in July, he will provide the Board with more information."

Anonymous said...

1:23. We have a union in name only The Teamsters had nothing to do with her being reassigned. It was the head of transportation that transferred her to the position of monitor. So if you want to blame someone for her sudden prosperity, blame the district,. The phantom union that is cozy cozy with administrators like Kim O'Conner had absolutely nothing to due with her position.
As a district employee, I am absolutlely hysterical that poor excuse for a school district got the International black eye failed to deal with disciplinary problems on our buses Tha has been going of for years inspite of our efforts to get them to correct the problem.
This incident not only got their attention but thankfully for us and the safety of our kids on they have no choice to deal with it. We all saw this coming and quite frankly we are relieved that the incident responsible did not involve someone injured seriously.
The irony here is that it took a video taken by those jerks back fired on them and not our many complaints and many useless referrals that found their way into the appropriate file the circular one nearest their desk.

SCATS said...

To 6:36PM ~~ While I totally understand what you're saying, that video also clearly shows a union member FAILING TO DO HER DUTIES. And she admitted she took no action afterwards either. All around, it was a huge FAIL for GCSD.

Anonymous said...

Scats if I didn't know better I would swear that you are in fact Charlie Hubbard. Although you both have one thing in common, both Union haters and district employee haters
As a former Yellow Boxer, I can understand Chucky's position . What is it that prompts you to react like wise?

Anonymous said...

Based on the job posting and the fact that West Ridge has moved it appears that the reengagement facility will be at the new WR campus. I say that as the posting could have omitted location but did not and we all know that with the consolidation the WR name is going to the new building.

So this is contradictory to the press release that said non campus location...was is worded so that they could later say it is a broad term and really meant Non campus as is not on Athena property? I wonder how the SOC WR families feel about this as a possibility. I bet they never new that there was in fact a NON DISTRICT Alternative HS program operating for years along side the K-5 children on Chesterton.

SCATS said...

To 9:08AM ~~ I don't "hate unions." But I've yet to see ANY GOOD for the students come from having unions operating in public education. Entitlements & excuses ... that's what drives them.

Anonymous said...

7 PM I you r comments regarding Klein , would it not have been enough to say that as aDISTRICT EMPLOYEE, SHE FAILED TO DO HER DUTIES? Why did you choose to identify her as A UNION MEMBER. What may I ask that fact had any thing to do with her response to the entire affair.Are you implying that if she was a non union employee she would have reacted differently? If so, your reasoning for taking that position.
In my opinion, the negativity attached to this incident has more to do with her sudden windfall from a video posted by one of these idiots, and not whether or not she did her job. To me it's so obvious it is another stain on this community by actions of a few envious Individules who can not get over her $ 600.000 given to her by caring people around the World as an expression of support and sympathy for the humiliation she endured at the hands of bullies
In this case MONEY BEING THE ROUTE OF ALL EVILcan certainly be applied.

SCATS said...

To 9:49AM ~~ It has nothing to do with "envy" and EVERYTHING TO DO WITH the fact she (as many who have come before her) complained these kids had been out-of-control often in the past. However, SHE DID NOT DO ANYTHING to get the situation rectified before we became internationally acclaimed as a hugely DYSFUNCTIONAL school district. Why waste money on union dues if you can't get them to help you out, back you & others up when something isn't working well? I don't hear her, or her union saying one damned word about discipline issues on school buses. If you can't speak up, then there's "no problem."

SCATS said...

By the way 9:49AM ~~ If money were an issue for me, I'd have started making $$ off this BLOG years ago ;)

Anonymous said...

Scats: Thanks you your last post is the truth! Again the money is not affirming she did her job, it is a response to how the boys acted and how outraged people are with entitled youth and people in general.

Get this if she walked up and at the very least TOLD the driver then if it continued I guess she would be the "victim". She made no effort to curb the behavior and in one video she is engaging in the banter with the boys. The bottom line she was not offended not hurt until the media blitz made her the poor victim. ( For the record the way the boys acted was disgusting and should be punished) The reality is in our district and I am sure others, students are acting out and when incidents are reported, those in charge DO NOTHING!

