Monday, July 30, 2012

Pondering Parents' Pet Peeves ...


Since the curriculum for each grade level is supposed to be the same, shouldn't a second grade student from Holmes Road need the same supplies at the same cost as a second grade student attending Pine Brook?

If a Pine Brook kindergarten student's supplies cost $50 but the supplies required for a kindergartner at Autumn Lane cost only $18, will the Pine Brook student get a better education for spending more money?



Anonymous said...

I don't believe every list should be the same, as different teachers use different items. I don't like my students having spiral notebooks, as they unwind them and they can become a hazard. Some teachers use binders in their rooms, some don't. Some prefer glue sticks, some like regular glue. I will say that I do try to keep my list to a minimum, understanding that money is tight these days. I used to go to Staples to get a bunch of supplies for students who don't bring them, or for when students need to have replacements, but now they don't give teachers any special deals either. Although we should all as teachers be teaching the same curriculum across the grades, teacher use different supplies to do so.

SCATS said...

To 12:52PM ~~ I know & understand what you are saying. I know teachers have the freedom to present the curriculum however they like.

On the other hand, it is absolutely ridiculous in the eyes of parents to have one grade level's supply list cost 2-3 times more than one for a different teacher, building, etc.

I laugh when I see requests for 10 glue sticks! Makes me wonder, are you folks snacking on them??

I cringe when I see supply lists mandating 8 different specific colors of folders ... especially when parents are expected to track down "odd" colors! I ask: "How do you expect an 8 yr. old to keep track of so many different things??" Most can't remember where they put their shoes the day before.

I cry when I see lists with "community supplies" for paper towels, tissues, sanitizing wipes, etc. It's not like we haven't paid our taxes. Unless the parent sends them to school riding on a donkey, the kids can't cram all this crapple into a bookbag in anything less than 3 days!

Really, it's time to streamline this district, the curriculum AND school supply needs. Lots of these "required" supplies go to waste each year anyway. Ask most any parent. We've all found the ruined but unused notebooks come home at the end of the year.

Anonymous said...

This practice of requiring parents to supply sundry item ever year started under Walts. Some parents spend upward of $200 per student per year. In addition , teachers had to by supplies for their class out of pocket without being reimbursed. The art teacher were hit the hardest as their paper supplies and other items were not supplied in their yearly budget which was one of the smallestI in each building, This happened because Walts put the squeeze on building principals by cutting their operating budgets by 5pct Four years in a row requiring principals to dole out the money to different areas of the ciriculum .
Thankfully, the 05' board and Dr Kehoe, put that 20pct back in building budgets in 06'. But that practice still goes on as pointed out by the Blogmaster . It a practice that needs to be changed.

Anonymous said...

I dony mind buying what supplies my children need for their use. I do however have an issue when unknowingly supplies are collected from a teacher and redistributed! Let me be clear if it is know ahead of time that supplies are for community use I am ok with that and I will shop with that in mind. When I buy my student better pencils or plastic folders or mead binders and spirals I expect that the choices I make for organization as well as financially are for them and only them! Last year this happened at Appllo grade 6 .... Purchased loose leaf paper and specific pencils only to have them collected by a certain teacher.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to add to my last post 2:34 let's not forget that throughout the year the requests for and a bird amount of trifolds and poster boards. How about ur group projects where some students contribute nothing finacially or academically for that matter. This has happened three times and we covered the costs for said projects. Teachers response it is upto students to designate and assign roles.... When another parent doesn't buy in what power do the others have to force unwilling student/parents? A bit off topic I know sorry

SCATS said...

To 3:36PM ~~ Based on personal experience, it will be the "smartest" kid who steps up to do it ALL ... otherwise he/she will get punished with a grade the others deserve. Once again, this is proof that grades are extremely subjective, as observed by the disconnect between the numbers making Honor Roll & the numbers failing state testing standards.

Anonymous said...

SCATS 1:05--The reason we ask for different colored folders is for different subjects so the kids CAN stay organized. If a certain color can't be found I usually cover another colored folder with when you say, take out your math folder, everyone knows it is the red one because everyone's math folder is red. I don't know who would use 10 glue sticks, unless the younger students are doing a lot of projects! As for community tissues, should I tell those that didn't bring in any to go get some paper towels or toilet paper from the bathroom? I bring in tissues, too, since I use them as well :-)

SCATS said...

To 5:40PM ~~ Do you really think I don't understand the reasoning? LOL!!

How long does that paper cover last on that folder? Anything over 2 weeks would be a new world record. Been there & done it. Anything less than contact paper will not suffice.

Again, parents should NOT be wasting time running to 17 different stores over the summer trying to track down orange, brown, black, purple, pink, white or other oddball colored folders. Maybe teachers should be sure the things they request are readily available at a variety of local (in town) stores before writing up those lists.

When I was a kid, it was OUR job to buy supplies we could use to get ourselves organized. No one told us what to get, or how to do it. Maybe THAT'S what's wrong in classrooms today. No opportunity for the student to be responsible for his own destiny.

Regarding tissues: What you should be doing is raising a ruckus with administration, your union, the BOE & Supt. to get basic building supplies provided in our $200 million budget ;)

I wonder how many classroom storage cabinets are filled with unused supplies at the end of each school year ...? I'm sure it's more than a few.

Anonymous said...

