Sunday, July 22, 2012

Grimshaw Gets Anger Mgmt

Former Greece Thunder Hockey player Tyler Grimshaw pleads guilty to a violation harrassment charge. He had been charged with a misdemeanor assault following an altercation with a teammate in February.

According to the D&C, Grimshaw must complete a work weekend program and attend an anger management class. A notice of claim filed by the younger student’s family against the Greece Central School District is still pending, and the student has an order of protection against Grimshaw.


Anonymous said...

Problem: This is not an anger management issue. The young man is a bully and troublemaker...period.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Grimshaw is a big guy too (220+/- lbs.). So you have a much bigger senior whaling on a freshman that he outweighs by 80-100 lbs. Is that what they mean by a "tough guy"?

Anonymous said...

Sweet little Tyler is a wonderful young lad. He rescues cats out of trees and stops big nasty Rottinwilder dogs from picking on puttitats.

Not only that, Sweet Tyler is going off to college where he will be learning to read and do math with all ten of his fingers and all his toes too. That boy was an asset to Greece Central and he will be sorely missed.

In the winter when the snow was deep Sweet Tyler walked down the street shoveling driveways and he wouldn't take any money. He says he has no idea how so much snow got shoveled into some cars, and I believe him.

He even opened up a small business to protect smaller weak children on the school buses, lord knows the bus monitors can't do that.

We're all hoping when Tyler is finished with college he'll come to work for the Town as Dog Catcher. He's head and shoulders over the putz they have now.

So Tyler gets a little upset from time to time, what teenager doesn't?

Anonymous said...

I think this tough guy just put a nail into the coffin of the Greece Central Hockey Program. Webb was not rehired as coach a job he should have never had. He had no Idea how to teach his players respect and the value of team work which is job one in any district sponsored sports program.

In many ways , Webb was responsible for what took place as he failed to deal with Grimshaw right from the beginning of his participation in the hockey program.

I have always been an advocate for sports cas an integral part of the educational system. Properly run.
A successful program will teach the value of team work to achieve success and to build character necessary to achieve that success as a part of our society.

However, in order to be able to build and mold character,one must possess those qualities as a coach.
WEBB lacked character himself and was only concerned about winning. He was lucky because he had many talented players because teams lacking discipline and character are as a rule losers not only as a team but as Individules .

Anonymous said...

Webb was not rehired.
Now we can see PuckParents on TV again showing GCSD BorEd With Education members who really runs this District.

Let the fun begin.

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to expose the "Puck Parents" to the greater Greece community in an effort to decrease their corrupting influence--a little cleansing sunlight? More generally, who are the people (offices, positions, etc.) in Greece who have a negative influence over others? This seems like a media-worthy expose. It cold be titled something like "Lifting the Mask of Corruption in Greece, NY"

SCATS said...

To 4:47PM ~~ Feel free to Google the team roster. It will tell you much of what you want to know.

Anonymous said...

447 after you get the roster, compare them with alist of members of Greece Rotary and the C of C.You will find part of the answer to your question.

Anonymous said...

To 641: C of C?

SCATS said...

To 9:14AM ~~ C of C is Chamber of Commerce.

Anonymous said...

Really Scats Really?

Obviously you post all sides of the story here and opinions. Ok I get that.

But help me get how the comments of 1:10am are NOT bullying at its best...

I do know this kid and I could see for a long time he had issues-anyone watching the outbursts in the stands by his close family fans could see why he had issues...

if he was related to 1:10am I would hope that 1:10am would try to get him help or reach out to him.

I do know this young man has alot to offer and is young enough to change and thrive

It absolutely makes me sick to think that our community has even one person who thinks like 1:10am.

call me idealistic BUT it does take a village to raise a child and more than ever it seems to me people like 1:10am would be better served to pitch in and contribute in a positive way even if its one kid at a time.

Until then 1:10am is a BIGGER BULLY than this kid, the middleschoolers on a bus and even Eclipse players and parents.

SCATS said...

Really 10:07PM Really?? You are forgetting to mention one HUGE detail. Tyler ain't no "child". He's graduated from HS!!

FYI, 1:10AM is a frequent poster who often satirizes or parodies situations discussed on the BLOG. I see it as comic relief. Too bad Tyler has no sense of humor ... we've read his Twiiter posts ;)

Anonymous said...

I am deeply pained by 10:07's NASTY remarks. Then again might just be I forgot to shaks Gold Bond into my skivvies this morning before I put them on.

I'll have 10:07 know I have been working diligently with sweet Little Tyler in the hope of getting him to steer a path that will take him far, and I don't just mean institutions beyond Attica.

Sweet little Tyler does seem to have a problem with things like rules and authority and might not necessarily making right.