FYI if the district claims suspensions are down it is because the HS no longer suspend for most behavior and instead give a Saturday DETENTION! It makes it look better than what it is to the state. So and F you to the teacher simply means see you on Saturday...if you parent drives you that is.

SCATS said...

To 10:14AM ~~ THANK YOU for having the guts to actually say what I've been thinking all along! ... "if she walked up and at the very least TOLD the driver then if it continued I guess she would be the "victim"."

BINGO!! Klein isn't really a "victim" because she did NOTHING to "protect" herself, not before, not during, not after! In reality she's just sitting there for a bus ride everyday, collecting a paycheck, like so many others who "work" in Greece Central. In my opinion, Klein should be ashamed to collect a huge payout when she had to be instructed DAYS AFTERWARD to file her written incident report.


Anonymous said...

Follow up to my last pos at 1015t... Look at the districts form that students are to fill out they are a victim! The students are being asked to accept responsibility for reporting yet many in the community are absolving a grown paid adult of the same requirement.

Anonymous said...

Here are the links

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of the "re-engagement center" before they announced that this was where these kids were going to go.

Is it just me, or does anyone else think that a year at this "re-engagement center" is more to protect these kids than "punish" them?

I bet the parents didn't want them to go back to their regular school with all the controversy surrounding them. They might be ostracized and criticized and called out by their peers and that would make them feel bad. We can't have that.

SCATS said...

To 11:23AM ~~ I wouldn't be surprised at all if this "center" was designed specifically out of a need to house these 4 kids.

I'm still waiting to hear where we send employees who perform the duties of their jobs ... hmmm ... ?

Anonymous said...

You are all right. Possibly they were offered long term suspension which comes with the need to educate the kids on their home turf. Usually this is done with tutors at the kids homes or neutral ground. Not on school property. These kids were probably seen as not being able to take care of themselves all day long while the parents were at work. Not really good for latch-key kids. So the parents get free babysitting instead of having to pay for childcare during the suspension. They also get the kids driven to the facility almost in a witness protection style vehicle. They will be segregated from the kids at their home school until it dies down or the parents can relocate.
Those kids will never return to the athena school. They are so notorious they can only remedy this situation by moving to another area and not connecting with each other. One tip would set off more harassment of these kids in their new locale. They should change their names. Has anyone heard about the offer to Karen to host her own talk show? Audience hecklers encouraged to help raise sympathy and funds. Let's not get started on the many possibilities for advertisers.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but all yos a --- kissing Scats supporters are wrong If you really watched the video you would seen her crying as she obsorbed the barrage of insults the were designed to get an altogether different reaction. You could her the frustrations expresses by these $300.000 homes thugs as they tried to push the right button to get her to react with the language that would have been descriptive of these punks. Or better yet, catch her on tape physically reacting toward the coward who was in her face and actually put his hands on her.
The problem with you Scats clones is that can't recognize an obvious SET UP when you see it.If she had reacted as they expect her to do, what part of the video would have put on web. Then you people would be all over for exceeding her authority, of which she had none and she knew it.
you don't work for this district forn23 years without realizing that in issues related to discipline,you are being paid to with instructions not to actually do what.'s necessary to deal with these incidents. If you care to keep your job 23 yrs experience you learn how not to make waves and keep your job. Those with less experience no longer work for the district as they were fired because THEY TRIED TO DO THEIR JOB.
As far as notifying the bus driver. As a former driver myself it's difficult at best not to see what's taking place behind you with that huge mirror over your head that gives the driver a clear view of everything going on behind him or her and totally deaf not to hear what's being said,
The only fault I find with her performance was whether or not it was worth it to write up these. Hoods In so doing she was negligent and failed to do the most important thing to CYA. Very important when working for the mean spirited bosses and ineffective protection from a Pretend Union Local working on behalf of the district administrators and not the dues paying members
One last thing,as a transportation employee, you must become a dues paying member whether you want to or not, It's theLAW.

