Monday, July 16, 2012

Holiday Inn Arson Investigation


Posted at approx. 9AM today to the Holiday Inn Truth Fire page on Facebook was this message from Gpd Task Force:

"Just want to take a moment to let everyone know that we are still hard at work on this case. For obvious reasons I can't discuss details, but I can assure you things are moving forward. We do have other cases to investigate from time to time, but this remains our primary assignment. As always, if anyone has information they believe would be helpful, please contact Sgt. Welch or Sgt. Voelkl of Greece Police Department." -Sgt. Voelkl


Anonymous said...

Scats you might want to put my last post under this thread if you can. it's more on topic.If you can't I would be more than happy to repost it here

SCATS said...

To 10:26AM ~~ I don't know which was your last post. Please do it. All I can do is copy and paste. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Congradulations Scats, you made them do some damage control PR. However, I can't imagine the the GPD. Has the man power to devote a " TASK FORCE" to work on a case as fridged as this one. Presently, I believe they have six officers assigned to the Detective Division,not counting the one or two assigned to the DA's Office and the officer in charge of the unit. That Officer is CPT Patrick Phelan . Do you begin to get the picture? One of the posts on the other thread about the motel fiasco must have triggered a response from Daddy triggering his famous paranoid personality .


Anonymous said...

Baxter & the hopping bunnies seem to be attempting damage control.

Don't worry folks, something will come along to take the heat off the manhours down the rathole of the Holiday Inn soon.

Swine 1, paranoid, how dare you say that. He's cured, I read that quote in the Greece Post years ago. Besides he's safely confined in Precinct 17 on Dorsey Rd.

What ever happened to Precinct 3 on East Manitou and all the tax $$ there?

How about the Police yacht from Rochester Marine, the one where a certain command officer's wife got the sales commission? How did they get the low bidder to withdraw?

How much money did Swine 1 blow on machine guns to protect Greece from a possible Canadian invasion? That might have been grant money, should we count it?

Anonymous said...

2:38. You are DEFINATELY an insider from the infamous past days of the Riley-Phelan era when fear and intimidation and threats of reprisals ruled the day. I have concluded that you are not an ex cop but possibly a former employee of the Pd. You know to much to be a third party informer. Your a little off topic but I can understand you taking this opportunity to vent your frustrations regarding the way things really were back in that era and your personal animosity over the way you may have been treated.
I think it would be fair to say that if all the unconscionable things that took place during those dark days were known to the public, they would rival the recent scandals in the GPD .The problem,you and others lived it but they successfully buried every thing and never got caught hence your frustration. If I'm right about you I understand how you feel.You are not alone!!

Anonymous said...

Currently, there is a private investigation being conducted locally as the result a Canadian newspaper and the relative of one of the thirteen victims of the fire, all Canadian in town on a shopping tour. This investgation is the one that is really moving forward.
The investigators are review all documents generated by the local agencies involved in the initial investigation which was eventually officially ruled an arson. This unfortunate designation now becomes a homicide investigation. Since there is no statute of limitation on theses crimes, the case must remain open as a cold case until someone is arrested charged and convicted.
I have talked to two retired GPD officers involved in the initial investigation. Both were contacted by investigators and asked to be interviewed. Both volunteered to do so and were interviewed. Since these investigators lack subpoena power , they could only ask for cooperation from these and other officers still residing locally.
I believe the appropriate thing to do as wait for these people to complete their task and render an independent finding not compromised by local politics.