Saturday, June 16, 2012

What's Wrong With This Picture?

From the School Consolidation pages on the Greece Central School District website:
  • Apollo Middle School Library moved into storage at the Barnard "Facility"
  • Odyssey Academy Library moved to Apollo Building

Question 1: With Apollo students being split-up between two schools in the fall, won't these books be needed at Olympia (especially since its library is geared for high school, not middle school) and OA (because they will have MORE students than before)?

Question 2: We were told Barnard was to be emptied & sold, so why are we spending time, effort & money on moving more things into storage there?

Question 3: How many books have been culled from the Apollo library collection to augment the contents of the OA library?

Question 4: How much money has been budgeted to provide new library books to the Apollo students that will begin attending Olympia in the fall?

Question 5: How much money has been budgeted to provide additional new library books to the new OA which will have to serve a much larger student body?

Question 6: Who determined that the Odyssey Academy library was "superior' to the Apollo MS library collection?

Question 7: WHY did the Odyssey Academy library become superior to the Apollo collection?

Question 7: Where & when was there ANY public discussion of this plan?


Anonymous said...

again SCATS is making mountains out of molehills.

SCATS said...

To 10:29AM ~~ If it's so simple, why didn't you answer the questions, give us the facts?

Oh, I know why ... you have NO clue ;)

Anonymous said...

why? it is a non-issue

Anonymous said...

Sadly, statistics and test scores show us that the Olympia library is probably ALREADY geared toward middle school students, despite the fact it's a high school.

Anonymous said...

First you need to develop a plan.
Of course in order to plan there needs to be a planning comity.
Getting that comity together requires a comity to select members for the comity to meet and discuss who should be on the comity and what constituency they should represent.
Given the necessity to comply with Union contracts, and deal with vacations and scheduling, it will take minimally 1 year to get the working group together.

Once the working group is assembled and agrees to what refreshments are needed for their meetings, a task force can be assembled to deal with the books.

The task force once assembled will attempt to locate the inventory of books stored, if such inventory was made at the time of storage. One step in that process will be attempting to contact the by then retired person who might have inventoried the books at storage, if said person can be found, and somebody remembers that person's name.

If and when a list of stored books can be assembled, said list will then need to be distributed to active librarians to determine if they believe the stored book is still relevant and worthy of shelving in their library. Naturally this will require someone on the working group to inspect and evaluate condition of each and every book in storage for condition.

Then, if somebody wants the book, it will need to be located, reconditioned, sanitized and certified lead and asbestos free, and packed for shipping to the person desiring said book.

Meanwhile a different task force responsible for the condition of the storage facility will determine that the roof leaked and thousands of pounds of books got wet. The wet books will cause additional stress to the floor, an engineer will be brought in to tell GCSD the floor was never designed to be a warehouse,and that the building is now structurally unsafe. This will cost minimally $100,000.

A contract will be awarded to CrapStar Construction for emergency floor repair, and not a damn thing will be done about the new waterfall coming from the roof, because the roof is not scheduled to be looked at for 5 more years.

The stored books will begin to display mold, and a mold consultant will have to be brought in for another $100,000 because GCSD does not have a qualified person to determine mold is in fact mold.

In 2025 a contract will be developed for a properly certified contractor to come in and haul the pile of now moldy crud to an approved landfill.
Becky Bimbett, Library Director will be asking if anyone knows when she can expect to get the book she asked for from storage, and will be told by the then Stupidintendant of Greece Recreational Babysitting District to just order a new book from the approved vendor.

Now do you understand how the books are being handled?

Anonymous said...

Its simple, Library and art are one of your least favorite to your Super. She is starting to get rid of things in a way where the board doesn't need to know or it's not a community decision. She is in charge now, you wanted her and theres lots more surprises on the way.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 10:29; there are WAY bigger fish to fry in this district.

Joe Moscato said...

I think it's time for this site to get off of some of the trivial issues being discussed and begin to concentrate on issues relating to the enhancement of our educational approach to better educate our students.
If it is true that administrators including the Superintendant and board members follow this site on a daily basis, I can think of no better way other than going to board meetings and expressing your concerns and offer remedies to correct them,to actually message these Individules as to what this community expects of them, by indulging in an intelligent conversation via this site.In this regard, I would ask the blog master to initiate a thread dedicated to do just that. I would hope this discussion and responsible comments would have a positive impact on those in a position to make the necessary changes to take the required path to address the concerns and expectation of this community.
For instance,it is the responsibility of our elected board members to represent our concerns and expectations not just to go along to get along approach this body seems to have adopted . This approach is not exceptical if they are really committed to representing those of us who elected them to be our voice on the board and just an echo of administrative policy.
Since one of the jobs entrusted to the board is to make policy and set goals for our Superintendant to meet, I think it would make sence to set goals for our board members by us as stakeholders as well.
With the coming of the boards reorganization meeting next month and leadership elections take place, we should attempt to make it clear to them what this community expects of them as our reps in the coming year.
So I would ask the blog master to dedicate a thread to this process. I would suggest an item by item thread within a thread addressing different topics of concern based on the many comments posted from time to by those who post on this site. I'm willing to bet more people will participate in this format than presently read but do not post on this site.