Just today Tyler told me he's expanding his newfound business of Bus Ride Protection. Tyler has seen first hand what Baxter's Bunnies can do, and when he quit laughing Tyler told me he is now expanding not just the size of his neck, but his business as well.
Team Tyler will now offer their services protecting girl's hockey games and keeping loud mouthed obnoxious parents and family members in line. If there is one thing Team Tyler knows it's Loud Mouthed and Obnoxious.

Anonymous said...

The tweets of last year's senior class (Thunder - especially the inner circle including Tyler) have had some good revelations lately. Angels they're not.

New coach is taking a firm grip and hard-charging start. Maybe plenty of good will come of this, both on and off the ice.

Anonymous said...

12:08 and whoever else take your hits throw your punches bottom line I wrote 10:07 and I meant what I said I told you in the past shame on you and so shame on you again a big bully beating up on a young man who is a talented artist, smart and full of potential and someone I believe in and Tyler if you are reading this and I know you are YOU know me well and YOU know that what these posters type here wont matter in 5 or 10 years so don't let it define you POST that

SCATS said...

To 7:49PM ~~What is MORE LIKELY "to define" him is his record of trouble with the law ... and that mugshot.

Anonymous said...

Tell ya what there 7:49PM I got 20 bucks says 5 years from now Sweet Little Tyler has himself a NYS Department of Corrections ID number.

"talented artist, smart and full of potential" did you mean to say a fat smartass with a can of spray paint who only gives a damn about himself, and what he can get away with?

The only potential Tyler has is for making trouble. As to smart, SURE he is. His tweets alone indicate that, don't they.

Oh, I better be careful of Tyler & his mommie will beat me up.

If Sweet Little Tylerpoo is reading this he's probably split screening it with Dictionary.Com so he can have some girl explain all the big words to him. Tyler's American Standard English skills seem to begin and end with 4 letter words and shorter as is evidenced by his tweets. He really runs F**K out well, doesn't he.

Anonymous said...

Dear 10:07/7:49... the "talented artist, smart and full of potential someone..." that you believe in, likes to beat much smaller and younger kids, threaten people around him, intimidate, and harass--ask some of his past teachers about his behavior.

But you are right...lets not bully, instead we should use clinical terms like:

Sociopath: A person who knows, yet has been socially conditioned to disregard, the intrinsic human values which are believed to be universal.

Or maybe

Sadist: Someone who obtains pleasure from inflicting pain on others.

Or maybe the problem is just that he has never been held accountable.

And one other thing, are you seriously going to use the "take your hits and throw your punches" metaphor to describe what others are merely saying to Mr. Grimshaw? That is some serious irony you are laying down?

Anonymous said...

To 7:49 PM - Your post on the young Grimshaw only shows how skewed your perspective is. He had a bad reputation in highschool, off and on the ice. The teachers were afraid of him and the locker room was a place for unchecked abuse. What crosses my mind is are you part of the family or Tyler's inner circle of friends that defend his behavior regardless of the hurt he causes? Did you consider AT ALL the pain he has caused so many people??? He is morally bankrupt, and seeks only self satisfaction. "Sociopath" is a good word for him. As for "talented artist, smart": Only when it serves his purposes.

The punishment leveled upon Tyler was too light, and I doubt very much that he learned anything. I agree with 11:19 PM that he will probably be a full-fledged member of the Department of Corrections.

Anonymous said...

So you are looking at the twitter messages of minors? Isn't that stalking?

SCATS said...

To 5:20PM ~~ It absolutely is NOT "stalking." Social media is created with the intent of being shared ;) If they don't like it, they can either not post to start with, or make use of their privacy options. Of course the first option requires thought, the second requires the ability to read & comprehend.

Anonymous said...

5:20 continues to make the point that young men, like Grimshaw, are not held accountable. Actually they are encouraged by people like 5:20.

He and his friends flaunt their activities (some illegal) and their "screw you" attitudes towards authority on social media like Twitter for the whole world to see. They like to stick it in everyone's face: "look at me!!!"

But when it starts to work against them, here comes the dysfunctional mommy-figure to cover for them.

Hey 5:20...It isn't stalking if they are posting their activities (like a big middle-finger) for the whole world to see.

I am not trying to be mean when I say this, but you are really clueless.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible 5:20 is a School Board Member?
I mean clueless + defends Tylerpoo's actions damn sure sounds like GCSD's Board.

SCATS said...

To 12:57AM ~~ I hadn't thought of that, but I see your point. Sounds like Julia.

Anonymous said...

Well here we go again. Mr. Grimshaw posts a picture of himself at a bar drinking. Isn't he underage? Was he instructed to stay out of trouble by the the judge? Who was the DA that tried his case?!/TGrimshaw_52/media/slideshow?

SCATS said...

To 11:15AM ~~ I'm not sure that pic actual is of Grimshaw himself ... but it appears he's an Abby Wambach fan.