Tell you what, we're dang glad to only have 3 kids in GCSD this coming year. Our oldest, Luverne more or less graduated because of his age last June, and I tell you we were so dang glad to see him march across that stage and get his Diploma at the young age of 26.

It was tough on Luverne graduating 7 years behind his little sister, and he's doing well on the floor crew at Wegmans where he hopes to work his way up to power scrubber in a year or two. He still clings to his dream of being a school janitor though. After all them schools are filthy and a good janitor can clean up o the job.

BethAnn has a new school supply plan this year. She's personally stopping by the kid's classroom with some bottles of some home made stuff for the teachers. She figures a good drunk will do all of them a lot of good, and we knocked out some good runs of stumpjumper this summer. Lord knows a lot of them teachers look like drinkers. You see some of them come in the parking lot in the morning and you wonder how they found the school.

Our boy Pontiac, he's our second youngest, got a list from some woman claiming to be his art teacher. She's in for one hell of a shock when she sees them pine pitch gobs Pontiac uses for glue sticks. He's taking a whole Mason jar full to school. I sure do hope the other parents now about getting that crap out of a kid's hair with Diesel fuel. The Diesel works good killing lice too. Pontiac's starting the year with his head shaved clean, BethAnn got tired of scrubbing that boy. Far as all this art paper & crayons go, we ain't sending any. Total waste of time that art class anyhow, how the hell many glitter encrusted hunks of paper does a parent need at 6 or 7 bucks a copy.

What's with the woman up top complaining about kids unwinding spiral notebooks? If she was keeping the kids busy and teaching something they wouldn't have time to unwire a dang notebook. Get a clue lady, tehy call the job you take a check home for TEACHING. Do some.

I'd love to sit here and debunk all this teacher crud some more but I gotta go help Larry reload the still.

SCATS said...

To 12:28AM ~~ Thanks for another chuckle ;)

Anonymous said...

Of course the more you spend the better the education. That is consistant with union's postion for years.

You will be able to determine which teachers buy this hook line and sinker by the cost of their recommended supplies.

If you get a high supply cost teacher contact the school and request a different teacher. Explain your reasoning.

How about just numbering all those notebooks or using colored pencils to code them? I'm just saying....

Anonymous said...

school janitors can make damn good money. don't knock it!

Anonymous said...

Off topic but trigger happy Greece Cops gun down another dog in the residence in front of owners. Accordin to D&C

Anonymous said...

how about the worse practice of giving kids bonus points for tissues, bags, etc brought to the class. You find that happening in the middle and high school. an illegal practice as well.

SCATS said...

To 4:40AM ~~ They can't number the notebooks because the preponderance of the kids can't read, write or do math, as per state test scores ;)

To 10:10AM ~~ I don't read the D&C any more. I refuse to pay $13/mo for 3-day-old news that was free for years. As for GPD, I am starting to think that shooting dogs is one way of getting target practice in ON THE CLOCK. There's a few mutts I'd like silenced in my neighborhood, hmmmm ... (just kidding! Do NOT bother writing in your silly comments. They won't get posted.)

To 11:03AM ~~ They have done it in some of the 3-5 schools in the past, too. It just shows, once again, that grades have little to do with anything learned ;)

Anonymous said...

Well by dang SCATS & 11:03, I don't know if I should thank both of you or look ya both up for a good whuppin.

My sweet BethAnn, mother of 5 GCSD students got to reading this and that there tissue thing just set her off like you wouldn't believe, well less you're a married man. She got on that dang phone, the one on the wall with wires cause our taxes are too high to have them little phones everybody carrys around.

BethAnn up and calls her sister DebbieSue who's married to my buddy Larry who runs the still and does all that there good prayin, prayer will come to a man running a still I tell you. Next thing I know Deb picks Beth up in her pickup and I'm kidsitting while the gorls are off to do something.

They came back with the back of that truck just full of these gigantic rolls of toilet paper. Seems Deb knows about the giant rolls cause she has this part time job over there to the Park Ridge Hospital, and she ain't been happy since that place fired all the people a couple weeks back. I ain't sure how they came by that toilet paper and I damn sure ain't asking.

Next thing I know they got 6 rolls on the broom handle between 2 chairs in my living room and 9 kids unrolling & folding sitting at them TV tray tables from Ollies. It was a little hard for the younger kids, but they got a system for counting to 25 sheets.

Then they fold the sheets all up in a stack. When they got a bunch of stacks they took the 2 oldest kids off folding and put them to wrapping with the giant rolls of plastic wrap DebbieSue got when that fellow she worked for making sammiches over there on Ling Road went belly up when Maya Johnson's boat went down the drink.

Way the girls got it figured all our kids will be getting straight As this year on the report cards cause they bring in so many packs of tissue. They figure they can sell some too. Anybody needs a pack of folded tissue for a Quarter just let me know, if you buy 4 packs we throw in a fifth one free.

Damn fool teacher says tissue on her dang list, and the stuff is tissue. Tell you one thing, if you know anybody in that there hospital and you like them ya just might take em some toilet paper when you stop by to visit. No wonder the employees there are so mean having to wipe with this stuff is abrasive.

Anonymous said...

This looks like a perfect topic for PTA to wrestle with. Oh never mind. I forgot we're in Greece.

Anonymous said...

I am annoyed that here it is August 17th and we still don't have the school supply lists or who my kids teachers are gonna be yet. What at they waiting for, labor day weekend? Rediculous!

SCATS said...

To 10:27PM ~~ Which school is it?