Anonymous said...


SCATS said...

To 4:33PM ~~ They were talking about a movie and book deal a few days after the video made us famous. Who would play Klein?? Rosie O'Donnell isn't interested lol JUST KIDDING :D

Anonymous said...

2:27 You must have overlooked when she pulled out her cel phone and smiled as to imply she was videoing them. You are no different than parents that hold their children accountable for nothing and to no one, you are an enabler.

As for calling me an A kisser whatever you need to do so you can feel better about your position. I work in a job much like this in a school. I am paid even less and expected to do as much if not more than her. I take my job seriously and FULLY understand my duties. I do not fear retaliation for simply writing a referral or even WAIT FOR IT...speaking directly to the principal. I am fully aware that I may disagree with what happens after such action but none the less I have done my job.

It is not even about money, it is that this case HIGHLIGHTS the extreme disfunction of our district and probably many others. I don't hate unions. I do find it concerning that it appears KK is not fully able to do the job duties as outlined per job description but she has the job because of union "rules" and probably the GCSD would fear a lawsuit from a senior that would be let go.

TWO issues: Ill mannered repulsive acting children and an employee that after the FIRST day of VIDEOing took NO ACTION which ALLOWED the now infamous video to be made.

:) If I am and A-kisser the Litter Box must be custom with a bidet cause I smell nothing but the TRTUH.

Anonymous said...

Since the kids involved have been publicized it is no secret that they all live on the same block. Those houses are all assessed at around 90.000 at most. Not 300,000. They live in much the same style and level as Karen.

Anonymous said...

I don't care if Karen gets a book or not, and I damn sure won't go to see the movie.

I'm thinking Babs is blowing a hell of a hole in the budget with the Delinquent Center when superior venues exist such as Have a Happy day at Hillside, and good luck getting back home. These punks can't hold a candle to Hillside darlings in need of treatment. Greece punks don't last in Hillside!

What concerns me is the COST.

Maybe Babs can follow the example of Langhorn Pa, sell one of GCSD's empty and useless buildings on Ebay.
Hell Langhorn won't even turn the building over to the buyer, GCSD has actual buildings to shed.

Go Babs, weave your magic one more time, just like the computers you bought for thousands and sold for dimes. GCSD is hot right now Babs, strike while the iron is hot!

SCATS said...

To the Union Supporter ~~ You say there "ain't a damn thing" anyone can do about you or your union. Well, I just deep-sixed your comment ... ahhhh!! Feels so good :)~

Anonymous said...

The rengagment center was not started just for these kids, but was in the budget presentation in the spring. They even posted and presumably filled a teacher spot at the engagement center in May.

Anonymous said...


I am not sure where to post this and realize it does not pertain to this thread so your assistance is most appreciated.

Its that time of year where the graduation party circuit is in full swing. Several times at the last few events, a tenured GCSD teacher has been observed talking about some of her past students' academic performance to other GCSD parents and children.

She does not present them in a positive light and goes on to even indicate that she did whatever she could to make their lives more difficult while she was involved with them because she didn't like the parents or them.

She appears to be very proud of how much influence she can have. We know the ones she talks about and ironically they have gone on to do better in sports, land better internships and get better grades than the ones(mostly her own children) she brags about that she promoted.

We find her conversations very unbecoming of what we believe to be a very professional staff in the district and uncomfortable.

There must be a code of ethics or conduct even tenured teachers sign up for somewhere?

SCATS said...

To 6:23AM ~~ I'll post it as a topic ... could be most interesting in light of the internationally renowned bus monitor incident ;)

Anonymous said...

SCATS, my apologies if you get this twice. I'm not sure my last post actually went through. Anyway, not only is the behavior being described unprofessional, it is also a violation of FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act), a federal law that carries heavy fines associated with violation. In addition, she could have her teaching certification revoked by NYSED for this behavior (tenured or not). If the parents of these kids discover that she is speaking of their "Educational record" in public....they have a case.