SCATS said...

To 6:30AM ~~ Her favorites? Where do you get that? I think they are more than fair game given how NYSED views them at the elementary school level. We certainly don't need seperate teachers to provide them when classroom teachers can.

FYI, Babs was not MY choice ;)

SCATS said...

To 9:39AM & Joe Moscato ~~ How big does that "fish" need to be when our BOE is starting to scream about needing to find ways to save money? If we move books into Barnard knowing ahead of time we must move them out to sell the building, doesn't THAT waste $$? Has the decision to try to sell these empty schools been rescinded? If they are ditching an entire library, won't they be buying new books to serve the students who get split between Apollo and Olympia? Given the cost of books, this may be a huge expense! WHERE IS THE DISCUSSION!?

Joe ~~ Feel free to post YOUR SUGGESTIONS, or email them to me for posting as a seperate thread. I think I've been VERY accomodating to you and others over the last 6 yrs. of running this BLOG. I can not do "a thread within a thread" as you suggested. Comments get directed to specific BLOG postings.

As far as going to BOE meetings or writing concerns to BOE members in other ways is concerned, WHY IS THAT NECESSARY? They already read this site, like you stated, and as Laurel Heiden has shown!

As for the numbers who read but do not post to this BLOG, you forget that over 260 others follow this BLOG on Facebook and often there are discussions about topics on there that don't make it onto the BLOG. The only way to be able to read those comments is to "friend" SCATS and follow on Facebook too.

Thanks for the input, as always.

Anonymous said...

Of course this item is only of concern to Apollo parents. I see the elitist attitude that it's no big deal is alive and well. That's exactly what divides this district. Very very sad!

Anonymous said...

Joe Moscato said...
I think it's time for this site to get off of some of the trivial issues being discussed

Thanks Joe for the reinforcement of what I said at 10:29. I think this is a great blog with good ideas and an important purpose. Just too often, the small petty stuff gets in the way of more pressing issues. And sorry Scats but you are too quick to get defensive and sarcastic. I really think your credibility suffers when you nitpick. JMHO

SCATS said...

To 1:48PM ~~ I think it's time for those who are so unhappy with this site to start their own BLOG, instead of trying to run this one!!

I'm about one keystroke away from hitting the "delete" button ... then I remind myself, it's ALL part of the ingrained DYSFUNCTION Greece is so well known for ;) Too bad some of those who have contributed in the past are becoming part of the "I must control it all" mindset now.

Anonymous said...

---sigh--- Ok Scats, have it your way, it is your blog after all. Good luck

Anonymous said...

Aside from the books....I feel as though the Apollo students are suffering right now. I met with some of my sons teachers at Olympia a few weeks ago and they have no idea how these Apollo students are going to fit into Olympia. They are also eliminating the block schedule for the entire school in order to fit lunch period in. I just thank god next year is my sons last year. Olympia is not designed or big enough to hold all those Apollo kids. I feel that the needs of the Apollo students were not thought of when deciding to close Apollo.

SCATS said...

To 1:28PM ~~ Not that long ago, Olympia HS had OVER 1500 high school students. I think the "problem" here is similar to when a family of three moves into a 4 bedroom house - they expand belongings & personal space until there's no empty space left. As far as space goes, it really shouldn't be an issue.

Regarding eliminating block scheduling to squeeze in a lunch - I thought we were supposed to be utilizing the things that worked so well at OA at other schools now. Hmmmm ... interesting. Thanks for the insight.

Anonymous said...

I am also glad this will be my child's last year as OH. I fear for my younger child that is set for OH in 2 years. We are seriously considering moving instead. I have spent a lot of time in that building and using one hallway for middle school and somehow keeping the kids separate from high schoolers...won't happen. But no one seems to know how the middle school kids will fit into OH.
My high school student has expressed that changing classes is a nightmare because the halls are very crowded, so adding more kids probably won't help that. No idea what the disposal of the block schedule will do over all but I hope my kid doesn't get a 9am lunch. I'm sure all the important people have this worked out. (sarcasm intended)

I don't know why Apollo's library content is not good enough for Odyssey. Or why merging the two libraries into one and taking any duplicates books to OH library wasn't an option. It seems like redistributing the books among the schools makes sense. Course in my opinion OH seems to be the red headed step child in Greece. This is the school with holes in the floor and no heat. It's a bone chattering temperature in there all winter.

Same reason Odyssey gets a good bye building party and Apollo gets nothing. Someone has favorites somewhere.

SCATS said...

To 2:38PM ~~ Maybe packing them in will help them keep warm? Just kidding ... I know this REALLY isn't a laughing matter. Given the events of this past week, it's hard to predict what will happen over the next few months. It appears a significant number of folks opted to move out BEFORE the viral bus monitor video hit the airwaves. Now that it has, there might well be a floodgate opening as people run away.

The lunch times are so silly in Greece. My kid used to attend a school that started around 9:20am then fed that class lunch at 10:30ish. By the time school was out at 3:30, those students were ready to gnaw on each other.