Sunday, June 24, 2012

Past Dysfunction Alive & Well In GCSD

Anonymous said...
I wanted to say that I am combing this blog looking for parents who have run into law violations for special education rights. Since putting my child in this school I have been harrassed for absences related to a disabling medical condition. I have had a character assassination performed on me in a special education meeting where I was blamed for my child's disability. Yet the medical letter from our doctor was never discussed. I was told the school knows what is best for my child, not me. This district clearly does not like parents who know their rights or advocate for their children. They want you to go along and do what they say. Period. So not only do they treat volunteers badly, they treat the parents of disable children the same way.   6/24/2012 1:50 PM

SCATS ~~ We were told this mess was cleaned up after Walts & Meg left and HMO got onto the BOE. It's now half a dozen years later! Aside from sueing or moving, WHAT CAN A PARENT DO TO GET ACTION?


Anonymous said...

It is alive and well. That is why Ms. Sahrle is suing the District. They retaliated against her for making complaints.

There were a lot of subpoena's going around Athena this winter/spring.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know who the chairperson of that CSE meeting was. Please post back who ran the meeting. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

People really do not understand the mentality of this school district. Those who work within and/or manage the district really believe this is their own personal kingdom and are accountable to no one. They do not care that this is a PUBLIC EDUCATIONAL system owned by us. Paid for by us to serve our children. They really believe they know our kids better than parents and will tell you so every chance they get.

Follow laws? Follow Special Ed plans? FOllow policy? Are you kidding? The hubris in the district is overwhelming.

I remember when I talked to a former Superintendent and he was so proud of the fact that 52% of the parents surveyed were happy with the education their child was receiving. I told the former Super that if this was a business and only 52% of the customers where happy with the product it produced, the business would be BANKRUPT! Cluesless!

Anonymous said...

The HMO board did clean up a festering sore. However, the administrative purge that took place unfortunately did not go far enough and some incompetents were left for the next permanent Superintendant to dispose of and replace.
With the disastrous hiring of ACHROMOVITCH by the Boily controlled board enabled those hold over from the Walts Keller-Cogan era to survive and are still in positions as Imposters still doing things that led to the demise of the district, Untill DW and the board get rid of these incompetent left overs, nothing will ever change because they Know no other way. To do their jobs. We all know fwho they are as most of them have tried unsuccessfully to seek employment else ware
the four or five Individules need to be exercised from our midst and replace with competent administrators with objective new ideas on how to get the job done.