Saturday, June 23, 2012

Congratulations, Greece Graduates!

SCATS ~~ Seems even more fitting after this past week! Filled with words of wisdom ...

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Anonymous said...

The Monroe County Welfare office is located at 111 Westphal Rd. That's the corner of Westphal and E Henrietta Rd.

Congratulations on reaching full welfare qualification.

Greece Central regrets to inform you the County completely ignored Babisie's request for a satellite office in each high school. We also regret to inform you funding for the school bus originally intended to haul you from Graduation to Welfare had to be diverted to the Legal Expense Account because of that nasty Tyler boy and the Hockey team.

The faculty wish to convey their congratulations. Once again they are at the bar congratulating each other on their success in getting you Graduates to buy into their crap and expounding how happy they are to be rid of you.

Merry Christmas and Enjoy that Diploma to the fullest. American Industry is waiting with baited breath for your brilliant mind to come and save it.